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  1. I think at Nebraska more importantly than getting an offensive or defensive minded coach, Nebraska needs a developer at HC. A guy who takes classes ranked between 20-30 and develops them from there. That is how Nebraska is going to get back into the upper echelon of CFB again. Nebraska will always struggle to pull the same caliber players as the Ohio Sts, Michigans, and Oklahomas of the CFB world. BUT I think it can pull the same caliber athletes as Arkansas, Kentucky, and other schools that are in the top 15. If Nebraska gets a coach that can develop what some might consider a little lesser talent, you'll see the wins increase, and with the wins, the recruiting gets better. But if I had to choose, I'd prefer a defensive minded coach.
  2. I've mentioned Leipold on a couple different threads now. I think he's the best program builder that we have a realistic shot at getting. I know a lot of people like Campbell and rightfully so, and the comparisons between him and Riley are totally unfair. BUT I think Leipold is a better hire. He understands what it takes to build a program from the ground up, as evidenced by his time at Buffalo and short time at KU. Two years ago KU's program was in a worse spot then NU is right now and right now they would beat NU. They have less talent, less resources, and less of pretty much everything than Nebraska. The turnaround he has performed there in less than 2 years from where they were when he got there is nothing short of miraculous. Hire this guy away from KU and I'd bet almost anything that in 3 years we will see a ton of player development and in 5 years were in the BIG championship
  3. If he only loses to OU or Michigan then Trev will be forced to keep him. I am rooting for him, but it's no secret that Trev was reaching out to coaches last year, and unless Mickey sets the world on fire and we go on a tear, I think he already has a pretty dang good idea who's interested and probably even has it narrowed down to a pretty short list
  4. Somebody said Fuke Lickell in another thread!
  5. I heard it was not only the best practice so far, but lineman were puking everywhere!
  6. Would love to somehow get Pittman, but he is from Oklahoma (meaning he's closer home) and has them heading in the right direction. No way he leaves Arkansas for frankly right now is a much lesser program in terms of current situation and forever recruiting difficulties
  7. Watching Chadwell's offense (thanks youtube!) I think IF he was hired he would be successful. I say that because a lot of NU's players would translate over. The QB's that Frost recruited could definitely run it as they are pretty athletic. The biggest question would be the OL, but I think that will be universal for who ever is hired. I do like that his OL is aggressive and appear to be asked to do a lot more down blocking, pulling, and trapping. When Frost would throw out the triple option looks they usually were positive plays if they were executed properly. I know that it was a wrinkle and not a staple of the offense but the more I watch, the more I'd be good with Chadwell getting the gig. Idk why, but I get the feeling it won't happen though
  8. He’s done a nice job at NC State but could he recruit to Nebraska and then develop said recruits? That’s got to be a must on our next HC. Lots of guys are successful in the south but struggle in the Midwest where talent isn’t as abundant
  9. Bo has some some success but his attitude and demeanor was not popular. That and the blowouts in big games cost him the job
  10. I agree we can't take the cheap way out. But I'm afraid these big name coaches arent willingly to take a chance at a place that has a reputation of being impatient with their HC's with Frost (the homegrown boy) being the exception. We haven't done much in the last 20 years, and nothing in the last 10 to make NU as attractive of a job as we fans like to think it still is Does he want to come out of retirement?
  11. I understand and respect where you're coming from. I'm just not convinced that NU is going to attract a big name "splash" hire that is bing thrown out right now, and I'm game for hiring a guy that has resurrected programs in the crapper and appears to be able to develop players
  12. He was at KU, the worst program in all of P5. It was his first year there, and he wasn't there for their spring ball season even. Look at the improvement they've made already in 1 year. He's shown more capability to develop players in 1 year then any coach we've had since Osborne has left. So yea I'd take the risk.
  13. This is extremely true! I think we forget that Frost was considered a sure thing, and that he would have been at Florida but he chose to try to come home and save his alma mater. Frost had a long leash at NU but was under extreme pressure to be the savior. He will end up somewhere else as an OC where he'll have success and probably be a decent HC somewhere else.
  14. He's a darn good WR coach and excellent recruiter who brought in some quality players that will most likely transfer if he's not retained. I would think the next HC (if its not him) would be wise to retain him, and I think he'll stay if the price is right. That is unless he does a good job and another school offers him a HC gig
  15. I am interested by Leipold. I brought him up in a different thread, the dude has won everywhere he has went. He turned Buffalo into a quality program while he was there, and in just his 2nd year at KU (the worst program in P5 and maybe the FBS) he has them playing decent football. He doesn't need great recruits to win and he apparently develops his players. Plus he seems to be a physical run first type of coach which is what nebraska needs to get back to
  16. What about Lance Leipold who is at KU? All the guy has done is win and he has KU looking like an actual football team in just his 2nd year. I’d rather have Urbs or Bob Stoops but I’m not positive it’ll happen. We need a guy who doesn’t need big time talent to win a lot of games if we want a coach who’ll start to win early and actually develop the talent Nebraska brings in
  17. Frost needs to let his position coaches and OC decide who plays and when. I'm afraid he can't stop getting too involved in the offense and causing issues
  18. I really wonder if he thought the ball hand been downed and was just picking it. Or at least I hope that was the case
  19. It looks like we actually decided to play football in the second half and the score will tell a different story then how the game really went
  20. If Frost gets fired during the season and MJ becomes acting HC what's the chances the team is competitive and he gets the gig?
  21. If they do and it works I'll venmo you $100
  22. AJ Allen is going to be a beast in a couple years
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