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  1. spurs1990

    JUCO CB Tony Wallace

    Good! Wanted him on board then, still do now
  2. spurs1990

    WR Cameron Coleman

    Western Michigan CB's coming in. Talk about a drop off
  3. spurs1990

    CB Javin Wright

    In September they talked about him being more of a December decision.
  4. spurs1990

    2018-2019 Season Notes

    He may not have been ready to play, but this means he misses out on practicing against Copeland and Palmer. Possibly Roby if he has a big year.
  5. spurs1990

    CB Armauni Archie [Washington State Commit]

    Okay so if the fact that one of the teams is clearly better than us and the fact that we've lost recruiting battles to them before doesn't work then how about proximity. Just saying it's silly to think that WSU isn't a viable competitor for recruits.
  6. spurs1990

    CB Armauni Archie [Washington State Commit]

    I mean Washington State is 5-1 and beat us out for a guy last year.....
  7. spurs1990

    LB Nick Henrich [Nebraska Commit]

    Is that what we call that last celebration?
  8. spurs1990

    JUCO DT Tony Fair [Nebraska Commit]

    Oh the fighting artichokes. Otherwise known as the Fighting Andrew Bunch's.. It might be time to bring my artichoke avatar back.
  9. spurs1990

    DE Brant Banks

    Like Casey Rogers last year?
  10. spurs1990

    Save me Coach Frost and Players!

    You're our only hope
  11. spurs1990

    OT Michael Lynn [Nebraska Commit]

    Easily. Not the most impressive film either given that.
  12. spurs1990

    JUCO OG Desmond Bland [Nebraska Commit]

    Quite possibly one of the most important recruits we have locked in so far if not the most important.
  13. I was really hoping this would be a thread with about 20+ variations of single word responses related to no..