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  1. Both dads were teammates on the Detroit Lions too
  2. Personally I was more impressed with the Baylor Guard than Rouse but I still think Rouse is a much needed upgrade in the room. He's not going to be some elite LT though
  3. Does anybody know if we are trying to add Duce Chestnut and Ja'Had Carter to the class? They seem like obvious adds if they want to come here.
  4. Both will likely announce on the same day at the UA All American Bowl.
  5. Officially decommited from tOSU DylaN Raiola is N fellas
  6. I would have personally listed Texas A&M over Purdue. Nothing wrong with Purdue imo
  7. Looks to me like Samori Toure improved his stock and Ben Stille also played himself into a fringe 7th round pick. Jojo Domann will definitely be drafted as a safety, not a linebacker. If I had to put grades on each of our guys: Austin Allen - 3rd Round Cam Jurgens - 3rd/4th Round Samori Toure - 3rd/4th Round Cam Taylor-Britt - 4th/5th Round Jojo Domann - 5th/6th Round Ben Stille, Damion Daniels, Deontai Williams, and Marquel Dismuke will all likely be UDFA's but will definitely be signed to a team for a tryout.
  8. My Top 5 HS recruits: Ajay Allen (RB) Victor Jones Jr (WR) Jahlil Martin (ATH) Ernest Hausmann (LB) Decoldest Crawford (WR) Instant Impact Transfers: Casey Thompson (QB) Omar Brown (CB) Brian Buschini (P) Tommi Hill (CB) Timmy Bleekrode (K) Hunter Anthony (OT) Trey Palmer (WR)
  9. Can never understand being lazy when you have god given size and talent. Can't teach passion.
  10. Had offers from pretty much every school in the country coming out of high school. At his highest, he had a .96 4 star rating (nearly 5 stars) and dropped to .92 then .88 when services realized he wasn't going to qualify. Could be a sneaky good pickup.
  11. I don't really think we screwed up Bell. He had a chance and wasn't doing a whole lot then Ozigbo came in and dominated taking over his spot.
  12. So does this mean we are likely out on getting Ajay Allen or Trevonte Citizen? We already have 7 scholarship RB's on roster counting Jackson and I don't see us picking up an 8th. I also don't see Ervin, Rahmir, or Yant transferring. Stepp is a maybe but I don't think he has his graduate transfer available so I don't think he will.
  13. Correct me if I'm wrong, but Smothers has 4 years remaining. He used his Redshirt freshman YR and still has his "covid shirt" bonus year.
  14. Logan Smothers is part of the 2020 class. He has only been in the program for 2 seasons and the first year he redshirted. He still technically has 4 years of eligibility left. He might stick it out one more year and see where he stands after it. If he still can't become the starter by then, he'll probably transfer
  15. Who all are we expecting to be drafted? I figured Austin Allen, CTB, Jojo Domann, and Samori Toure will likely be drafted with outside chance of Cam Jurgens and Deontai Williams. Surprising though seeing Allen and Toure without an invite thus far.
  16. Montana seems to be a nice FCS Nebraska development grounds so why not. Samori Toure and now our new punter. They also got AJ Forbes from us a couple years back and he's been their starting Center since then.
  17. I like DB's out of Alabama... CTB comes to mind
  18. I was on the Fire Frost train pretty much after losing to Illinois but further reinforced after losing to Purdue, but if he was to stay, I wanted to see several things (2 of which have already been done): 1. Restructured contract to make room for a sexy assistant salary pool 2. Fire Greg Austin, Mario Verduzco, and Matt Lubick (I can see why they got rid of Held too but was kinda surprised) 3. Hire a special teams coach full time (yet to be seen but there's no way he doesn't AGAIN right?) 4. Hire a new offensive staff that has elite recruiting prowess and give full control of the offense to the new OC I will wait to see who Frost chooses to hire and reserve my judgement on whether this is the right or wrong move by Trev Alberts, but so far I am liking it. The two times Frost has hired an outsider (or kept a coach not part of his circle), was Sean Beckton at UCF (excellent coach as we have seen), and Tony Tuioti DL Coach (seems to be doing a solid job). Gives me at least a little bit of optimism that he will get the right guys in the building this time since he has no more buddies really to try and hire lol. Also, to all the people talking about the people wanting Chins fired, I am glad to say I went to bat for that man many times over the first 3 years of his tenure here on twitter, reddit, on this board etc. It at least makes me a bit more confident I might have a decent judgement on coaches but who really knows tbh.
  19. God if we lose this kid to Iowa I will be f#&%ing disgusted.
  20. Man if he visits in the fall with Wilcher, Traudt, and Green and our team is rolling with Bryce at the helm, that sold out stadium energy will definitely have a huge influence
  21. If we were to somehow land Traudt and Green this year, and Biliew + Wilcher next year... man oh man this team will be special (although I'm sure Bryce will be NBA bound before the 2023 class gets to campus). Biliew and Wilcher alone would have us in the running for #1 recruiting class though.
  22. Eh, maybe then Frost will actually go after a decent QB in the transfer portal, although not too sure who all is out there that might be worth it.
  23. Source: Today of all days too... Scott just can't catch a break. This is terrible news man I feel so bad EDIT: Ronald Delancy III reaction:
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