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  1. I could see hesitation from a decent OC and an up and comer wanting to make a name for himself. 1. An experienced OC would probably rather go to a more stable job situation. Not a possible one and done. 2. An up and comer may like the idea that if they could make a few tweaks to our offense in the red zone and then take credit for being a mastermind may be appealing. 3. Any OC candidate may also be concerned they will not truly get full control because of Frosts background. Also Frost comes off fairly arrogant right so in interviews that may perpetuate that feeling that they will not have full control or that Frost is going to be up in their business the whole time.
  2. Look up the 2019 LSU receiver roster. He recruited and coached those players.
  3. If Mickey Joseph deal ends up being real. Hopefully he can help secure some big time immediate impact transfer portal guys.
  4. How many drop back passes did they have compared to us? That could be misleading stat
  5. I’ll translate that. It means no one is committing and we need to buy time for why it’s taking so long
  6. You know we will have hit rock bottom when Frost calls the 4 coaches he just fired to come back and coach 1 more season. "Nevermind we changed our minds"
  7. The reason was because they knew we were going to lose the last 2 games and it would be harder to explain keeping Frost after 2 more pathetic losses. So they got ahead of the fan outrage
  8. Anyone else see the comments from Slauson saying he heard Martinez is not being given the option to come back next year.
  9. Couldn't agree more. This is pathetic.
  10. So we fired our staff 2 weeks ago. Still don’t have anyone announced. All the other teams choosing their head coaches is creating competition for assistants now that they are ready to fill their staff. This cycle is so crazy positions are being filled and opening new high profile openings because coaches are being stolen. No one thought Notre Dame and Oklahoma would be open this year.
  11. Sooner than later I hope to open this f#&%ing thread and see someone post an actual official hire.
  12. True but they are also heading to the best conference in college football. The SEC is drastically different landscape than the big 12. You will be expected to be physical on BOTH sides of the ball. Cant just play offense in the SEC.
  13. Yes and Joseph brings some major credibility since he coached the 2019 LSU receiving core. Recruiting many of them. So pretty hard to say anyone else in the country has recruited better than Joseph or sent more receivers to the NFL than him the last few years. Also look how good they are all doing in the NFL as well. Ready to make an impact as soon as they hit the league.
  14. Moves are being made. Florida and USC are stealing the head coach from a winning program. So I don't think anyone is waiting until after conference championship week.
  15. Yeah I think USC has a higher standard to play offense and defense. I think what kept Riley from making much noise in the playoffs was because he was only good at 2 phases of the game. Offense and Special Teams. But he didn't have solid enough defenses to get it done. When USC has been good they have had solid D and O. He will need to value D more.
  16. Not sure but with early signing in 2 weeks I would think it would be ASAP. Also while all these other programs are trying to pin down their head coach we need to lock down the assistants we want. Less competition right now.
  17. I agree. I would assume OC takes QB. OL just handles that. So who picks up the RB.
  18. I believe it was 5 games. It's also what I was saying in other threads where we pad our offensive stats late in the game when the other team is up and playing a prevent defense and we add 80 yards and a td late.
  19. Someone was developed if we were shredding big ten Ds
  20. Then why did Frost fire the entire offensive staff if our offense was so good?
  21. Mel Tucker just got 9.5 million for 3 years of experience. 2 were losing seasons. Bob should be with $20 based on that scale
  22. let’s break the curse. Hire solich back as interim coach for 2022 while we conduct thorough coaching search for the next year
  23. It is interesting from the standpoint I question it’s accuracy or validity. If you struggle to score, lose 75% of your games. I don’t really believe some stat that tells me we are a top 25 offense. My eyes tell me we are streaky and inconsistent offense that pulls off chunk plays at times to make game stats look better. But can’t produce when it matters. Or we pad stats at the end of games when we are down by 2 scores and defenses are playing prevent.
  24. I just struggle with the wildly inconsistent ratings that so many different entities have. I saw one stat that said we were like 119th in the country in points scored per yard earned. So we got yards but not many points to back it up. So I question the validity of some of these stats people throw out that totally contradict other similar things. Like our PPG is not that good so how are we good in the red zone and good at moving the ball per some sources.
  25. It’s amazing how all the stats people post on here don’t translate to winning. If our offense was as efficient as many of these stats suggest we would score like 35-45 a game not the 25 we do now. It’s salso amazing how one place can say we are the 25th best offense and others say 110th. Just goes to show you can twist the narrative depending on what variables they include. That’s what great about W-L. Only 1 variable. Did you succeed or not
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