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  1. Since we opted out of going to a bowl game. What game should we have gone to? Fiesta Bowl? Motor CityBowl?
  2. We lost again to “Field Goal Ferentz” geez. They kick field goals and we muff punts and fumble in the 4th Qtr. this is not a rivalry, it’s just sad. At least we didn’t lose by a last second field goal again
  3. Yep it started with Solich, 10 wins his last season At NU, we are so arrogant
  4. Moos got his hires. Frost is problem. Nebraska needs to follow the Iowa State model. Hired Campbell and now ISU is the top of the Big 12 in five years. They Knocked off both OU and Texas this season. We haven’t beat Iowa in 6 years. Time for a change.
  5. We fired coaches who had 10 and 9 win seasons,,,, slouch and pellini and we wonder why we don’t like 1-3? Our arrogance might be to blame
  6. Too bad we didn’t get to play middle Tennessee! boo Big 10
  7. We used to hate losing to OU or Texas in Big 12 title game, so we bailed to big 10 where we thought we would clean up the West each year. Wrong. Now we have to go to Iowa next game, yikes. No one cares about NU anymore, no national discussion on Game Day, etc. SEC shorts on YouTube make fun of us as a dumpster fire. The Big 12 wouldn’t take us back now that we are the worst team in a 14 team conference,
  8. Im glad we are no longer in the big 12, both OU and Texas go down today. Man that could be us, anyway we have 3 weeks until we beat down the buckeyes and begin the path to win the big 10
  9. Nice post. When I’m watching Iowa State vs Rajun Cajuns this am, on ESPN, I will forget about big 10 and our crappy last four seasons. Out of sight out of mind. NU attorney general is requesting big 10 Covid docs... too little too late
  10. I feel bad for us. No football. Leaving the Big 12 just keeps haunting us. 2021 spring ball.. Big Red Spring! March madness!
  11. Since Osborne we fired 3 coaches after having at lest one 9 win season... it started with Solich... frost has 9 wins total in two seasons. Look where we are now...
  12. Iowa kicked 6 field goals to beat Iowa state 18 to 17 earlier this year. We just need to score touchdowns. Field goal Ferentz
  13. Illinois 4-4 was a good come from behind win, but Maryland 1-7 and Northwestern 0-8 are wins over Bad Big 10 teams. We are only leading Northwestern at being on the bottom of the Big 10 west. We have a lot to play for. My Iowa coworkers are not worried about the Huskers on this up and coming “Black & Gold” Friday.
  14. Iowa Heroes! That’s our bowl game! Let’s rock Tom Osborne Field and make it a season to remember!
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