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  1. Someone in Nebraska needs to put together a 7 figure NIL deal and wrap this s#!t up.
  2. If Ohio state offers him I think we have to offer and take 2. Cannot let a kid 30 minutes from Lincoln go to a big 10 powerhouse
  3. I haven’t watched much film. So he is a good enough athlete to win high school games. Probably good enough to make plays with his legs in college. Is he a pass first guy though who will win games in college? We have had plenty of athletes the last 20 years trying to play QB but not enough true QBs to take our team out of mediocrity Just curious why is he only rated .84?
  4. The kid does want to get into coaching if the NFL doesn't work out. So maybe not the smartest thing to say out loud considering a good starting point would be to reach out to Frost to give him a job on his staff to kick start his career.
  5. Maybe they thought he was a prick? Whipple should like him then.
  6. The first step towards bringing Bill Callahan back to coach Offensive Line.
  7. Never heard of the hand signal meaning anything racist. Honestly didn’t know Herbie even did that. The only way I have seen that symbol was to mean okay and it was used by satanic people. The hand signal makes a 666. But hell I guess it’s now racist. Everything is racist these days
  8. So you are saying the last 4 years was Frost trying to win? Holy s#!t I would have felt better if he was sacrificing wins for culture. If the last 4 years is what it looks like trying to win what will it look like if we sacrifice wins for culture? How the s#!t is playing walk on receivers trying to win with Manning and Betts on the bench.
  9. He wont be standing out in the sun when he gets here.
  10. I think we need to go offer all the Bama and Georgia players who just went in portal
  11. Depends how many current roster guys we willing to boot
  12. Now thats the kinda dudes we need to be going after consistently.
  13. So does this count as Frost's first 5 star recruit?
  14. If he would have come in town this morning he could have seen decoldest morning of the year. Brrr
  15. I will be curious to see if Whipple ends up extending an offer to Flores at Gretna. The kid looks like a leader with decent athletic ability and a strong arm.
  16. Every game doesn’t matter anymore though. Hell Georgia lost the last game of the year and still got in the playoff. So that game meant nothing. Especially when they lost by 3 scores and still got in. It used to be if you lost early enough you could get back in contention. Now you can lose the last game of the season
  17. Yes. Bryce Young. After winning the Natty this year he wants a new challenge
  18. We always win the off-season around here. Then the season starts.
  19. As the game evolves I wonder how the future of player eligibility will look. I don't think 20 years ago many people thought this is what college football would become with Transfer Portal, NIL, probably paying players in near future. So a complete shift to player rights and allowing them to do what is in their best interest. Part of college athletics was that they were "Amateurs" which essentially meant they were not being paid for what they were doing. They received a free education as compensation but they could not be paid. So food for thought- I wonder if in the future players would be allowed to come back and compete in college after testing the waters in the NFL for a year. The current system they "forfeit" their amateur status as soon as they hire an agent for the draft I believe. So say a redshirt sophomore goes pro. Finds out he is not ready for the jump. Perhaps in the future he may be allowed to come back and compete in college for 2 more years and try going pro again in the future. I am just curious on people's thoughts if that could be possible in the future. The current system is already trending away from them being "amateurs" as we have some kids with NIL deals of $1,000,000 as it is. So if they are no longer amateurs and college football is basically just becoming a minor league NFL. Then why not be able to go back and forth? No different than a MLB player getting sent down and if they develop more they can be brought back up. Just an interesting thought I had on how the game could evolve. I never thought I would see the transfers and NIL so who knows where this could go. For the record, I liked the traditional way college football was setup. College football feels more like a business now.
  20. I still dont understand how he is rated .833 composite. .79 by 247 and has offers from Bama, Virginia tech, Texas A&M among many other P5 programs.
  21. I get it but if we are looking to bring in possibly 2 QB's. It would make sense we would bring in a young guy to sit for a year behind the older 1 year immediate impact guy. Also if the staff feels like they need to bring in 2. It means they are not impressed with the guys on the current roster so maybe they dont care if they run them off. It is s#!t and get time- if you cant produce or the new staff thinks you wont produce in the future. Replace them.
  22. He is 3 years older so I would hope he would be more developed and ready to play.
  23. I agree. I never thought Martinez would peak at his freshman season. I also am not saying I think Smothers is the answer. I am just saying I dont think it is fair to compare a senior to a freshman. The fact a freshman had similiar results to a senior says more about the senior than the freshman IMO.
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