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  1. Yeah, it’s been a theme here in basically every spring and fall camp that young WRs have been committing pre-snap penalties, and it’s just been killing the offense when it continues in season. Thinking too much or getting confused, and then running the wrong route, etc. Not blaming any one person for that, but definitely sounds promising that Joseph is getting guys on the same page.
  2. It didn’t happen enough but the times where things were going well and working, you could really see the vision Fred has. There was so much spacing offensively for Bryce and Verge to drive endlessly and either get baskets or FTs or both. Or get kick out 3s to open shooters. It really put a lot of pressure on the opposing defense. Need more buy in defensively next year.
  3. We actually still lost the 2nd half somehow despite playing slightly better and getting more of their reserves. Lots of losses to choose from but this felt season defining. I figured we’d win this one and Minnesota and then you never know, maybe we rattle off another couple before the conference tourney. I suppose we still could but at this point, I’d be more surprised with 2 or more conference wins than 0. Just so disappointing after the team had shown a lot of fight in the previous games.
  4. Chance to get 2 winnable home games and maybe some momentum before heading to Iowa. Nance and Buie are real good and they have had some impressive games lately. RPI has them winning by 4 but we’ve been so close at home lately I think this might be the game we break through.
  5. NW just took them to the wire and actually outplayed them in the 2nd half last week and then they got embarrassed by little brother this weekend. They may take it out on us or they might be a little fragile. Expecting a bad loss so hopefully I’ll end up surprised.
  6. Worst part is Rutgers honestly played like us for most of the game. They were terrible from the 3pt line but just kept shooting them with no plan, their best player had a bad night, they committed a lot of dumb TOs and bad fouls. We always lose like that on the road. We were up 9 and I started to believe and then it got cut to 4 and it felt like same old Nebraska basketball (and football for that matter) and you could just feel the win slipping away. NW, Minnesota, and Maryland at home feel like the only winnable ones left.
  7. Terrible way to end the half. Energy was great though. Probably not ideal that we are only up 3 despite the best officiating we’ve ever gotten in conference play that I can remember. No way that keeps up for a second half.
  8. In the 2nd tweet, feels very fitting. We just give up so many dang runs. Which is definitely a defensive issue at times but 11-0 runs are also due to lack of execution on offense too.
  9. Wilcher hit a couple 3s to end the half to keep it *somewhat* within reach. Gotta say, there have been several times I’ve been unimpressed with a highly ranked conference foe but Purdue looks like the real deal. Seemed like everyone who entered the game could make a play. And Ivey is real good.
  10. Running into a bit of a buzzsaw here. Webster hits a shot so hopefully we calm down a bit.
  11. Liked a lot more of what I saw tonight. Disappointing because it felt like it was there for the taking and they didn’t hit a ton of 3s on us plus missed a lot of FTs. Gave up way too many offensive rebounds again. I appreciated the fight after we blew the big lead.
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