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  1. If recruits are making decisions based on message board chatter they need a better support system around them. It boils down to winning games- you do that recruits come. You don’t they don’t come or they change their mind and decommit. It’s all an excuse. Frost recruits and is responsible for winning. Blaming a message board and blaming whatever other outside factor is what is old with our fan base. How bout some accountability. I have seen people on this board making excuses for Pelini, Riley and now frost. Earn the 5 million and everything else takes care of itself
  2. My view on returning starters is simple. If you are a good team returning starters is a good thing. If you are a bad team- who cares if you have returning starters. They have already proven they don’t win games
  3. I agree, this puts things in perspective. Things are worse than I thought seeing how he is basically doing worse than everyone in the country and he has better recruiting and resources than majority of those other coaches.
  4. I feel like there is always something going on with Martinez to explain his poor play. Is it possible he is just not good enough. 4 losing seasons is hard to come up with enough excuses. Results are results
  5. So we have slipped into mediocrity. I would say we have fallen below mediocre
  6. To be honest if that’s true then I am pretty concerned about the status of our program. Is the rest of the team that bad that we need Martinez to lose close games instead of getting blown out? How can you say we are on the doorstep to turning the corner as a team then also say we get blown out without Martinez? I don’t think one player should make that big of a difference if we truly are close as a TEAM. So if Martinez leaves after this year- your saying next year we fall off the map and are not good anymore? Again that’s a huge problem, it seems every team we play can go 2-3 deep on QB spot when they play us and execute just fine. So are we doing horrible job developing and recruiting?
  7. Yes, I remember the fall of 2018 we thought we were turning the corner. Then 2019 and 2020 happened. And here we sit in 2021 thinking we are close
  8. Wandale had a big half. 5 catches 125 yards and 2tds. Oh wait this thread is for current players
  9. I won’t try watching the game but I am curious to see how he does in the season opener for his new team. I am sure he saw our pathetic week 1 performance and if he does well today and gets the kind of touches he wants it’s hard to argue with his decision. We seem like a sinking ship
  10. 18-19 is better than 12-21. By your logic we should have kept Riley he was 19-19. we have no idea what his 18-19 looked like. It might have looked like a well disciplined team who lost to better teams. Easy to stick with things looking to trend in the right direction. We are not
  11. Yeah I dont hold NFL success or lack thereof against a college coach. Spurrier and Saban sucked at the pros but were great in college.
  12. How many other coaches out there could we get that have won a Natty. This is prob the only one.
  13. No it just means we have sucked at hiring. Fired solich. Hired a guy who just got fired, hired a guy with no head coaching experience, hired a career 500 coach, hired an inexperienced unproven coach. Not really sure why we are surprised by our results that last 20 years.
  14. I thought we would be done with gif's like this after we got rid of Riley. But here we are.
  15. Man I agree with what you said. If we are going to stand by Frost, I can get behind that but we need a complete overhaul of his staff. Defense I could be convinced to keep that staff intact. But offense- EVERYONE goes.
  16. I missed the first 49 pages, I’ll summarize. We still suck
  17. It is possible. It is also likely. It is also likely we have a bit of a dud class due to recent results on the field.
  18. Yes, I just remember him having a hard on for USC and Miami in the early 2000's. He would list off like half of their roster as the reason they were the best teams ever.
  19. We are officially f#&%ed. Mark May has the worst take of anyone ever.
  20. I agree. I still support Frost. But you can support Frost and still acknowledge the short comings of his job so far and the program in general. Too often on this board some posters think frustration and criticism of the program means you are against Frost and or the program.
  21. I give it less than an hour and someone will try to explain to you that is only because recruiting services are behind on ranking players due to no camps.
  22. That could be true. Which I think sometimes what side of the fence(excuses vs reasons) you are on depends on what your expectation was. I think many expected Frost to come in and be this generational coach. We heard how we was the next Nick Saban etc. So I think when that kind of hope and expectation gets put out there people obviously have high standards. Now a coach of the caliber of Saban, Meyer and those generational coaches would turn things around quicker, they would have bad s#!t happen and over come it. Frost has not overcome most of these issues. So perhaps it may just be true that Frost may turn out to be a good coach- but he is probably not the next Osborne, Saban type of guy we hoped we were getting. I hope this is the year that turns it all around and we get on the right path with a projection towards future conference championships and national championships. I think sometimes it is easier to accept things as a reason vs an excuse if you are a proven coach and winner. It is more believeable because you have seen them succeed and overcome things. Frost is not proven as a head coach so they sound more like excuses. After this year if it is more of the same I hope those of you who side with reason start to see they may be excuses.
  23. I get it. But everyone deals with departures. Its not exclusive to Nebraska. The transfer portal is hurting every P5 team in America. So since all teams are dealing with the same issues. That just sounds like an excuse to me.
  24. From the athletic. We are #7 in the country for having the biggest disparity between recruiting rankings and on field results since 2017. We are the only blue blood on this list. Florida State and Tennessee are borderline. Underachievers: Power 5 TEAM RANK 247 +/- 1 Arkansas 103 30 -73 2 Rutgers 112 54 -58 3 Florida State 61 5 -56 4 Maryland 87 32 -55 5 UCLA 71 16 -55 6 Illinois 108 55 -53 7 Nebraska 76 25 -51 8 Tennessee 62 13 -49 9 Vanderbilt 99 51 -48 10 Kansas 117 70 -47 Well, there it is. The Power 5 programs that are doing less with more since 2017. If your favorite team made this list, you can’t act too surprised. The common theme among the top 10 is fairly obvious, too. Each program has gone through at least one head coaching change since 2017, and a few have experienced multiple firings.
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