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  1. Caliborn72

    *** Official Minnesota Game Thread ***

    Feels like last week where we are finally playing a team who wants to shoot itself in the foot with us. Take advantage.
  2. Caliborn72

    B1G Week 8

    Looks like we beat Northwestern up for Rutgers. Up 10-7 a little before halftime.
  3. Caliborn72

    2018-2019 NBA

    Can’t argue against that. There have been some bleak years since then and we were very fortunate to luck into Nikola Jokic. They should be pretty solid this year as long as they stay relatively healthy.
  4. Caliborn72

    2018-2019 NBA

    I’m hoping the Denver Nuggets get their playoff monkey off their back this year starting tonight.
  5. Caliborn72


  6. Caliborn72

    I'm oddly encouraged by the winless season so far...

    Agree completely. I’m really curious to see how we respond this week. There’s likely nothing to play for at this point besides pride and that’s a big test. Send the seniors out on a positive note, find a way to grind out as many wins as possible, and get this thing headed into the offseason with some good momentum!
  7. Caliborn72

    Minnesota Week Pressers

  8. Caliborn72

    Rough 2018 start...Impact on Recruiting

    I also wonder how much not having a bye week will affect recruiting. That seems like a serious disadvantage right now. The staff worked wonders after the season ended last year picking up guys who didn’t sign early so hopefully they have that chance again.
  9. Caliborn72

    WR Darien Chase

    Jimmy Lake is the DB coach for Washington and is one of the best DB evaluators/coaches in the nation. I also trust our coaches to evaluate and develop any skill position player. But this might be a guy who comes here and ends up being a lockdown DB for us once everything shakes out. Either way, would be a nice problem to have haha.
  10. Caliborn72

    Play Makers

    This is a good point about Miles Jones being injured and something I’ve heard some whispers about. It sounds like Frost’s policy of not really discussing minor injuries has made it seem like we aren’t as banged up as we really are. I think there are a lot of players who have missed reps and possible playing time because they’re dealing with relatively serious injuries that we just don’t hear about. I wonder about McQuitty as well.
  11. Caliborn72

    A closer look at Chinander's defenses...by the numbers

    I think Honas with a 2nd year in the program will help a ton. Sounds like he really struggled with the playbook in the spring and fall but he still flashed a little this year despite that. Even when he knows what he’s supposed to do on any given play, it will help that much more to know what everyone else is supposed to do and that should get better and better as long as he fully heals. I really like the potential of Barry/Honas for 2019. Our DLine should be a little better and deeper. We lose Mick, which sucks but we are already playing without him. We also lose Freedom but I’m not sure how big of a loss that is. Damion Daniels has flashed a little, he just needs to get in better game shape. But he’s shown some incredible power and ability this year. Sounds like Casey Rogers and Tate Wildeman were pushing for some possible 4 game PT but sustained some injuries. We really need at least one of them to step up next year. I honestly don’t know what to expect from our 2019 DBs but I hope that one more year of good coaching helps them. Sorry for the long post, I do agree with your general sentiment but I think there’s some good potential. We might need to dip into the juco/grad transfer market again in a spot or two though. We will also have to see how hard attrition hits lol. Edit - meant to plus 1 you but I’m out of them from yesterday.
  12. Caliborn72

    *** Official Northwestern Game Thread ***

    To give Frost the benefit of the doubt, I think he’s uncomfortable talking specific defensive schemes so he answers that way so they stop asking. He’s willing to talk about the little (and big) mistakes on that side but doesn’t want to talk alignment or personnel stuff. Still comes off as a pretty poor answer but I don’t think he meant it as bad as it sounded.