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  1. Micah Parsons of the 2021 class? Just hopefully with better results!
  2. So is there perhaps a chance we save one spot and try to get a late signing 4* OLB like Caleb Tannor last year? If we get Slusher, Brown, Fleming, and Francois I think we still have one more spot left. Either that or we could hit the graduate transfer portal hard for an OLB similar to what we did with Darrion Daniels.
  3. Would be awesome if we land all these kids we are favored for. Slusher, Francois, and Fleming. Still hurts if we lose Johnson though I really wanted him
  4. I know I was just doing it for the names. They have that John Madden requirement for having a name that fits a lineman.
  5. All I know is a defensive line consisting of Gunnerson, Nash Hutmasher, and Payne would be epic.
  6. Isn't he the one that's tight with Myles Slusher? Maybe just maybe....
  7. Me earlier in this thread "Thought it'd be Fleming next. Still we stand in good spots for Fleming, Francois, and Johnson. Would be pretty nice if we landed Slusher too. " Damn I must be a recruiting junkie
  8. https://gyazo.com/8681266af85711ec8f711a7e8f50875b Miami fans hahaha
  9. Thought it'd be Fleming next. Still we stand in good spots for Fleming, Francois, and Johnson. Would be pretty nice if we landed Slusher too.
  10. This sub has the most over-reactive people in the universe
  11. Bigggg time get. Hopefully Kaden Johnson, Fleming, and Greene next.
  12. 247 non composite rating has him as a .8500 mid tier 3 star OLB. Funny enough in terms of JUCO rankings he sits behind #2 Breon Dixon #3 Jamoi Hodge, and #4 Guy Thomas Those names all seem... familiar.
  13. Think there might be a little bit of smoke here again. He took down all of the Oregon stuff on his twitter and has been getting likes from Ryan Held again.
  14. Very good read on this prospect: https://journalstar.com/sports/huskers/football/nebraska-in-prime-position-to-land-texas-junior-college-receiver/article_585b7fa7-c56a-5c58-b554-2ea4fe14efb3.html Also if you haven't checked out his highlights, I HIGHLY suggest it. Dude is an NFL caliber WR. He gets almost every jump ball, makes one handed Odell type catches, has Julio Jones type range and sideline catching ability, knows where his feet are, and is a burner. He's not a quick twitch guy like Wandale but his route running is still very good. In highschool he was right between CeeDee Lamb and Charleston Rambo in the rankings.
  15. I'm all for due process. It's just of my opinion that the fact that Legrone and Hunt's statements differed, they are definitely lying in my eyes. Whether the court sees that or not remains to be seen, they are smarter than me at it but this is a public forum where we state our opinions and have discussions hence my comment.
  16. You can use that as a defense for anything these days. The fact that they both had two different retellings of the events tells me all I need to know about who's guilty here.
  17. This. I watched a youtuber from Oklahoma who makes videos commenting on and breaking down highlight videos from high school commits. He made one about Sevvion Morrison and he seems to think he is by far the best player from Oklahoma this year and is disappointing that Oklahoma didn't offer him
  18. Wisconsin insider also put in a crystal ball for Nebraska, Minnesota insider changed his to cloudy (in denial i suppose)
  19. This was the #1 target overall for me period. Pretty sure I said it too in this thread earlier this year. So happy if we can land him along with Fleming and Manning. This is hyugeeee
  20. We need Keith Williams that dude can recruit good WR's and we are struggling to bring in good WR's.
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