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  1. spurs1990

    DT Nash Hutmacher

    Hadn't even thought about that. That's likely
  2. spurs1990

    WR Xavier Watts

    He's really taking off
  3. spurs1990

    OT Turner Corcoran

    This would be a great way to kick off the class with Smothers
  4. spurs1990

    LSU transfer DT Davin Cotton

  5. I meant Lightbourn in reference to him getting the hint that he won't play. Worded that poorly.
  6. We have to have a record for most punters. That one scholly has to open up soon. I feel like we are going to keep taking walk-ons until it gets through. Probably end up with 27 walk-on punters. Although he's a senior coming up so maybe not.
  7. Probably already posted but a decent loss for Wisconsin


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    2. teachercd


      I think that is all new starters now on the line.

    3. VectorVictor


      @teachercd yup, though two of the kids have playing experience, so they're not exactly green. 


      Still, it seems to be somewhat of a mismanaged situation in Wisky with their line. I mean...that's their bread and butter there. That's a large gaffe that I wouldn't expect from Wisky.

    4. RedDenver


      @VectorVictor, why is that a gaffe? They played the best player at each position and now a bunch of them are moving on. Didn't the 1995 NU starting line have like 4 or 5 new starters?

  8. spurs1990

    WR Xavier Watts

  9. spurs1990

    2019 Super Six

    1. Hannah 2. Wandale 3. Henrich 4. Farmer 5. Robinson 6. Benhart Sleeper: torn between two db's in Newsome and Wright. Going with Wright because if his potential to move to OLB too Lots of defense on my list and many others. Hope that shows up in years to come.
  10. spurs1990

    WR Xavier Watts

    Good peer recruiting
  11. spurs1990

    TE Chris Hickman [Nebraska - Signed LOI]

    What's going on with the arm there? Hurt prior to getting to us or was this a hurt in workout thing? Think I remember some injury in the state championship game. Some good peer recruiting there though.
  12. spurs1990

    RB John Bivens

    Is the rational between juco and prep school just grade admittance then? Otherwise, why don't we push guys like Watt from last year to do that if we want them back?
  13. spurs1990

    RB John Bivens

    How prevalent in football is prep school? I don't think I can remember a guy going to prep school instead of JuCo to save a year.
  14. spurs1990

    Power rack suggestions

    Common misconception. This is Bill's brother, Will. Will Nye the pull up guy.