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  1. I'm getting to the point where, regardless of what happens today, I don't think Frost is ever going to get it done here. It's the same mistakes every single game, when they take a step forward, there's always two steps back. Would love to eat crow but this is just sad.

  2. So much this. In my opinion, coaching cost last year's team 2-3 games, easily. Yet, it was largely attributed to the losing culture created by Riley and his staff. Despite how bad Riley sucked...the 2018 team could have (and probably should have) made a bowl game. It hasn't been kosher to criticize Frost until relatively recently. But damn, this is on him. People want to blame the assistants, and they may be bad, but Frost hired them and it's his offense has been inconsistent garbage all year.
  3. The routine is really getting tired. It's the same sh#t every single week and literally nothing changes lol
  4. Kind of a strange thing to split hairs on. This type of excuse has been floated around to excuse Frost’s mediocrity at Nebraska. Like maybe not those exact words every single time but it’s been implied. A lot. I think it’s safe to say Frost has not met expectations, to say the least.
  5. We've all heard the excuses, the lack of talent, everything's Riley's fault...etc. But how many games the last two years has this team blown due to poor in-game coaching? Still hopeful but it's hard to be optimistic when Frost looks so in over his head.
  6. I'm behind Frost but he and this staff are what really needs to improve. They've been as poor as any of the players this season. 

    1. ScottyIce


      Explain? I ageeed with everything today.

  7. Martinez? If they had named Gebbia the starter, Martinez would almost certainly still be here. Gebbia had already burned his redshirt and was not an ideal fit for the system, I wasn't surprised at all that he transferred. If Burrow came here and started, Martinez still could've been a starter for three years, in a system perfectly suited for him.
  8. They could've gone after Burrow. It's not exactly like it's impossible to find a mobile grad transfer or JUCO during the offseason, it could have been done. Also, I never said Gebbia has no blame for the current quarterback situation, I'm saying Frost deserves most of the blame. It's really not that complicated and criticizing Frost doesn't make you a hater.
  9. I'm not saying Frost should've done it in Spring but he could've left himself more than a week. Gebbia did what many college football players do, he transferred, it may have been selfish but I don't blame him. Martinez is going to keep improving and Gebbia is never going to be able to run like that, why should Gebbia have stayed then? The deck was stacked against him. This situation is on Frost for handling it poorly, quarterbacks transferring is always a possibility in today's game, don't leave yourself with no time to fix it.
  10. When did I say that? Frost knows this offense works better with a running quarterback, there's a reason he went with a true freshman who has had injury problems and hasn't played in two years. I'm not sure why they didn't go after a transfer who was a better fit when they had the chance to, it doesn't make a lot of sense.
  11. I know we're still in the honeymoon period with Frost but I think he has handled the quarterback position rather poorly since taking over. It blows my mind that they waited so long to name a starter and then were left with basically nothing (aside from Martinez) when Gebbia transferred. They easily could have found another quarterback during the spring or summer.
  12. Hindsight being 20/20, this looks like a real wtf decision. But it still looked like a good one going into 2010/11...we all know Pelini flamed out and couldn't deal with the B1G. That said, after Bo and Miles, I'm not sure Osborne influencing any more coaching searches is a good thing.
  13. Sure, Lee hasn't lived up to all of the hype but he's not a bad QB, it's too bad the season started with all the INTs. He played well tonight. Also, this coaching staff blows
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