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  1. Do you really believe Trev and Scott didn’t sit down and go over what they want and who they want before deciding to let Scott come back. Trev doesn’t seem like a guy that doesn’t prepare and have a plan .
  2. I’m going to start with this today game no excuse you can’t lose this game. In my opinion there’s multiple reason Trev doesn’t fire Frost this year. 1. Most AD don’t make drastic decisions in first 3 months on job. They usually evaluate the situation for a year before deciding. 2. 15 million dollar buyout this year if he does it now. 3. I know most of you don’t want to hear this but this year Nebraska would be anywhere from the 5-7 best job opening. 4. The fact he’s a Nebraska native he’s getting a longer period because they want him to succeed. 5. who can we get that’s definitely better for what coaches are making “Mel Tucker”
  3. This is the worst loss in Frost era! I’ll keep rooting for these guys and be positive but this one I thing is the worse loss of all.
  4. How is that Frost fault the players are choking .
  5. Why do you come on here to be negative.
  6. Yah and I’m sure with 11.5 million he will have after next season if fired he could find a beach house somewhere.
  8. The fact the avg margin of defeat in 2017 was 21 with one of those losses by 4 to Northern Illinois and the avg margin now is 6 against away tougher schedule. So there is improvement should we won against Illinois yes and maybe Purdue or Minnesota. But we have improved.
  9. Just throwing this out here to Illinois 3 redshirt Sr. 1 redshirt Jr Michigan 3 grad Sr 1 Rs Jr michigan St. 3 Grad Sr. 1 redshirt Sr. 1rd jr Minnesota 4 RS senior 1 Sr Purdue 2 gr Transfer 1 rs Jr. Oklahoma 3 rs Sr. 1 RS Jr Nebraska 1 RS Jr 1 RS So 1 So 2 freshmen. The fact we’re in games with by far the youngest OLine in the Conference and battling shows there’s progress we just need to mature and get better fundamentally.
  10. Why would they the fact Nebraska football has been irrelevant for 20 yrs. with very little in state talent proves this was a total rebuild and that takes longer than 3 yrs. I know people will say 4 but let’s be real the covid year made it very difficult we lost players before they ever played a game. That’s not something Frost controlled it’s reality the reason kids come to Nebraska for football is the fans and community but that was all taken away so they left. I’m not a total Frost guy but we are better then when he got here this team is an Oline away from being really good the fact we start 2 freshman tackles 1 sophmore guard Rs soph Center and Jr guard we should be a lot better there next year.
  11. So 3-4 in salary in Big 10 and 19th in country is where you think Nebraska should be. That’s fine if you want to play for 3-4 place . The reality is this we need to have better Asst. to recruit to call plays the state of Nebraska is not a hot bed for talent so we need a reason for kids to come here and don’t say because it’s Nebraska football to these kids that doesn’t mean much. Frost needs to go get a top of the line OC and OLine coach which will cost at least a $1million more then what they have. If it is all on Frost for the staff and not Admin as far as money goes then he better do something before he loses his job but I really think it’s both as far as paying top OC.
  12. Yes Frost brought his guys but explain why Riley and Pelini Asst coaches were underpaid too. It’s either they don’t want to pay for top Asst. Or Top Asst don’t want to come here. The fact over the years we haven’t had top paid coordinator when was the last big name coordinator to be at Nebraska .
  13. Please explain why our top Asst. Is the 58 top paid Asst. He doesn’t have an open check book . Look at facts Nebraska has always underpaid the Asst.
  14. My point is Frost doesn’t have open check book and if you want to be a top program you have to pay Asst. to get them or keep them.
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