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  1. Funny skit. Interesting that they left out Tennessee. Don't want to pick on their own I guess.
  2. Great minds think alike, I was just about to say the same thing. The trifecta of TE's.
  3. That sucks, I liked this dude. But, I expect we will get another good one.
  4. He opened up some eyes with those numbers.
  5. I'm betting Malik Williams
  6. I know everyone is excited about Benhart, but there's a good chance he's not better than Farniok at this point. I expect growing pains. That said the combo of Farniok and Benhart is likely to be better than Wilson and Farniok. If Benhart is better than Farniok as a Freshman than our line is going to be vastly improved. Wilson and Hixson have had their struggles but should at least provide solid depth if they don't start.
  7. Somebody who a few days earlier I had no idea they were interested in us or had much contact with the staff.
  8. Good speed, hustle, and moves in the highlights. Could make a good TE as well.
  9. I'm hopeful that Manning and Betts fill that void
  10. I think we have different definitions of great. We've had a number of good running backs, but few great ones. I would agree with SFW on his three over the past 40 years. Nationally, Ameer wasn't in the top tier of running backs during his time here. Not far behind though, probably 2nd tier. Some times the better player doesn't get as many college stats because they leave to the pro's early, injuries, competion at their spot early in their career, or they came from juco for example. Ameer was probably the best RB we've had here in quite a while, but we haven't had a great RB in a long time. We
  11. I really like Ameer and he was good, but not great.
  12. Good size, speed, and athleticism. Glad to have him onboard.
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