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  1. INT's can be stripped from the defender resulting in either an incompletion or a fumble.
  2. Start a poll, I'll abide by the results. Of course it's funny.
  3. Hope has forsaken these lands. I couldn't figure out how to embed the YouTube video so all you got was a link. Sorry.
  4. How sad is that? Maybe if he had played his senior year in high school he wouldn't have been recruited so hard by Frost. Martinez kinda reminds me of the late 80's early 90's where our quarterback play was incredibly inconsistent and cost us games. Consistency, that's what he is lacking.
  5. Nebraska should never be a destination for OJT.
  6. Frost has 3 classes of recruits on this team. His recruits. And we're playing worse than we did under Mike Riley. Other coaches can take underclassmen and have them ready to play, so why can't Frost? He's had 3 years to get his first class ready, 2 years to get the second one ready and yet we keep using the same tired excuses that these players need time to develop. We're running out of time with his first class because they've already used up over half their eligibility. How much longer do we need to wait? How many more times do we need to listen to excuses for why we are still th
  7. No it doesn't surprise me, because we ran a (more or less) balanced pro-style attack. While running this very same offense we won a pair of National Titles.
  8. I read what he wrote but I'm not buying it. It's just more excuses.
  9. I was going to post about how good an OL coach he is and talk about his inadequacies as a Head Coach but I think you covered it pretty well so I +1'd you instead.
  10. If we have the talent, why aren't we winning? Why aren't more players being drafted into the NFL? If the talent is there, both of these things should be happening. I'm tired of the excuse that the players need to be developed, Frost has been here three years and that development should be evident. Is it though? It doesn't seem to evident with our quarterbacks.
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