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  1. I get that. Like I said the class is small. But if you gonna bring in 13 why not bring in as good of 13 as possible. What if you could close with a couple wandale talents who could help next year. That doesn’t change JUCO or transfer kids
  2. He is waiting for the Nebraska job next year
  3. Man seeing these big baller moves by other programs I’m ready to see some Nebraska moves.
  4. Plus some big name hires might be able to salvage this recruiting class by upgrading quality. Maybe numbers are low but solid rankings
  5. Someone get bill belichek on the phone. I’m thinking big
  6. So you think we are a top 5ish all time winning program because of a few years in the 70s and 90s? To be one of the winningest programs in college football history means sustained success. There has been 2 stretches of bad football for Nebraska that both have lasted about 20 years. 1940-1960 and 2004-2021. The other 100 years of our program we have been solid. So not sure what your talking about.
  7. It is easier. Rutgers and Indiana instead of Ohio state and Michigan state. Other than Oklahoma the non con is a joke. I agree it’s not easy- no schedule or game is when you are a s#!tty program on the worst 4 year stretch since the 50s
  8. What if we hire some ex husker with no coaching experience for a position group.
  9. Don’t make excuses for 3-9. Is Florida saying it’s ok you underperformed this year- the SEC is tough so we understand why you lost. Hell no. It truly is amazing how far our program has fallen as well as our fans.
  10. Yes but at least he got coaching and development from another staff
  11. Or any of the 9 losses. I can’t believe people believe we are a couple players away. We won 3 f#&%ing games
  12. I would say I don’t trust any QB Frost has ever recruited to Nebraska to get us 9+ wins. So yeah better get transfer
  13. He didn’t sell Trev on anything. $20 million convinced Trev
  14. Yep and you gotta be able to run between the tackles to punish defense for doing that. But we didn’t or can’t
  15. I also hate the “who are we gonna get that’s better”. Well 3-9 isn’t hard to beat
  16. Even if we tell them we are the best 3-9 team in history?
  17. How far have we fallen. Frost just won 3 games this season. Osborne never lost more than 3. Our W-L ratio has completely flipped. Unreal. I wonder if Frost thinks we have finally hit rock bottom
  18. They cannot score on their own. We literally had to gift them free s#!t to give them the comeback. This is insane
  19. Glad we fair caught at 6 instead of letting Bounce in for touchback
  20. I thought no one was ready to play in a game but Martinez?
  21. Normally I would agree with you. But being it’s the first real game for smothers playing I don’t blame him for getting to half time and getting a plan at halftime to finish the game off
  22. True but as a competitor if I was then I would rather win the west and claim the division and take my shot at Ohio State.
  23. I’m with you. Some people are just competitors and win close games. They figure out how to make the plays needed. Adrian does good putting up stats but he doesn’t have that intangible needed to be great or take us to the next level. A guy like Milton doesn’t have the physical abilities of Adrian but he has the winning grit and drive Adrian lacks.
  24. Imagine what a guy from Oregon state could do with our resources
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