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  1. Complaining about how difficult the schedule is this year sounds like crying babies. We are a big name program who draws a crowd. The teams that are difficult to play are the same as us in that regard. This makes for more fans in the seats and watching on TV. It is good business to put us up against these teams. Our duty is to field good enough teams to win. Period!
  2. I say ban them from Big 10 games and make them apologize to the Commish!
  3. Likes to blame everyone but himself.
  4. I think Urban Meyer is available.
  5. This kids sounds like he may become a real leader on the team someday!
  6. Strikeout record! I know Jace, his dad, and younger brother. Good kids and good family. The younger brother reminds me of Roger Clemens pitching. I'd like to see NU recruit Jace and maybe Nate when he gets older (he is only a 6th grader). http://www.kake.com/story/40434460/jace-kaminska-sets-consecutive-strikeout-record#.XNJSWLR0Ktg.facebook
  7. I'm going to miss it due to producing the Coffeyville Kansas Ravens football game on a radio station I work part-time for. Both games start at 7pm. It's killing me!!!
  8. I just looked at and old recruit page and it said he was 6'. Old age getting to me I guess. I have stood near him and he did not seem taller than me and Im 5'11''
  9. Steve Taylor was about 5'9". AM does not look much taller??
  10. Does he really even need the shoulder pads?
  11. That is where I would start too. I worked over 12 years in law enforcement and solved more than a few of these. Got to talk to every neighbor as well. Many times neighboring houses or nearby businesses have video equipment. They may also have seen a person or vehicle around the time of the break in. If the thief is dumb enough to try and pawn something it would likely not be in the state of Nebraska. He or she would probably take it to one of the surrounding states. If they try to sell to Husker fans they will likely get turned in because every Husker fan is going to hear a
  12. I can appreciate a person reading the Bible and glad to know you have done so. I would only ask if it was to read it to argue with somebody or read it to learn. There is a big difference in the heart regarding the two ways of reading. Due to reading it you may know the reference to Leviticus and the cutting of hair was only for the Levites to set them apart for the priesthood. Also that this was a type and shadow of how God was setting his people apart from others and training them to be able to recognize Jesus when he came. Thousands were converted directly after Pentecost be
  13. For many years we have been involved in great discussions on topics like this. You know my position pretty well. True love tells a person to get out of a burning building instead of just saying hey I love you despite the situation you are in regarding the burning building.
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