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  1. Roll Skers

    *** Official Colorado Game Thread ***

    Not sure why abc is showing a murder scene on tv right now... (Houston vs Zona)
  2. Roll Skers

    Michigan game time

    Rumor has it this game (and the Minnesota home game) are going to be night games.
  3. Which fanbase do you think feels the worst right now? Between;





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    2. Thanks_Tom RR

      Thanks_Tom RR

      Of the four, only Texas lost as a ranked team to an unranked team. That hurts.


      I would say another fanbase that is uneasy right now would be Penn St. Not a great Game 1. "Survive and Advance" would make any fan clinch a little tighter.

    3. Redux


      PSU and MSU both have to be collectively pissing themselves

    4. huskered17



      They have Beck as their o/c :lol:



  4. Roll Skers

    *** Official Akron Game Thread ***

    Nothing like Maryland handing it to Texas... again
  5. Roll Skers

    Let Us Pray

    GBR BABY!!
  6. Roll Skers

    Who Has a Big Day?

    Mike Williams and Luke Gifford
  7. Roll Skers

    Defensive Playmakers

    DiCaprio. Bootle.
  8. Roll Skers

    What will the first offensive play be?

    Bubble Screen to Mike WIlliams
  9. Hopefully it isn't a scorcher Saturday!
  10. South Stadium, planning on getting to Lincoln at about 11
  11. Roll Skers

    **** Official Akron Score Prediction****

  12. Roll Skers

    Bold Predictions - Preseason Edition

    Mo Barry leads the team in tackles We see 1000 All Purpose Yards and the emergence of Tyjon Lindsey We beat colorado by 4+ Touchdowns . . . . and, College Gameday is in Lincoln, Nebraska for the first time in over a decade (MSU game)
  13. Roll Skers

    Husker Power getting a makeover?

    HH is awesome! John is legit, i've helped them out some just not a writer, there are a few writers just John does a lot.
  14. Roll Skers

    Jordy Leaving Nebraska

    Insert Thomas Allen bandwagon here
  15. Roll Skers

    DE Mosai Newsom [Nebraska Commit]

    He is N. Kind of a weird recruitment, seemed like we had him early, but he's committing here tomorrow. Good get!