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    2016 Tunnel Walk

    The Prayer comes from the 90s... http://www.huskers.com/ViewArticle.dbml?ATCLID=209668687
  2. Jarred04

    TE Jared Bubak [Signed GIA - Arizona State]

    And last staff's boom. Give the guy some credit. He DID remember to replace Huskers with Sun Devil. Also figured out how to delete the #GBR.
  3. Jarred04

    TE Jared Bubak [Signed GIA - Arizona State]

    Officially committed to ASU via Twitter. “@Bubaka_03: #Forks up http://t.co/WBARfeNyDd”
  4. Jarred04

    Ameer named MVP of Senior Bowl

    Anyone see the trophy he received?! The Senior Bowl and Reese's need to step their games up. http://www.nfl.com/videos/nfl-senior-bowl/0ap3000000462914/Abdullah-I-couldn-t-be-any-happier
  5. Jarred04

    Meet and Greet This Weekend

    Are these guys at the Nebrasketball game right now? Seeing the coaches introduced along with the game/atmosphere has to help.
  6. Jarred04

    QB Joe Burrow [Ohio State - Signed LOI]

    Based off tweet, seems unlikely.
  7. Jarred04

    Riley to be on ESPN2 Film Room during NC game

    This is fantastic news. It's a great chance to get his face, and our program, back out there. It's such an advantage to have our people seen as knowledgeable, well-spoken, and well-respected. Rooting hard for a great broadcast.
  8. Jarred04

    2014 Heisman Trophy Presentation

    How about we talk about the wardrobe choices of the other two...
  9. Jarred04

    Ameer for Heisman

    Thought I'd add this from last week's game:
  10. Jarred04

    Post if you stayed up to the end of the game

    We definitely watched longer than Fresno's fans did.
  11. Jarred04

    Depth Chart Predictions?

    Sam Burtch has always been mentioned as starter/2nd string. Hard to believe our best blocking WR won't be in there.
  12. Jarred04

    Actual Spring Practice Updates

    lol Burch really. Westerkamp will lead the team in receiving this year Bell right behind him. Not sure exactly what about Burch you don't like, he had a solid year last year and could easily be the best person to replace Enunwa. Especially his blocking, he also made some really nice, tough grabs. I think his next 2 years will fun to watch. And with all of our receivers hype, this is what we have been missing IMO. We need a receiver to be "that guy" who is a sure handed go to guy when we need a pass completed. Blazing speed is great, but I also like the guys who can read the coverage and sit on his route, make the first down catch in traffic and keep the chains moving. I hope he and Westerkamp can fill/excel in this role as well as the two you mentioned above. Throwbacks to guys like Steve Largent or Jay Novacek. Not blazers, but ran great routes with hands like glue. Great receivers make an average QB look incredible. I hope that the two above as well as KB, Carter and Jamal really step up and improve that aspect (catching) of their game. It would easily make the difference in 1-2 wins next year IMO. And like the fumbles, has shown itself at the worst times. No kidding. From Burtch's Huskers.com page: "On the track, Burtch won 11 total medals in three seasons with the track team. He won the Class C 800 meters at the 2010 and 2011 Nebraska state track meets and was a three-time silver medalist in the 400 meters. Burtch also posted first-, second- and third-place finishes as a member of Elmwood-Murdock's 1,600- and 3,200-meter relay teams. Burtch also added to his medal total in the 200 meters." It's not like he's a lumbering lineman out there. Dude can run, no matter what color his skin is. Can I also throw in the "coach on the field" cliché?
  13. Jarred04

    Bowl Practice Updates

    Read in an article they've had a wildcat package for Jamal all year, but obviously haven't been able to use it yet.
  14. I'm pretty sure this has been posted here before, but this Tunnel Walk of Shame article talked about this same thing. "God's Gonna Cut You Down" would be awesome. We need better video/graphics. The tunnel walk videos are boring.