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  1. Seems like our usual go to when a kid leaves but it really does feel that way this time. He just had that tweet about signing in 13 days..
  2. At least a bump of some sort probably. I wonder their order of updates. He's a bit lower rated on their end so may take awhile? Kind of like Delancy possibly?
  3. More fun! Oh what joy it is to steal one from a state that loves him. Despite their universities not.
  4. Or he's earned it and the people of Oklahoma think he's deserving
  5. Coates, ideally tonight after that home visit?
  6. Ah, I didn't look at the weight. That front becomes a pretty lengthy crew with Robinson more in a full time role, Coates rotating, and potentially Riley then. 6'6 across the board as opposed to the 6'2 Davis twins and 6'4 Daniels. Thanks for the clarification!
  7. Did anyone give input of if this is a backup plan for Coates? Do we move on if that one gets secured?
  8. Close the deal on this one and worry less about the DL for this cycle. Wonder if that cuts off Riley's offer or if they'd take both.
  9. Wonder how long that takes to translate over to the composite
  10. As long as he doesn't Ole Miss them I'm good with it
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