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  1. I'm going to miss it due to producing the Coffeyville Kansas Ravens football game on a radio station I work part-time for. Both games start at 7pm. It's killing me!!!
  2. Sgt Red

    Martinez it is

    I just looked at and old recruit page and it said he was 6'. Old age getting to me I guess. I have stood near him and he did not seem taller than me and Im 5'11''
  3. Sgt Red

    Martinez it is

    Steve Taylor was about 5'9". AM does not look much taller??
  4. Sgt Red

    Navy SEAL Damian Jackson

    Does he really even need the shoulder pads?
  5. Sgt Red

    Scott Frost Home Burglarized

    That is where I would start too. I worked over 12 years in law enforcement and solved more than a few of these. Got to talk to every neighbor as well. Many times neighboring houses or nearby businesses have video equipment. They may also have seen a person or vehicle around the time of the break in. If the thief is dumb enough to try and pawn something it would likely not be in the state of Nebraska. He or she would probably take it to one of the surrounding states. If they try to sell to Husker fans they will likely get turned in because every Husker fan is going to hear about this. No matter what I pray they catch the thief and they spend a lot of time in jail!!
  6. Sgt Red

    Breakout: Ron Brown and religion

    I can appreciate a person reading the Bible and glad to know you have done so. I would only ask if it was to read it to argue with somebody or read it to learn. There is a big difference in the heart regarding the two ways of reading. Due to reading it you may know the reference to Leviticus and the cutting of hair was only for the Levites to set them apart for the priesthood. Also that this was a type and shadow of how God was setting his people apart from others and training them to be able to recognize Jesus when he came. Thousands were converted directly after Pentecost because they were able to see how Jesus fulfilled all the Old Testament. This of coarse causes the other people of the world to hate those who have been set apart. A complaint is that a Christian is arrogant to claim to be saved and yet to this day is a sinner themselves. You said a Christian uses the Bible for bigotry and hate against the alphabet soup of the sexual proclivities/genitalia identification population which is certainly not the case for a true Christian. I recognize ignorant Christians if they are Christian at all due use the Bible as a hammer. I hope the following will help show what should be done. I wish people for all sides could understand that a real Christian points out sin because they love the persons soul. A Christian is duty bound to point out sin in the life of another Christian as a way to help them. They also point out sin in others as a way to show the need of Christ. The example of a Christian helping another Christian is one of the things I have experienced before. The love that was shown to me was that a Christian not only pointed out the sin in my life but helped me out of it. That is where most Christians probably fail. Many times a Christian and an unbeliever only feels an attack. I had a different Christian prior to this incident point out the same sin but it was not done in a loving way. I felt guilty about the sin but done nothing about the problem. That person only pointed out the sin and offered no remedy. I was living with my girlfriend giving the appearance of marriage and sex before marriage even though there was not out of an agreement my now wife and I had at the time. The loving Christian first identified several people one of us could live with and then came to me pointing out the sin and making the offer. We accepted the loving offer and lived apart for the next few months until married. It was a true blessing because it made marriage more than just living together! It was now a God honoring covenant between the two of us. Many only see this type of help as an attack but the pointing out of sin is so the person will recognize sin and turn away from it. The experience with the loving Christian who was bold enough to point out the sin and also offer help motivated me. I got a bachelors degree and began studying for a Master of Divinity with original biblical languages. I was tired of having to rely on what others thought of the Bible from its origins to the present. I now have a Masters degree and know it for myself. With true study, the Bible has a reasonable argument for every objection I have ever had or heard of. Yet some of those reasonable arguments are hard for some to come to grips with such as why would a loving God allow a baby to die of cancer etc.... I don't plan on making further replies but I hope you now understand my position on such issues.
  7. Sgt Red

    Breakout: Ron Brown and religion

    For many years we have been involved in great discussions on topics like this. You know my position pretty well. True love tells a person to get out of a burning building instead of just saying hey I love you despite the situation you are in regarding the burning building.
  8. Sgt Red

    Breakout: Ron Brown and religion

    All Christians have different roles as part of the body of Christ. Some are more bold than others. Paul and Peter of the Bible were bold. Timothy not so much. Each completed the role God had for them.
  9. Sgt Red

    Breakout: Ron Brown and religion

    I submit to the moderators of this board. I also see getting moved to a tangent thread as a segregated place for Christian thought to please the liberal position of intolerance.
  10. We have people saying that RB hates the rule of law because he disagrees with the ruling of some legislators. That this position makes the Bible a small portion of the conversation and somehow it is acceptable to segregate Christians off into their own schools or locations. Does it make things all better when you don't have to see and hear a Christian in your public space? Somehow, a Christian cannot disagree with the local, state, or federal laws without being an evil person. People say he is pushing his view onto people. Well how about the pushing of the homosexual agenda onto Christians. You cannot watch a TV show, a movie, read a magazine without homosexuality being pushed and glorified. But a Christian must be silenced.
  11. Sgt Red

    Breakout: Ron Brown and religion

    So, you want vocal Christians segregated.
  12. I do not find it pitiful. A Christians true love for fellow sinners is to warn of the danger to come at Judgement Day.
  13. No, it is spot on. The only reason RB is being attacked is for his adherence to the God of the Bible. The argument is always the same and their ignorance of Scripture such as Leviticus 19:27 is never researched in context or as part of Scripture as a whole. Attackers do not care about anything other than trying to shame people into silence as if it is shameful to believe the things Ron Brown believes in.
  14. By making this statement you show how much you do not know about the Bible. It kills me that people want Christians to "check their baggage" at the door or to shut up at work or in public. I don't mind that people disagree because it is part of our God given freedoms articulated in the Constitution. I find it pitiful that there is no tolerance for the 10's of millions of guys like Ron Brown. I'm sure he would not tell you how much he would "love to tell you where to put your selective tolerance".
  15. Absolutely the best hire Frost could have gotten for the position!!! Great coach, mentor, and even better human being!!!