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  1. I've used a few different services to stream football, but was looking at different options this year. After doing a little research I decided to use YouTube TV again. Cost, channels, and the functionality of the DVR are why I am staying with YouTube TV.
  2. Rhamir sounds like he's in position to get a lot of snaps. Whip really likes his receiving abilities.
  3. I've missed NCAA Football, can't wait to play it again.
  4. Who had the better coaching staff? Not just about players, but who's leading them matters.
  5. We still might get all 4, so you may still be right.
  6. I know we've had our issues with the BIG 10, but it could be worse like the sh*t show that is the Big 12 and PAC.
  7. What's left of the Big 12 and PAC could merge?
  8. I'm just a layman, but I would prefer him at OL as well. On a side note he seems to have decent hands, could use him in some trick plays.Would be interesting to see him come in as an eligible receiver then go out for a pass.
  9. It would be nice to have a good pass rush! Hope he continues to improve as well.
  10. A friend of mine, who is a KU fan, was disappointed that Pauley didn't go to KU on a Football scholarship. All he could do was rave about this kid.
  11. Might not be a bad idea to beg Adrian to comeback It will be interesting to see how things play out.
  12. Just wanted to point out it's not quite over yet and we still have a chance with some players that may boost our ratings and class size.
  13. Yeah, I just ignore them and skip right over them
  14. Well, we've got one so far. I think most people thought this was coming and the staff has appeared to be making a bigger push along the line recently.
  15. Good for him but sucks for us. Wondering what he gets drafted at versus what he could have been drafted if he waited a year?
  16. Whenever I hear Brewingtons name I start hearing Seek & Destroy by Metallica!
  17. With the way the transfer portal is working, might as well go to Montana. Try to do great, then transfer to P5.
  18. So, we've gained a big dude and an accurate kicker so far. Both things that we need, glad to see them come on board. Be interesting to see what else we snag.
  19. Or they have a coach in mind that does RB and ST, but they can't announce it yet . I know wishful thinking.
  20. Anybody hearing anything about Max Duggan as a possibility?
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