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  1. I know Farmer is listed as a safety, but think it's likely that he moves to OLB eventually which strengthens the OLB outlook and makes the DB ranking lower imo.
  2. I like McCaffrey, but still have QB at a B. He is still raw, but should get the time needed to develop. Others are A's. Offensive skill positions are the best part of the class imo.
  3. I would expect both to "start". I doubt many think that Mills is better than Washington. Washington could be special and will probably be moved around the field. Mills is more of a true RB and I think will play along side Washington. Just depends on the situation which many have already mentioned.
  4. This is what I kinda see as well. Good chance that Daniels and Mills start with Wandale getting some reps. Could definitely see Johnson, Chase, Nance all contributing depending on whether Williams, Woodyard, McQuitty, Miles Jones step up and stay healthy.
  5. Wunderkind

    2019 Super Six

    This year's is exceptionally tough. Especially with sleepers. Thompkins and Houston could be great, but left them out because of injuries. If healthy both could be impact players. Mills could be our starting RB next year, but he only has two years left. Nance is fast, but looks raw imo. Fritz and/or Anderson may become better than Benhart, but need more development. McCaffrey may end up starting at some point, but will be behind Martinez for a while. Piper is more athletic than his ranking and really is a sleeper. However, going with Nelson as my sleeper because of his attitude and motor. Due to Frost's offense going with quite a few skill position players in my top 6 as I think they will be given opportunities early on. 1. Wandale 2. Johnson 3. Benhart 4. Chase 5. Farmer 6. Ty
  6. Wunderkind

    Other College Football Recruiting News

    Not sure why people would be excited about an STD?
  7. Wunderkind

    Tim Miles Hot Seat Watch

    LOL I'm in a good mood and having fun with the troll. Was going to point out his contradictory basketball statement from earlier but I am going to be up early. Gotta thank Tim Alum for some entertainment. I hope that Miles can pull it together and the team does well. Like Riley, Miles seems to be a good guy. Good news is I'm sure he's made millions and will get a new gig if canned.
  8. Wunderkind

    Tim Miles Hot Seat Watch

    Ever been around Omaha? KC is obviously a lot bigger than Omaha but they aren't that much different. Just depends on where you are at in each metro. Rest of KS is similar to rest of Nebraska. Not many big differences.
  9. Wunderkind

    Tim Miles Hot Seat Watch

    Nope, Kansas City metro.
  10. Wunderkind

    Tim Miles Hot Seat Watch

    I live in Kansas, not much different than Nebraska when it comes to demographics.
  11. Wunderkind

    Tim Miles Hot Seat Watch

    Kiss of Death statement from Moos unless he pulls it together.
  12. Wunderkind

    Worst Call Ever In A Husker Game

    This and the KSU face mask on Crouch that wasn't called.
  13. Wunderkind

    Most Popular Huskers of the 21st Century?

    Suh, David, Rex, Ameer, Crouch
  14. Wunderkind

    RB John Bivens

    I know he is a great recruiter, but why do you think he will be a good OC?
  15. Wunderkind

    OLB Dylan Jordan [TCU - Signed LOI]

    I was told there was an incident at a high school basketball game possibly involving alcohol and shoving a school employee. My source is really tuned in to these things, but hopefully he was misinformed. Glad to see the Huskers doing there own due diligence. I hope the whole thing is just being overblown.