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  1. Easy for you to say. Your entire existence and ability to have rights and protections under the law isn't being questioned and there is no court case pending to erase you from existence. It must be so nice to have such a cavalier attitude towards Trump's policies, because you know the religious discrimination and bigotry his administration is putting in place will never affect you. And yes, you better believe that this sh** is VERY personal to me because I am in the demographic that is being erased from existence.
  2. And being a blind follower who defends Trump at all costs, blames Obama, Hillary, and all the Dems/Libs for all of Trump's problems and legal troubles is called MAGAtard Syndrome.
  3. How do I say this nicely? F that noise. Every time you see a right-wing, nazi, trump-bot out...harrass them, disrupt them, make them feel as uncomfortable, as unwelcome, and as hated as they treat all of us "undesriables." Being nice, and being civil is a luxury I can no longer afford. This administration is swiftly pushing their hateful, extremely anti-LBGTQIA agenda. I just wish I could...
  4. Honestly, I am not so sure about that. This administration has proven countless times they don't give a damn about anyone not rich, white, hetero, "christian". This administration doesn't care about, and will never listen to, anyone who doesn't look like they do and have their same beliefs.
  5. Okay, I was doing a bit from "Horrible Bosses 2", but your response was still funny. And for what it is worth, Rhode Island is actually the smallest state--if you're worried about maintaining your retentiveness.
  6. It might be "seeing it as impossible" (on winning in Columbus against OSU). But it is also acknowledging that right now many people, myself included, just don't think the Huskers are where they need to be, mentally, physically, or from a talent/depth perspective to win. I think we'll get there, but we're not there yet. If I am wrong, so be it...but I need to actually see us play well in a big game, on the big stage, before I can have any real confidence. In case you have forgotten, Ohio State put 56 on us last season and 62 in 2016. In other words, we (as Nebraska fans) have good reasons to be worried about getting bent over and shown the fifty states.
  7. I want to thank the person who follows me around on here and gives me an "eyeroll" emoticon on nearly every post.  



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    2. funhusker


      I used to think the "eyeroll" was a stupid addition to the board.  But I've found it makes some replies easier, especially in the P&R forum where all the "mobs" hide :)

    3. cheekygeek


      Weird. The user's status appears to now be Banned. Looking at the comment history (overview), I don't see a reason why. I would think that posting in "Politics and Religion" would be pretty much assumed to be ALMOSt ENTIRELY stuff that would get you banned in other forums. (Just one reason I don't go there).

    4. 4skers89


      Chimi got banned?  Seems out of character :confucius

  8. To be clear, Mike Riley's WCO is a version where running the ball is an after-thought at best.
  9. I went with Ozigbo only. Not because I don't think both can do it, but because Adrian Martinez only has about 5 or so called runs per game. Most of his biggest runs were on pass plays where everyone was covered and he just took off. I think going forward AM will only run when necessary. He's a dual threat to be sure, but he's always keeping his eyes downfield to try and find an open receiver. And as others have said, I think going forward most teams we play will either play a contain or spy scheme which could make getting ~100 ypg kinda difficult--especially with teams like Ohio State, Iowa, and Michigan State (who are all traditionally stout against the run).
  10. All about perspective. After starting 0-6...finishing 5-7 would be a major accomplishment.
  11. I know every "school" in the $EC is totally for this because they're all paying their players right now--it's just under the table. I have been on the side of pay the players since I first had an opinion on it and my opinion has not changed. Like @Mavric though, I am not sure what the number is and admittedly this could get very, very, messy. One question I have: Are all scholarship football players going to be paid the same amount? Because in a true free market, the better players theoretically should earn more than the benchwarmers, right? Making an All-American or All-Conference team should earn you more than just being a regular player, right? I think maybe instead of out-right paying players, maybe allow them to charge appearance fees and charge money to sign footballs, hats, jerseys, etc. I think paying players more than they are now is going to happen. How that affects conferences and realignment...
  12. What is even more impressive is that Adrian Martinez can also throw really catchable passes on the shorter routes.
  13. You know what I like best about AM? It is that finally we have a 4* rated player actually playing to, and possibly above, his ranking. We've had several 4* rated QBs in the past 8-9 years and really none of them even came close to living up to the hype.
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