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  1. If Riley can win 8 games with the schedule we have left and with the garbage excuse for an oline that we have, he is honestly a god. I wouldn't put down a dollar on a bet of winning 8 games this year if that bet won me 10 million.
  2. Cav needs to be fired immediately and replaced. Langsdorf needs to be fired immediately and replaced. O'Brian needs his fair chance next week and if he sh#ts the bed we are burning Gebbia's redshirt. Get Conrad off the god damn field. Put kieron williams in see how he does. Somehow keep our current recruits mainly Bookie and Joshua Moore. If none of this happens then Nebraska needs to fire the AD and HC. Sign a big name guy at AD like Bob Stoops and signing a huge name at head coach or else I'm done watching nebraska football
  3. They gonna have to lower the ticket prices to 10$ for me to show up to any game this season
  4. Lots of people in the comments saying they would prefer Oweh and/or Smith because since Parsons is predicted to go to Nebraska he must be "cancerous" and too "toxic" of an attitude for their coaching staffs to put up with ha. One mans trash is anothers treasure I guess.
  5. I say we keep him as long as he can muster 7-5 or better. See how he does in 2018. Although we have a tough schedule in 2018 as long as he can get 9-10 wins (without any blowout embarrassments) he may be the real deal and we'll have tons of talent from his recruiting (depending on how this cycle goes if we can keep bookie and land a couple high 4/5 stars).
  6. I was at the game and I saw a lot of fans leaving with 5 minutes left. I turned to my two friends and I'm like "they just jynxed it, Arkansas state is still in this game if they score here and get an onside recovery". Sure enough they almost come back and win. To be fair to the guy who was ranting about "young fans" though, on my side of the stadium all the people leaving were the old timers don't know about the rest of the stadium.
  7. Not good quality or anything like that but recently if I'm alone, since I don't have cable and don't want to pay for youtube tv etc I will just search up on periscope if someone is livestreaming the game sooo someone should do us a favor stream the games every week on periscope
  8. Go a pass interference called on him. Also saw two of the d-lineman throwing the bones (#19 and #12). Think one is xavier thomas
  9. I've been following this thread for some time now and personally I don't think Bookie is decommitting (in fact i bet some guy $200 that he wouldn't, easy money) but I know a guy on the current Calabasas High School team that says there is talk around the locker room that Bookie is decommitting because Keyshawn isn't coming back. Personally I don't believe the rumors because Keyshawn tweeted out to Bookie "stick to the plan" and still has Pro-Nebraska tweets pinned, but you can take that piece of info how you want just thought I'd report it.
  10. If it's down to Mario and Jordan i'd rather take Jordan. Landing Joshua Moore would basically send a statement to recruits across the country and at IMG that this movement is a real deal. If we could get both though that'd be amazing... But it sure does seem like over the last two classes we are completely overloading on WR's and DB's and not enough LB's/DE's. We also have to use a spot on a kicker in this class more then likely which kinda stinks.
  11. This will definitely be who we pursue for our class gem in 2019 if we happen to land teammate Calvin Avery and hold onto the commit of Marquez Beason.
  12. New poster here. I'm gonna go out on a limb and say this is another Bookie silent commit. The interview with Bookie said he knows of "quiet a few" people coming within the coming weeks/months and there have been a lot of subtle message exchanges between Griffith and Bookie. I may just be digging too deep but I have followed a lot of twitter exchanges with recruits over the past couple of years and this one seems pretty solid to me.
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