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  1. FWIW, it was sounding like Fleming was gone but now it sounds like he will be here. Cautiously optimistic. I don’t disagree with your overall point. Walters was practically begging some of the freshmen WRs to step up last year and it’s probably not the greatest sign that none of them really did. I think we have talent there and we are going to surprise people but I think we all thought 4-star Jaevon McQuitty was going to be a problem for defenses too and it didn’t work out that way. I’m excited for the potential but understand your caution.
  2. Yeah, his latest Instagram stories aren’t real promising (sorry, I know people rightfully get annoyed with the Instagram stalking). https://www.instagram.com/_.mf6._/
  3. It’s why it’s so important to always take at least 1 RB. One injury and one transfer and one graduation and the room shrinks considerably. It’s also a key position where someone who is 3rd or 4th on depth chart to start the season might be relied on at several points in the year. Thankfully, Held is so damn good. Such an impactful upgrade going from Davis to Held.
  4. As time as gone on, I’m less upset about Riley. He was in way over his head but he genuinely wanted to be great here and it’s not his fault we hired him. It’s like when Idris Elba put Kevin in reception.
  5. Rondale rightfully gets a lot of attention but David Bell is really good too.
  6. To me, he was always a very good take made even better if he’s not the only take at his position. I really like the idea of taking him and Malcolm (who I think probably translates to an ILB at the next level) as a bigger ILB to pair with Paul.
  7. Purdue option makes the most sense imo. Like others have said, would be a rough start to the year to lose to them and Diaco. But I also think the Minnesota game has a good chance to be the most important game of the year. I hope, and believe, we will have a very good year. 7-8 wins, maybe more if things go right. But there’s also a decent chance we are playing for bowl eligibility on the last game of the year, at home, against what will likely be a very tough Minnesota team. And even if we are already bowl eligible by that point, it’s also potentially a game where we could play spoiler to their division hopes (or maybe be even vice versa). Could be a very big game.
  8. Naw it’s not that bad, thankfully. 247 has a class calculator and taking out those two drops us to #23. But it would definitely be a bummer.
  9. Probably nothing but he has recently followed some interesting twitter accounts including the Washington State director of player personnel. I’d cry real tears if he left us to go somewhere even further away lol.
  10. Trying to get a confirmation on 247 has had hilarious results.
  11. Someone like EMC really needed spring ball for me to predict a major impact in year 1. It’s just such a leap going to this level of football that a player like that needs all the camp and practice possible. That’s not to say he won’t make an impact but I think year 2 is when we will be really excited about him. Someone like Joseph makes an immediate impact. At the very least, he pushes the starters to compete hard because he could take a starter spot. Fisher the best.
  12. I generally think a lot of our recruits are underrated but I try to not be too biased. But this guy seems way underrated. Great offer list, high level of competition, good size, and he just runs by defenders over and over in his film. Seems like a .89-.92 type of recruit to me.
  13. A complete bummer but it happens. It’s why it’s so important to keep recruiting and to never skip a year at a position because it can so easily go from a loaded depth chart to a fragile one. Fisher is going to make sure to get the numbers and talent, I have no doubt. My biggest concern here is that this could mean another Miami player leaving but hopefully that doesn’t happen. All the best to Gray.
  14. It’s a good question! Haha. Since we are such an active fanbase on twitter, we’ve actually had fake “commitments” where recruits have either intentionally faked a commitment to Nebraska just to get followers, or perhaps misunderstood the scholarship offer wasn’t fully committable and claimed to be committed to us. These usually come out of left field and surprise everyone. The coaches are allowed to hint: “we just brought in some serious SPEED from the 305!” And that lets us know a commitment is legitimate. But they can’t outright say the player we landed until after signing day. There’s definitely some guessing that goes into it and recruiting is always fluid since HS players change their minds so damn much. And sometimes it’s just as simple as they’re being nice and don’t want to say anything bad about Nebraska. But generally speaking, we get a pretty good idea where we stand with recruits from the writers.
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