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  1. There's a lot of players, so easy to do. Now it looks about right Will be interesting at RB as it appears right now that injuries will determine the starter. Thankfully a long way until the start of the season so hopefully they all get healed by then
  2. Looks pretty good other than one major qualm. Stille 3rd down nose tackle and that's it?
  3. I really want to drink the KoolAid. We seem to have more of the pieces this year. Could be the year we've been waiting for. Then I remember the last several years and it tempers expectations.
  4. Fidone Prochazka Kpai Ho'ohuli Lutovsky Bretz Sleeper: Ervin
  5. There's a lot of talent from Tennessee in the portal.
  6. The other sunshine pumping thread is bogus, so let's get some actual Kool-Aid flowing. To start our defense is almost intact as 9 out of 11 starters are back on a defense that has consistently improved. Our biggest need is a consistent pass rush and there are glimmers of hope as both Nelson and Payne had their moments. There is also a chance that Tannor or Cooper could breakout although I think this is less likely. Also, Stille and Rogers could continue to develop and generate more pressure from the inside. With a better pass rush I would expect more turnovers with QB strip fumble
  7. I'm rooting for us to go 14-0. Why the disdain for Frost? I hope he succeeds even if it has been a rough few years.
  8. Somebody was awful at punt returns and lost us some yards.
  9. Looked up his highlights, they are impressive. Big thing is whether he can block well.
  10. There have been some players we lost that I wish we wouldn't have. However, most would not have had much playing time if they stayed. Hope that attrition slows down though, otherwise it becomes more concerning.
  11. I would be down with that. I own a little bit of LOPE. They typically have a pretty decent basketball team. Used to be coached by Dan Majerle.
  12. I was just thinking the same thing today. The Big 10 was better than we thought.
  13. We lack two things a QB that can throw the ball accurately down field and a pass rusher. At the other positions we have talent it's just young. For some reason Martinez has the yip's in passes over 10 yards. If we could throw down field it would open up everything else and the offense would look much better. The defense looks way better, but we can't get to the QB. If we had a pass rusher or two the defense would look great. We've tried to bring some pass rushers in but they haven't worked out.
  14. That was what I was thinking too. That he would possibly move inside.
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