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  1. It is an unofficial today I believe so all these kids gotta pay to come here
  2. Gotta keep stringing along usc and Georgia to keep his #1 ranking. Once he announces N he prob drop
  3. I think we need to ask him the tough questions to know where he really wants to be. 95 Huskers or 01 Canes ?
  4. Another way to look at it is Georgia and usc don’t need his commitment early to secure a top 5 class so an early commitment to one of those 2 doesn’t matter much. But it will make a big difference to our recruiting class. So an earlier announcement if he thinks Nebraska is his future home makes more sense.
  5. To your second point. I feel like that is entirely possible. This staff seems very organized and I can’t believe they are putting all their eggs in 1 basket if they didn’t feel really good.
  6. I see 3 CB including Fong to USC this evening.
  7. I haven’t seen any other QBs we are recruiting in 2024 so we must feel pretty good about Dylan?
  8. He was the guy tweeting Raiola so if he commits I could see that swaying this kid our way
  9. I disagree. Rhule and staff seem to be in charge and aggressive. If he has a clear vision and culture for the program and he enforces it I don’t see a troubled kid disrupting that. Frosts lack of leadership yes I could see it undermining the build
  10. At this rate I think Rhule is looking to bring in 85 new scholarship guys and kick the existing roster to the curb. Love the aggression. He is looking to make impact year 1.
  11. If Raiola is in I would think top WR will be in play
  12. Big fan of the caliber of player they are going after. If the Raiola rumors are true I am sure they have some swagger to swing big
  13. This class could shape up to be a top 10 class. Pair that with some progress and W’s on the field and we might find our way back
  14. Someone call up Saban and find out who the next Kirby Smart is and hire him.
  15. Yes. We don’t need another coach talking about best week of practice ever
  16. I get it. But I assume the university was planning on going to Trev at some point right. So did we need a search firm if we knew the hire ahead of time is all I’m saying
  17. Why would we need a search firm to hire Trev? Sounds like huge waste of money.
  18. He is a guard for us. Tackle at Nebraska is 6-9 minimum
  19. The problem with that viewpoint is it is short sighted. Because they say that now. Then once we get consistent 8-4 seasons and win west few times. It won’t be enough we will want 10-11 wins and big ten titles. Point us we say that now cause we are at our low point but expectations will never stay at 8 wins is good enough
  20. I agree. With an already stacked big ten with usc coming we need to step up. You would think Nebraska brass would be embarrassed of how we have looked for 20 years. We are supposed to be a blue blood and equals to Ohio state, Michigan, Penn state and usc. But we have not hired like we belong at that table. Sorry but part of why the big ten brought us on is because they thought they were adding another big name to that table
  21. That was Trevs way of setting the stage for a hire he knew no one would be excited about
  22. Exactly. Same s#!t all the coaches in the past did. They just didn’t have to battle twitter and cell phone cameras to capture it all
  23. Michigan, Ohio state and penn state got solid coaches. USC coming to town soon. We better make some big moves or we fall further down the pecking order and stay there is all I’m saying. But hey let’s hire another guy who ain’t done it but we believe he could some day. It’s like our recruiting- get low rated players but tell ourselves he is under valued and we could see his potential. 15 years of that s#!t and here we are
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