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  1. Like.... two blocks of the bottoms could have been his
  2. https://www.realtor.com/realestateandhomes-detail/7802-S-96-Bay_Lincoln_NE_68526_M80966-72004?view=qv Just browsing realtor like normal and found this. Not bad digs he's giving up! Assuming the jerseys in the basement give it away that it's his..
  3. Interestingly, the lunch pail went to a Purdue oline commit. So someone we'll get to see yearly. Glad to see our guys getting noticed!
  4. He's serious. it was a quiet day for both according to OWH.
  5. Listed as a top 5 performer on his team in the game. 4.5 tackles. 2.5 for loss. One sack. Nice day against top competition!
  6. Well that's a great local start to that class!
  7. Not really.. I mean Eponesa at Iowa, Barnett at Tennessee, Karlaftis is going to be really good at Purdue. We have played great ones and will continue to do so. Maybe not as good as Young but you better find tackles that can ball or you're going to look silly against good teams.
  8. That frame seems exactly like what we'd want. Hopefully these recruiting style changes translate to more than just looking good off the bus.
  9. That's a nice burden to have off the staff's back
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