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  1. I think it's two things. They want to live their dream of playing at NU, and they help the university by paying full tuition so why not? I know it's the exception not the rule but it's not unheard of for a walk-on being a late developer/extra hard worker who develops into a legit contributor. It's an almost zero risk investment
  2. I think the NIL money will get better if the results on the field get better. Nobody wants to make an investment with zero return
  3. I think there is some OL talent on the team. I think it has been a combo of poor S&C and a poor scheme. I believe that if Rhule has a more aggressive style blocking scheme, and not a catch the defender scheme we have seen the last several years, the OL will look a ton better next year
  4. Mound City, and I attempted to cure a couple hangovers with some biscuits and gravy at Bobs Grill
  5. A little place called Everybody’s in Mound City Ks
  6. I'm from SE Kansas right on the MO border and chili with a cinnamon roll was/is a staple here. Hell it's a weekly special at our local restaurant in the winter
  7. It makes little sense why Nebraska doesn’t switch uniform components around. Our traditional uniforms would be the base/most worn, but all red, all white, all black, black on white, white with black pants. Do whatever it takes to keep Nebraska football fresh and attractive to current players and recruits
  8. It’s very possible that Dylan knows who our new Qb coach is because his uncle knows and it just hasn’t been announced yet
  9. We play Iowa late and I think we win that one as we will have improved a lot and if Iowas defense reflects anything close to it was this year, they’ll be terrible again
  10. Coach Leach was truly one of the most entertaining coaches in CFB. And I’ve read multiple stories about how he was even a better person. Prayers to his friends and family in this extremely difficult time
  11. I think early on we look pretty bad but see considerable growth as the season progresses. 4 win season or something along those lines
  12. Would he be able to coach the style that Rhule wants?
  13. I think we all were hoping the same thing, but I'd guess several of the guys Rhule is after/hiring are still coaching and are not ready to formally announce they are leaving, or have not completely got on board yet. It would be great from a recruiting standpoint if the staff was filled by now, but I'm trusting Rhule is taking his time and hiring the right guys. We really don't have any other choice but to trust Rhule.
  14. If I remember correctly, Riola wanted to coach the oline to be aggressive and play downhill, but Frost/Whipples offense did not ask for that. I think/hope that Rhules offensive scheme will fit how Riola thinks an oline should play and Riola will be more effective because of it
  15. I think zone blocking is a more difficult concept in some ways. Gap/down blocking with a pulling o-lineman is very easy to teach, and easy to get kids to be aggressive because they can be sure in what they are doing
  16. Most RPO's dont tend to be real QB run heavy. They can look a lot like an old school option at time, but more often then not it is either hand it off, or get rid of it quick
  17. This was a problem the entire time Frost was the coach. I'm hoping it was more a Frost issue then Riola issue
  18. I bet we see some sort of a mixed bag. 3 down linemen with random lbs walked up a lot of the time. Hopefully it’s not so complicated that our defenders can just go out, get lined up and play fast. But complex enough the QB struggles to identify where the pressure is coming from
  19. With several players that transferred to Nebraska from Wisconsin, knew Leonhards defense, and instantly made an impact that was obvious when they completely shut Wisconsin down
  20. I watched these and honestly felt like alot of the calls weren’t bad, but Rattler really failed to execute and missed a lot of reads and easy throws. SCs oline was ok at best and based on how what I’ve read they improved as the year progressed and really executed well the last few games, I foresee a lot of improvement from Colorado to Iowa
  21. I also think that a huge difference will be the experience coaching in higher level conferences vs. what Frosts staff had. I think they were at a huge disadvantage having so little experience coaching in and against P5 conferences
  22. I read on good ol twitter that Satterfield, Barthel, Cooper, and Foley have all been recruiting coordinators in other stops. I think that shows that we’re going to see some extremely aggressive recruiting from this staff. Rhule has a track record of high quality player development and it’s hard not to get excited about what this team will look like in 2 or 3 years
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