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  1. I'm worried about being dinged up to, especially Spielman. Hard to focus on two great receivers, but if Spielman is out, MSU will have a much easier time matching up with us.
  2. Wunderkind

    JUCO OG Desmond Bland [Nebraska Commit]

    It's funny how the system thinks c$%kroaches is a bad word
  3. Wunderkind

    JUCO OG Desmond Bland [Nebraska Commit]

    I lived in the Tampa area for a while. They liked to call their c$%kroaches palmetto bugs. Don't fall for it, they're just huge c$%kroaches.
  4. Wunderkind

    JUCO LB Amare Barno

    I think his film looks really good. He's out in coverage, blitzed pretty well, tackling in open spaces, fast, and has a wide wingspan. I would take him.
  5. Wunderkind

    Do We Win Out?

    What do you think the chances are that we finish out the season 3 and 0?
  6. Our corners have been a big concern, but going into next year they may be our biggest strength on D.
  7. Wunderkind

    JUCO RB Dedrick Mills [Nebraska Commit]

    I think he looks slimmer and faster.
  8. Wunderkind

    Defensive Playmakers

    I would argue that there would appear to be a lot of potential Playmakers on offense. On defense there are a number of solid players, but are there any Playmakers? Who do you think will be a disruptive force this year?
  9. Wunderkind

    **** Official Akron Score Prediction****

    Based on your example my son says 100 to zip. He likes the joke. But he changed his mind and now says 69 to 10. I'm going with 41 to 20.
  10. Wunderkind

    Final Vote - who takes the 1st snap at QB?

    That is good to hear
  11. Wunderkind

    Final Vote - who takes the 1st snap at QB?

    I would agree with all of this and the recruits we have been going after are certainly good runners.
  12. Wunderkind

    Final Vote - who takes the 1st snap at QB?

    I don't know much about the injury, but he was out his whole Senior year and even during the spring was not quite 100% yet. Also with many injuries you're more likely to be susceptible to the same injury. Not sure if that is the case with this injury or not.
  13. Wunderkind

    Final Vote - who takes the 1st snap at QB?

    I still worry about injury with AM due to the shoulder issues. He may be big, but still has injury history.
  14. Wunderkind

    Official Depth Chart

    Haven't heard much about either, so from that aspect not much of a surprise. But the fact that Lee started last year and now he's not in the 2 deep? Hopefully the new guys are that good, although Lee didn't play that well last year either
  15. Wunderkind

    Final Vote - who takes the 1st snap at QB?

    I am really excited about this. Many of us thought Gebbia was probably the starter because we thought he was more of the lower error point guard type. But if AM is just as good of point guard and with his play making ability; that is exciting!