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  1. More because they may also offer his brother and Nebraska won’t. I think We still win out
  2. Said to watch for Maryland as they will be team to beat. Will sign Wednesday
  3. Sounds like we are sitting well here but I’ve said that in the past. Hopefully he flips
  4. Mom is at least coming this weekend. She did not go on his Miami official.
  5. Nebraska or TCU is who it’s between
  6. I’m just thinking this is the person who actually took Hodges spot on our board.
  7. I say Take all the OLB we can take find the best 2 and roll. Look at UCf and Oregon when their defenses were good. OLB who wreck havoc. We need to find someone who can give us that on D. Love what the staff is doing.
  8. Confused about? We need more depth to push these young kids. D1 bounce back get him in the fold see if he can add depth. That’s my opinion
  9. I was Impressed with honas in the iowa game. Made some great plays. Hopefully it starts clicking
  10. I believe Larry Fitz went to a prep school also.
  11. To think a kid does not go to a school because of their position coach is the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard. If they didn’t like them or respect them they would go somewhere else.
  12. The part that is false is you saying Dewitt has no part in recruiting him. Dewitt is heavy into his recruitment. Also, Dewitt was heavy info Benharts recruitment.
  13. No longer will visit us as warrior said. Said he will stay with Florida st as long as he likes the coach
  14. Need to add depth. They are still adding high school kids, but if anyone has watched games this year we can all see we need some help to push these kids.
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