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  1. and yet BJ says SF has things going in the right direction. So, I guess there were issues being dealt with and he is confident in the head coach.
  2. Jaimes: "Frost has this program in the right direction, even though it may not look like it."
  3. The reason I posted it was due to the negative group think on this board. There seems to be one dominant narrative here and no room for anything other than whatever the most active posters have to say. When you disagree you are made out to be ignorant. They are fan boys of each others opinions.
  4. I think our recruiting rankings show we have better talent than the MR era which was inherited. We are going into the year young due to attrition. Guys who no longer wanted to live up to a higher standard on and off the field and guys who refused to stay and win a job outright. Some others just didn't have the talent and needed to go. Some may have lost faith in the system due to all the close losses. No, I do not think this is a perpetual point of argument but it is now. SF had a monumental rebuild when he came because of the failures of the past coaches and administrations. E
  5. Too much truth to handle!
  6. https://huskers.com/sports/football/roster/2021?&sort=class The number of all red shirt or true freshmen on the team is 111. SF is changing the talent level for the better.
  7. 54 out of 85 guys on our team are Freshman. I expect a tough year until we become an older team and stay old.
  8. Bigots will be bigots. Can't expect less of them against Coach Brown.
  9. Ron Brown is an awesome coach and will be a great help to the team in this position because he is also a great communicator.
  10. Complaining about how difficult the schedule is this year sounds like crying babies. We are a big name program who draws a crowd. The teams that are difficult to play are the same as us in that regard. This makes for more fans in the seats and watching on TV. It is good business to put us up against these teams. Our duty is to field good enough teams to win. Period!
  11. I say ban them from Big 10 games and make them apologize to the Commish!
  12. Likes to blame everyone but himself.
  13. I think Urban Meyer is available.
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