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  1. We aren't good by any means, but hopefully Minnesota coming back to a more realistic level this year helps in cases like this and future midwest recruits.
  2. ..... Did you win or not? We need to know if your assessment was correct or not
  3. That's some pretty good commentary on him. Could be a good day today!
  4. I think he has to be number one. Right now those top 2 feel pretty cut and dry which is nice, but hopefully the staff can give them some competition with a few high rated guys in these last spots.
  5. Not even going to get my hopes up on this one. 2020 mindset
  6. There was a quote from a poster in there that he was really hoping an Iowa offer would come through. Said it was from an interview but I couldn't locate it. Any validity to that?
  7. got a crystal ball confidence boost from Wiltfong
  8. Great! Ideally he has a lot of time to develop behind the other three. Can't teach that athleticism though!
  9. Haven't followed as close as I usually do to this point. I see we are one of a few listed as "warm". Is this kid a true possibility?
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