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  1. I think people would like him to use the personal that he has and use his strengths. I think on offense TE is our deepest position and speedy WR is our weakest . I could see us running more straight ahead power and Counters . I think we are going to be big up front and at TE be more like Iowa St. offense and less like Oregon of old .
  2. I personally would like to see 2 TE sets more I think with Allen, Fidone , Vokolek and Randal give us better match ups . I also like Betts and hopefully Manning with Martin and Brown . We would definitely pass the eye test with this line up should be able to move people. X Betts 6’2 200 Z Manning 6’4 225 Y Allen 6’8 260 W Vokolek 6’6 260/Fidone 6’5 225 Lt Cochoran 6’6 300 LG Piper 6’4 300 C Jurgens 6’3 290 RG Miller 6’6 325 RT Benhart 6’9 330 Qb Martinez 6’2 Rb Stepp 6’0 235
  3. I agree with production on the field But would our running back room be more productive with Washington , Bell , Mills and Morrison all playing this year. The fact Washington got kicked off and Bell quit and mills and Morrison were hurt and got covid. I think next year if we don’t see improvement and a lot of it then he needs to be looked at.
  4. I agree with you on this besides Wandale not one of the other guys that started this year will get a tryout with an NFL team.
  5. I hate saying this because I want Nebraska to play football as bad as anyone . The fact 26 players from a game last week have tested positive this week did we really want our guys playing Wisconsin. This is where Big 10 not having any built in bye weeks or not playing a non conference game screws things up . But us not playing Wisconsin probably is best to keep all of our guys able to play rest of season .
  6. After watching today’s game and other games today . We are on the same level as Iowa and Purdue with Ohio St having way to many skill players for us to match up with . I was impressed with the line play on both sides we didn’t get destroyed like last year. I think against rest of Big 10 we’ll be fine Ohio St. has to many Athletes .
  7. Why should we not expect things to be better next year even though the schedule is tougher. We return every starter on offense with more depth behind them . I would say 7-0 start could happen not saying it will . There’s no game in first 7 that we can’t win if we start 7-0 then confidence is high and you never know what could happen.
  8. Not making excuses for the season our most explosive player was kicked off the team and we lost 3 games by 7 or less.We had no depth at running back and had to use Wan’dale to carry the ball more than we want to. This year if we don’t see a big jump under Frost then it probably won’t happen .
  9. Is it really Tim Miles fault that the Big 10 was down this year. The team went 13-5 in conference the most wins ever by a Nebraska team in conference. Today was the worst game they played in 2 months bad time to not play good but this team had a good season. They return 4 starters for next year program is improving stop whinning people.
  10. I guess I was wrong but his DC in high school thought he was going to be a Beaver as of friday night.
  11. Mike Riley was in Sacramento on Wednesday and was going to go see Crocker when I talked to him. I'm going to say Beavers for sure and thats what his high school coach thinks too.
  12. In Frosts offense which is pretty much the same as Chip Kelly's the most important thing is accuracy. I was at a clininc with Chip speaking and he said the most important thing in this offense for the qb is accuracy. It lets the receiver run in open space for big plays. There is different types of this offense but go back and watch oregon films and watch Marriota yes he can run. But most importantly he threw to the right spots so receivers ran to open space.
  13. Erickson won with kids Riley recruited like Chad Johnson. Also Nebraska has been an average program for 20 yrs. My biggest concern with Riley is the age thing by the time it will take to make Nebraska Elite he will be retiring. If you can get Frost do it but if you can't don't get rid of Riley because he's bringing in good talent maybe hire a top notch OC that's young and have him take over like Oklahoma did.
  14. Did you really bring this up winning 10 games in PAC 10 is way more creditable then D2 football.
  15. Just because you guys want Frost doesn't mean Riley is a bad coach. First off he took over a program with little talent in underclass when he came in . Don't say their was talent or we would be playing so many sophomores and freshmen right now. There was 1 senior drafted last year maybe 1 this year so please tell me where all the talent is. He's the only coach to win at Oregon St. since 1970 which all other coaches have 33% winning percentage. He also was in offered the USC job. So to say he's a terrible coach it's not true. Maybe not want you guys want at Nebraska but the reality is whoever i
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