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  1. I think 6-6 but don’t feel too confident about it either way. I think the coaches and players “quit” a bit at Michigan last year, but outside of that, I hadn’t felt like we quit in any other game until Minnesota this year. I don’t know if it was the crappy weather or the desperate need for a bye week. Kind of a cop-out answer but I need to see if it’s a sign of things to come or if Frost has these guys hungry against Indiana. Winning this week makes me think 7 is on the table. Losing makes me think we end the season with 4 wins.
  2. That time of year where whispers of potential transfers are popping up. Not posting to be pessimistic or worry anyone. There are some good attrition candidates. Hopefully, we don’t lose anyone super impactful. But we will see some offers fly out and/or some heavy emphasis in some places where the staff might know we need to replace someone. WR seems like a place we might end up looking at 3-5 signees instead of the current 3-4 for example.
  3. Probably the only position of theirs that I’m jealous of.
  4. Bowl game is still the goal and it’s still attainable. Not happy with tonight’s effort but I still see 3 winnable games on the schedule.
  5. The way UCF dominated Auburn’s DLine, I still want to believe in Austin. The OLine definitely deserves a ton of criticism, but at least they’ve looked solid running the ball I guess. I do agree that it’s not that early to start questioning some assistants though.
  6. So grateful that they’re punting LOL. Thanks, Fleck, we probably wouldn’t have stopped you.
  7. He saw Lamar and sped up to run him over. Knew he wanted none of that.
  8. Iowa had a run exactly like that against us last year. Just wanted it more.
  9. Frost’s UCF teams had penalty issues as well right? Frustrating.
  10. That drive gave me flashbacks to Riley (not comparing the coaches). Just a beautiful throw and catch and you get feeling good then a couple dumb things happen and we get nothing.
  11. Fox Business Channel and Fox Sports App.
  12. I hate Baylor almost as much as I hate Texas. About the same as Colorado. Baylor is trying to take the #1 spot.
  13. I just want you to know that I’m not having a good time right but this post made me laugh so hard. Not sure if that was your intention but well done.
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