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  1. Wait what? They didn’t all transfer out. Based on behind the scenes reports from spring camp, the defense let him know they weren’t happy about it.
  2. Very strange. I don’t know if I was necessarily rooting for him at Colorado but definitely kept tabs on him through the year. They’re recruiting at a much higher rate these past couple years so maybe he was set to get even more of a minutes reduction as a 6th man type. Still strange.
  3. I don’t know much about wrestling but this match seems intense. Ready for it to end though lol.
  4. Sounds like Colorado is current favorite to land him due to relationship with their DB coach. Probably the exact type of team that should take a flier on Bookie but I’d be surprised if he helps them at all.
  5. Nothing against you but I would do dirty things to make a dollar off every post with this exact message to it. I get people get tired of speculation but do we need this post *every* single time? Lol. Many posters here also read 247 and RSS and Mav does a good job shutting down BS rumors. If one is prominent here, especially from someone like decked, then you can bet there’s some legit smoke.
  6. It also sounds like Smothers is behind a little, which is nothing to worry about and to be expected with him losing out on spring ball and getting a weird/rushed fall. But it is noteworthy and probably why we are considering a transfer.
  7. Domann basically did two summers ago. Missed the first couple weeks of camp to look around and decide if he truly wanted to be here. I believe he just didn’t have any options at that point and came back.
  8. Fwiw it seems like Georgia will end up with their #1 option, which isn’t Fisher. Still concerned though until it’s over lol.
  9. Edit: whoops I think I posted a subscription article.
  10. This is my biggest concern with this news: if it forces the staff to pivot on who they wanted to target with the last two spots. I agree with everyone that I’m not overly worried about Luke transferring, but if it forces the staff’s hand then that’s a bit of a hit. Hopefully the rumors are true that Frost had a heart to heart with Luke about switching positions because we feel good enough about depth behind Adrian and we can still target two defensive players.
  11. The Rivers transfer portal twitter followed Luke this morning which... it could be a mistake but that account only follows players who are about to announce they’re entering the portal so they can RT it.
  12. Interesting. Maybe felt like they reached an understanding and Luke changed his mind afterwards?
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