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  1. Realistically, Frost is a long shot to succeed here at NU now. How many coaches succeed after starting off with 4 losing seasons? I'm to tired and lazy to look that up right now but I'd be surprised if it was a regular occurrence.
  2. While I don't share your optimism I do love it so I gave you an "Oh Yeah" Kool-Aid guy.
  3. That is on the offensive line and the coaches. Good thing we canned our O-Line coach eh?
  4. It absolutely is absurd. It's my opinion that folks who want us to run all the time simply want Osborne's 90's offense back. They seem to think that is the only way we've been successful while forgetting that same coach ran a pro style offense in 70 and 71. In the 70's we were sending quarterbacks to the NFL. Tagge, Ferragamo and Humm (probably forgetting a couple) at the least.
  5. How many teams in the B1G 10 run more than 70% of the time and what significant achievements have they made with their offense? Looking at Army's record it looks like they lost both of those games. That isn't doing well in my book and in fact I'd call that losing which is exactly what we don't want for our team.
  6. So just one Power 5 team in 11 years out of how many Power 5 teams? Those aren't good odds.
  7. I want Nebraska to do well but that doesn't mean I can ignore 4 losing seasons in a row with a combined record of 15-27.
  8. What type of offense we run doesn't determine whether or not we are successful. It's the coaches and players that determine whether or not the team succeeds. Ffs, no one recalls that Callahan had two winning seasons with the West Coast Offense. Or that Osborne ran a pro style offense in the 70's. Being one dimensional only helps your opponent.
  9. I'd appreciate you using my name instead of calling me names.
  10. For the same reason he would have wanted one on any given year while in college.
  11. So he can't use one next year? Yes or No.
  12. I would absolutely say they are the same.
  13. You'll have to ask Moos, I can't speak for him.
  14. I am hardly the only one and I mentioned this when it was being discussed on who might be hired.
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