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  1. In the 2nd tweet, feels very fitting. We just give up so many dang runs. Which is definitely a defensive issue at times but 11-0 runs are also due to lack of execution on offense too.
  2. Wilcher hit a couple 3s to end the half to keep it *somewhat* within reach. Gotta say, there have been several times I’ve been unimpressed with a highly ranked conference foe but Purdue looks like the real deal. Seemed like everyone who entered the game could make a play. And Ivey is real good.
  3. Running into a bit of a buzzsaw here. Webster hits a shot so hopefully we calm down a bit.
  4. Liked a lot more of what I saw tonight. Disappointing because it felt like it was there for the taking and they didn’t hit a ton of 3s on us plus missed a lot of FTs. Gave up way too many offensive rebounds again. I appreciated the fight after we blew the big lead.
  5. Some of the same old same old but appreciate the fight. This is what a home game should look like, even against a tough opponent. We actually looked like we had some energy from the crowd lol. That said, anyone can hang with a team for a half. Hoping for another good half.
  6. Saw an out of pads picture of him on twitter next to Nelson, Henrich, and some other LBs and thought Hannah might be a recruit on a visit lol. Chins was super high on him as a recruit. I think he has the instincts but just couldn’t quite put on the bulk to play in this conference.
  7. Dickinson has a snarky remark/gesture after every bucket he makes. So obnoxious lol.
  8. https://nevadasportsnet.com/news/reporters/how-much-every-mountain-west-football-coaches-makes-nevadas-jay-norvell-last-in-league#:~:text=Nevada's Jay Norvell has proven,database%2C which was released Thursday. Think it’s as simple as money, CSU could probably triple his salary. Plus the Reno thing lol
  9. I’m not even saying it as a criticism necessarily but this team really feels like a “it’s a game of runs,” type team. When things are going well, it’s fun and goes well. But when things are bad, we just can’t get out of the way to end a run. Or we stop a 7-0 run finally with a bucket just to give up another 6-0 run right after. Probably related to the poor 3 pt shooting. I feel like we are going to surprise a team or two when the shooting goes in but it also makes it hard to trust us night in and night out.
  10. Would way prefer cheering for him to do well at Cal than KSU.
  11. Doesn’t sound great, especially if Trev really did have to cancel plans, but “buckle in for a bumpy ride,” sounds as overdramatic as this tweet from the pre-season that we are all still waiting on: Sounds like Cam and Daniels are gone? I think a lot of us have been preparing for that possibility. Anything bumpier or is this more drama? Lol.
  12. No joke, every active conference opponent’s message board on 247 listed stopping Allen as their #1 fear when playing against us. Definition of a first team all conference guy. Excited to see what he can do in the NFL and feel pretty good about the depth and development behind him.
  13. Not really angry, but just wholly disappointed after losing a game like that. As rough as Frost’s 4 years have been, we at least had a nice spark at the end of each year to keep us, or at least me, excited through the long offseason. I thought for sure today would be that spark when we were up 21-6. I’m sure I’ll get pumped for football in May like usual and I’ll be excited to see what transfers we bring it. But I’m also very nervous to see what, if any, bad attrition hits. Just have a bad feeling after the way that game played out.
  14. That perfectly describes Honas too when he’s played lol.
  15. Feels like that Penn State game last year where they couldn’t do anything once they got in our RZ.
  16. Easy to see why Iowa fans hate Brian Ferentz.
  17. Always grateful when Iowa drops back for a pass instead of running at us.
  18. Feels like Martinez has been a mixed bag of results at times, but he’s been so good on 3rd and short. Think he would have converted that. Nothing against Smothers.
  19. Shouldn’t be surprised that Ferentz is calling some smart plays only against us but I still am surprised. Probably a TD I guess but close to a drop.
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