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  1. I was in agreement with the person I quoted. I guess that wasn't obvious even for $200.
  2. Teams that commit lots of penalties and turn the ball over to many times are NOT good teams. It doesn't matter if your offense puts up a 1000 yards per game if you turn it over 5 or 6 times a game.
  3. Our record indicates we've been a crap team that can't win. You can point to all the stats on offense/defense that you want but by far the most important stat is the Win/Loss column. And that stat is crap. When those other stats start to translate into wins then they might mean something but until then pointing to stats that "show we are much better than our record indicates" is nothing more than pointing to moral victories.
  4. Serious question, what has Frost done to deserve two more seasons? Four consecutive seasons without a bowl game on his watch, four losing seasons on his watch... I'm failing to see how he has earned more time as our head coach so please enlighten me.
  5. It doesn't matter what offense we run if we have a crappy line, we'll have a crappy offense. Osborne understood that and placed a huge emphasis on developing his linemen.
  6. You obviously don't recall Osborne's pro style offense of the 70's and the quarterbacks we sent to the NFL.
  7. This is a pretty messed up statement from a mod. Just saying.
  8. I know what the title of the thread says but the OP and the first page doesn't sound like it. So of course no one can answer the question.
  9. I don't disagree with that at all. Funny how we had three quarterbacks in a row that didn't really pan out, Joseph, McCant and Grant. That said, did we hire Joseph? lol
  10. I don't have time or the inclination to read 16 pages, did Mickey Joseph get hired by NU? Or is that still up in the air?
  11. I don't recall Joseph breaking his leg in that game, he did get 125 stitches from a nasty cut that happened when he got shoved into the bench but I do seem to recall him standing on the sidelines afterwards. https://omaha.com/sports/college/huskers/teams/football/former-husker-mickey-joseph-reportedly-turned-down-offer-to-join-nebraska-coaching-staff/article_9317216b-559d-59d2-b940-4f93d2f7b8aa.html Other sources say he broke it but that's not what I recall from watching the game.
  12. I fish and I used to be able to cast to a target and hit it almost every time with a bait casting rod. Now? Not so much.
  13. I had a labrum tear in my right shoulder that was surgically repaired but years later it still effects what I can/can't do with my right arm. I lost almost 10% range of motion as a result of the injury and surgery. I also had a small tear in the rotator cuff that was repaired at the same time. That healed far faster than the labrum issue with no residual effects today. If Martinez did indeed have a labrum tear I wouldn't expect him to be able to perform the same ever again.
  14. Realistically, Frost is a long shot to succeed here at NU now. How many coaches succeed after starting off with 4 losing seasons? I'm to tired and lazy to look that up right now but I'd be surprised if it was a regular occurrence.
  15. While I don't share your optimism I do love it so I gave you an "Oh Yeah" Kool-Aid guy.
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