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  1. I haven’t seen the name Justin Fuente thrown out yet (it probably has been but I’m not scrolling through the whole thread to look). He has had good offenses in the past and lots of experience coaching QBs as well
  2. I hope it is, that most likely means they’ve been fairly successful scoring
  3. It’s crazy that a wr coach is announced before the oc. I’m extremely curious about who the oc is going to be
  4. I think he heads back west, probably somewhere like Arizona St, Oregon, or UCLA. He was a 5 star kid that will be sought after, even if he appears to be a not so great teammate
  5. Would be interesting if we got him, who would be the QB. I assume they'd have to go to the portal to get a guy who could run the offense.
  6. I totally agree! ND never has trouble getting NC caliber talent and yet whenever he has made it to the playoff BK has been out coached. I honestly think LSU has become what Nebraska was in the early 2000s, and they will fall from grace. Probably not quite as far as Nebraska has because they’ll always have unbelievable talent in their backyard but I don’t see them being a NC challenger year in and year out like they’ve pretty much been for several years now
  7. I would like to see it before the game on Friday. I think it would motivate the guys coming back next year to play hard in order to look good for the new guy coming in. But then again I might be crazy.
  8. How about circus peanuts?! I mean it would be unfortunately fitting to represent the state of our program as of late
  9. I would assume that it would be OC/QB Coach.
  10. Anyone else think that IF Helfrich is hired, it's because no "big named" OC's wanted to come to Nebraska. Not having much in the way of job security could definitely be a deterrent
  11. Wouldn’t be a bad hire, but we’d have to throw a ton of money at him to make a lateral move from a team that is greatly improved. I’d be willing to bet he’d say no and hedge his bets he’ll be a HC somewhere soon if he stays at Arkansas
  12. I know I have stated that I don't believe that switching to an offense like the flex bone and running a ton of triple option would be successful and I stand by that. I feel like the proof is in the pudding so to speak. There is a reason why no team in a P5 conference runs it. Georgia Tech with Paul Johnson was the last to do so, and he was never uber successful in the ACC with it. It is a great offense in it's own right, however it is typically used when you are going to be out athleted against just about every team you face, so you hope that you can take advantage of teams potential lack of discipline on defense, and cause them trouble. And guess what....it works every once in awhile. BUT when you play in a conference like the BIG or SEC where pretty much every team has lots of speed on defense, and are typically coached extremely well it doesn't work. When is the last time Navy beat Notre Dame? It was 2016, before that it was 2010. The service academies are currently 0-3 against P5 conference opponents. Now I know the argument against what I am saying is that we have better athletes than the schools who currently run that particular offense. And yes you are right, so I can't say for sure that we wouldn't have more success against P5 schools than them. Again I have to continue to go back to there is a reason no P5 schools run it. The offensive scheme Frost has been using isn't terrible, however I agree with the fact that we do indeed need to have more of a power rushing element to what we have been doing, because too many of our drives have stalled out because we can't get 1 or 2 yards when we need it. I am hoping that a new OC, OL Coach and RB coach can remedy that issue.
  13. I agree. It can definitely be a package or ran x amount of times but it can’t be the meat and potatoes of your offense at the P5 level. We look back roundly on Osbornes teams running it but forget our offense was really a power run offense with option thrown in
  14. The triple offense wouldn’t work. Especially teams with speed on defense. The BIG is too good of a conference for that to have any sustained success
  15. What is a reasonable timeframe for the search and hiring of the mew staff members? I’d think if they can make legitimately high quality hires soon then they can gain some momentum recruiting. The longer the way the more recruiting potentially suffers
  16. I don't think that's the answer. He makes too many plays that bails out or young, inexperienced and at time terrible offensive line. I do think it wouldn't be a bad idea for Frost to occasionally give Smothers a drive or two each game. Especially if the game is obviously in hand by either team. 3 of the last 4 games would not fit that narrative. But I think the next 2 games are games that Smothers can get some quality reps. One thing Frost has to do is develop the backup QBs. If he is still coach at Nebraska next year, he can't guarantee that AM will be the QB, and there is no way that he sticks around for much longer if there isn't another QB that can come in and keep the wheels from falling off
  18. Is anyone watching the Ole Miss-Arkansas game on ESPNU? It is being broadcasting in SKYCAST and it does a great job of letting you feel the atmosphere
  19. Idk if the play calling was really that much better other than the fact we didn’t run qb draw every other 3rd down. I think the biggest difference was the offensive line finally executed and we seen the offense we expected when Frost got here
  20. It was said earlier but it seems like Frost is aware he is coaching for his football life. I've heard that in the past even though NU was winning at a crazy clip, the perception of Coach Osborne was that he couldn't win the big game, and that people were calling for his head. That's when Coach Osborne really took the next step and won 3 NC's in 4 years. If that story is remotely true, then maybe Frost understanding that his job isn't still safe is the best thing that could happen to the program because it brings the sense of urgency that it has been missing
  21. I learned that Frost's teams are starting to figure out what Nebraska football is supposed to look like, and it seems like they are figuring out how not to play down to their opponents and just dominating lesser competition
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