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  1. Lol I wish, although I don’t think it would change anything.
  2. I admit the title was a bit click baitey I could have done a better job with that. But, I’m gonna be honest with you, I have no interest in internet points. I just like to bring info that I find interesting to the board.
  3. Got some bad news today from someone inside the program. Looks like a lot of players are planning on leaving including Wandale, Warner, Stoll. Complaints from a player stated Frost’s ego is out of control, there is no communication from the coaching staff to the players, and players are afraid to make mistakes.
  4. Sounds like Troy Walter's is moving on. Not sure if hes taking another job or what the reason is.
  5. A handful of walk-on’s. As well as some more scholarship players. Rumor is: Likely: Quayshon Alexander Possibly: Pernell Jefferson Cam Jones
  6. He was actually cut from what I understand after I just double checked. About 10 players were cut yesterday.
  7. Yea I guess it was an effort issue.
  8. He’s out. Sounds like he’s getting cut. edit: correcting auto correct
  9. I was thinking a buffalo burger sounded pretty good!
  10. We learned we obviously need to build a steel lattice cage around the stadium that will disperse the lightning around it in order to negate future potential lightning storms. We shall call it the THUNDER DOME!
  11. AD’s from both teams are meeting to discuss weather they are going to pursue the game tonight or play tomorrow at 10am.
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