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  1. Wiki on the wonderlic. You are crazy if you think that Suh really got a zero.
  2. sheesh... I know Green didn't light the world on fire, but the way some of you are making him sound, he has no business even showing up to practice anymore. He was in his first year of a HORRIBLE offense... we had beat up RB's, a sub par offensive line, and WR's that were being demoted to scout team left and right. Imagine being 17 years old, thrown into a big time college spotlight randomly throughout the ball game.... I bet you stare down receivers and miss them as well. He will make significant strides during year two, QB's always do (especially in a complex offense) If Lee and
  3. I have spent a lot of time there. Caught a lot of fish there as well. Above the dam on the lake mostly. If you decide to go, PM me and I will give you some pointers on places for fishing.
  4. She is fairly attractive. For some reason her body seems a little disproportionate (too much legs, it that is possible). BUT, Kornheiser has a point, and I do think her outfits look tacky quite often. I think him being suspended is a little outrageous... that is tony being tony. He knows he isn't brad pitt, he's just doing his thing.
  5. It's going to be weird seeing our DLine without Suh. Definitely going to miss that guy.
  6. I'd put Cooper ahead of Bell at WR. Speaking of Cooper...I wonder if being on the baseball team is bringing him down a little bit. Every practice can make a difference. Spring football is a chance to improve and he's missing it to play baseball. He's a great athlete, but I'm just wondering if it's stunting him at all. It would also be interesting to hear how the coaches feel about it. While they're evaluating players in the spring, he's not there because he's playing baseball. it sure as heck is bringing him down a bit. i wish he wouldn't play baseball, but i mean it's his b
  7. About the time the board switched? I bet there are a few guys out there that had it bookmarked (like myself) and thought the board just went out of commission. It wasnt until I went directly to the site (not through my bookmark) that I realized the board had gone through an update, and was still running.
  8. Big thanks should go out to all contributors EZ-E Street Novelist Nexus just to name a few.
  9. IBWWR (in before wes welker reference) IBTDR (in before tim dwight reference) There is a stereotype, but only because there is evidence that suggests a trend. people are presumptuous. First impressions are made in a matter of seconds, and that is all calculated based on previous experience. Since black skill position players are more common, when you see a white wr vs a black wr, it's assumed that the black wr has the skills required to be more successful.
  10. It's actually a little to scary to think about how helpless we would have been without Lee this year. It will definitely be a fun offseason/fall camp if Lee does come back 100%, because we never really got a chance to see him at full capacity this year. By the time he started to get meaningful experience he was hampered by an injury on his throwing arm. He managed the game well, got great experience, and hopefully next year he will have a decent line and some chemistry with the WR's. 2010 could be a great year for our offense.
  11. I'm guessing someone docked you for typing FSU, instead of USF. honest mistake, but some people are sticklers.
  12. He displayed much better speed this year, as opposed to last year (as you hinted at). There were several times (one swing pass comes to mind against Texas I believe) where he seemed like a missile on his way to the ball. It surprised me. While he isn't ever going to be the fastest LB on the roster, he is adequate and developed a nose for the ball. I doubt he sees a pro bowl, but he will find a spot in the NFL for a few years.
  13. this was due. I respect the man, and appreciate what he has done, but like has been mentioned he just really isn't that crisp and insightful. This year on Big Red Wrap-up he really did start to get difficult to watch, he would make a comment or incomplete thought and Kevin would have to try and mend the mistake... Matt does need some work as well, but he does a decent job and will only get better (until he turns 55)
  14. I always thought asante looked taller than that... Not a huge deal, he isn't necessarily undersized, it just caught me by surprise. As far as Cody is concerned - that is terribly unhealthy, I fear for his life. Maybe the best thing for him is the NFL conditioning program.
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