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  1. 4 for 3 I believe. For sure 3 years of eligibility
  2. We have 2 and both get hurt? Adding 4 star receivers regardless of height is a must in this offense.
  3. Yea who wants guys like Wan’Dale Robinson!
  4. WR- Manning OLB X2 MLB-1 DB -1 DE- maybe 1
  5. Visiting mid week November 13th. 4 years to play 3. Also hearing from okie st and Texas tech. From North Carolina originally: would be a good get, we see him as an inside linebacker
  6. I’m telling you that you are wrong. Those teams were not 4/5 star made. Were there 5 stars certainly 1 or 2. 4 stars? Yes. But I will Bet you a majority of starters on those teams would be 3 stars on down. I’m not disagreeing we need 4 stars. We need 4 stars who are studs though.
  7. Those are the same people who complain when an Easton stick is drafted or another one of the D1AA kids get drafted from Nebraska and they say how didn’t nebraska get them!? Get them all if you can get them to walk on and let them develop.
  8. They had 4 walk ons who started on the 95 team? Yes they were 4 and 5 stars! Lol
  9. Agree 100% and plays his assignments very well for a juco player
  10. And having a team filled with 4 and 5 star kids will never happen in Lincoln nebraska.
  11. Great walk ons can change a program. Hope this kid the best!
  12. How many can we count back though for early enrolled kids?
  13. No, I said We have hired very experienced DCs in the past and Chinander’s D is better? Also stating diaco as a experienced D coordinator had the worst defense in Nebraska history. There are 0 quick fixes. Firing more coaches isn’t going to fix anything. Get a system let it play out for 5-6 years.
  14. Yes hire a experienced DC like diaco! Our defense has progressed from that total collapse from our last experienced Dc
  15. I dont Think we lose him. But I’ve been wrong before. If their coach does in fact go to Rutgers I really Like our chances at keeping him.
  16. Reimer is the best LB in that class. Heinrich close 2nd
  17. He is there first visit in 2 weeks and we like where we are right now. With Williams I don’t know what’s with that just said it’s pretty coincidental they are going after another safety? Shall see what happens.
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