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  1. I still dont understand how he is rated .833 composite. .79 by 247 and has offers from Bama, Virginia tech, Texas A&M among many other P5 programs.
  2. I get it but if we are looking to bring in possibly 2 QB's. It would make sense we would bring in a young guy to sit for a year behind the older 1 year immediate impact guy. Also if the staff feels like they need to bring in 2. It means they are not impressed with the guys on the current roster so maybe they dont care if they run them off. It is s#!t and get time- if you cant produce or the new staff thinks you wont produce in the future. Replace them.
  3. He is 3 years older so I would hope he would be more developed and ready to play.
  4. I agree. I never thought Martinez would peak at his freshman season. I also am not saying I think Smothers is the answer. I am just saying I dont think it is fair to compare a senior to a freshman. The fact a freshman had similiar results to a senior says more about the senior than the freshman IMO.
  5. Mac Jones says hello. I agree many kids now days think they are entitled to play now. But there are probably many examples of a Mac Jones.
  6. Do you think it’s fair to compare a 4 year starter and a freshman with no game experience?
  7. What comments about Austin doing nada? If he wasn’t doing much it is worrisome about frosts decision making if he kept him here for 4 seasons and even promoted him last year
  8. Yep. I just want to see like 2-3 OL and a QB
  9. Imagine what he could do with our resources
  10. Depends if we get hit next year with the Ultron variant
  11. For him. Going to the Big12 or Pac12 makes alot of sense. He is turnover prone and those 2 conferences dont play very good defense so he will be allowed to put up big stats.
  12. So who is left. Cam Ward the top rated QB? Who else is still looking for QB? Us and Ole Miss?
  13. Wouldn’t hurt if he could run a 4.3 too. Don’t forget Tom Brady work ethic and intelligence. also def not a nice guy
  14. It looks like the low for tomorrow is 16 degrees. I think that is De Coldest day of the year so far.
  15. I agree on Corcoran. He is a freshman so we shouldnt be bagging on him for not being as strong as our big ten competition who is playing juniors and seniors. Benhart no excuses. That is just lack of talent.
  16. Seems like everyone forgets about the bad s#!t people do after like a year or 2. So my guess is the NFL poaches Ryan Day in a year or 2. Then Urban goes back to Ohio State.
  17. I thought I saw somewhere we are not out of it with Citizen. Does he belong on the list?
  18. Nebraska businesses lets put together a nice NIL package for this kid
  19. What’s personal about it. Win 8 games next year and no more college girls or what?
  20. Yep. Aside from this list look at the 2 schools interested in him. Kansas State and CAL. Nice player and guy but nowhere near the talent some on this board thought he was
  21. Your probably right. Something people should all keep in mind is Joe Burrow was not a known commodity either. He was a backup at Ohio State. I dont think anyone in the country saw coming what happened in 2019.
  22. Well given a second chance imagine what he could do with our resources.
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