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  1. Riley is the guy that has a shed full of nice tools but can't build anything.
  2. For a fan base like Nebraska that hasn't seen a conference title since 99' those HOF coaches results aren't good enough Imo. Not going bowling for a third year in a row would be hard to accept, however I do think frost gets six wins this year. GBR.
  3. IMO year three is critical for Frost and company, regardless of schedule. He has got to get this team to a bowl.
  4. "Steve Spurrier can't draw out a tackle in the dirt" -Kent pavelka 1995 Title game
  5. Why does Crouch have his helmet on backwards in that last one ? Oooooooh
  6. Yep, gotta feel good for them. They played solid football all year.
  7. Loved watching suh toss around McCoy like a sofa cushion.
  8. Losing a football game is one thing, not being able to field a team to COMPETE with teams like minny , or any team really, is another. This team has all kinds of issues, O-line being the obvious one. Until we get bigger , stronger, smarter horses up front on both sides of the ball, competing in the big ten will be rough. Two more recruiting cycles and we'll see where we're at. I'll wait. GBR.
  9. Yep, if Martinez is at say 80% go, I would start Vedral, perfect opportunity to see what he can do.
  10. No, I don't think that. I just think frost might not be confident enough with the players he has currently to run his offense like he wants to.
  11. If Martinez is standing back there pre-snap wondering if the ball is going to get to him fine or fly over his head its a major problem, IMO. Jumping for the ball when he doesn't need to means he is anticipating it, that's not where his head needs to be before every play, nervous.
  12. I can't figure out why the high snaps are STILL an issue. Its been a problem since the spring game, why is it taking so long to fix it ?
  13. Why are you getting all twisted up about it ? , I agreed with the content of the post, gave it a +1, who cares if a "newbie" posted it. Was I trying to be brilliant and helpful ? Nope, just a +1 on a post. Do I think your clueless ? Nope, something else. BTW my prediction was 9-3.
  14. I could care less about how long a person has been on this board, if I agree with what they said in a post, I'll +1 it.
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