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  1. Didn't realize he was a B1G footprint kid. That's always a bonus
  2. 247 brought up how teammates thought he might end up here, but that's dated (week and a half or two) and nothing really new on his decision lately.
  3. The special starts at 3 est on NBC. No clue where he is in the line up though.
  4. Wait.. a loss to Purdue would make three years in a row next year? How.. how does that happen by next Fall? Unless this year doesn't count
  5. Did Issac Zatechka ever sign anywhere or is that still open for a possible Gifford situation? Also apparently it really helps being named Isaac to be considered for that route.
  6. I guess we'll find out in the next three years or if one of their names hits a portal They could certainly be busts.
  7. Is he a take if Savea doesn't go our way or roll the dice with the portal? We appear deep at that position with some youth coming up so he'd have time to develop.
  8. It's a results based business and I can't argue with that. I'm just saying I'm not letting a full year and this disjointed mess of a year say that those two can't contribute in their next three full seasons.
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