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  1. MoMo Husker

    DE Ethan Piper [Nebraska Commit]

    O line it is then. Frost > Chin
  2. MoMo Husker

    QB Terrance Gipson [SMU Commit]

    Film looks GREAT to me!
  3. MoMo Husker

    DE Casey Rogers [Nebraska- Signed LOI]

    What makes you say that?
  4. MoMo Husker

    RB Thomas Grayson

    So if his rating goes up he is the one?
  5. MoMo Husker

    LB Owen Pappoe [Auburn Commit]

    How bout now?
  6. MoMo Husker

    Comparing Recruiting Classes

    I wouldn't worry about it. Everybody understands the time and focus it requires to be Making Chimichangas
  7. MoMo Husker


    I understand the sentiment toward the 5 O-linemen, but the blocking from the TE position needs major improvement as well.
  8. MoMo Husker

    ***2018 Recruiting***

    When a player is choosing a school and he has lots of options, why shouldn't the player have a say in the position HE wants to play?
  9. MoMo Husker

    Chris Jones out 4-6 months

    Great news. Get Kalu back and just maybe we have a secondary that is a strength.
  10. MoMo Husker

    LB Garrett Nelson [Nebraska Commit]

    He must have held his own going against good competition at FN to get an executable offer.
  11. MoMo Husker

    LB Garrett Nelson [Nebraska Commit]

    We could say that about every high school player right?