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  1. LaunchCode

    Minnesota Week Pressers

    This list makes one wonder how Michigan is getting so many yards, points, and wins without a single All Conference player on offense?
  2. My agenda was simple, point out how easy it is to paint a misleading picture with stats when context is ignored. I pointed that out clearly(I thought) in the second and third sentence. Guess it didn't come across that way.
  3. You can't have an agenda when comparing two entire coaching careers? Unless you are comparing careers identical with regards to schedules, support, number of games played, poximity to talent base for recruiting, historical team results, etc....I couldn't disagree more. Saban isn't winning multiple national titles or as many games coaching at Rutgers instead of Alabama. I'm sorry, but there's a lot more to a coaches winning percentage than just how good a coach he is no matter how much some people would like to project that as fact on message boards.
  4. SF is 2-7 all time vs Power 5 opponents .222. MR's win percentage actually improves vs Power 5 only. In both cases there's a lot more context to consider. Judging either purely by win % absent context appears to be more agenda driven than actual insight.
  5. That's about as insightful as saying SF has had six full games to show what he can do and .000 is it. When you consider a new coaches first full class of recruits for his system usually comes a season after he's hired, it isn't until year 3 his first full class is even in the system and they are only freshman with a mix of his and previous coaches guys from the previous class being sophs or redshirt frosh. Teams don't win many games with underclassman.
  6. Possibly the most misleading 9 win season ever. We beat one team with a winning record in 2014, the all powerful...drum roll....Rutgers! I thought everyone realized exactly who we really were after the 35 point loss to Wisconsin. A 9 win imposter. Just think if SF had a similar schedule this season.
  7. Doubt it. If on the other hand several highly rated players left the program and he went 0-6 then I'm not as confident he or Eichorst survive.
  8. LaunchCode

    Stealing Nebraska's identity

    Who then? Canada? You might be onto something we could win a lot of games.
  9. LaunchCode


    If I were king for a day I'd combine the Beef O'brady Bowl and Famous Potato bowl. I'd call it the Steak and Mashed Potato Bowl.
  10. LaunchCode

    Stealing Nebraska's identity

    TO went 21 years without a title or undefeated season. Wiscy has a similar track record over the past 20 or so years and is one of most consistent winners in college football. The one thing not in their favor, it's a lot tougher to get to the championship game now than it was in the 90's. Bigger more well funded conferences with much better coaching and talent in the bottom teams, 9 conference games instead of 7, more games period, plus a conference championship game and a playoff game as well as scholarship/roster restrictions.
  11. LaunchCode


    One Troylet Bowl per season is enough.
  12. LaunchCode

    A closer look at Chinander's defenses...by the numbers

    My thoughts as well.
  13. LaunchCode

    A closer look at Chinander's defenses...by the numbers

    Totally disagree UCF or N were dumpster fires. UCF was 3 years removed from an 8-0 conference record, 12-1 overall record, and Fiesta Bowl win. Two years removed from a 9 win conference championship season. They've been an up and down program for over a decade and after every losing season in that time span have bounced right back with a winning season. N had a lot of young guys on the field last year and won 4 games. A new highly pro football AD, tons of fan and alumni support, and a willingness to give SF whatever he needs. Normally you'd look at that and think it's a situation ripe for rapid improvement with the players a year older and more experienced. In no way can anyone look at that and say dumpster fire. Changing staffs and schemes stunted the growth that should have been made as you'd expect when changing coaches. So while this season is a dumpster fire so far, I don't agree it couldn't have gone much better and was destined to be a dumpster fire. It's not at all far fetched to look back and see a 5-1 or 4-2 record up to this point was very possible. Anyhow my original point was this isn't the song writers union, this is competitive Power 5 football so one season good or bad does not validate a coach as I pointed out with Gene Chizik.
  14. I don't know what the deal currently is, but is a win worth sweetening the pot a little more to make sure they can't pass up coming?
  15. LaunchCode

    A closer look at Chinander's defenses...by the numbers

    This staff has produced one winning season out of 3. I'm hopeful, however not nearly as generous as some to say they've validated anything based on the evidence in front of us. As a reminder Gene Chizik, like Frost, went undefeated in his second season, although he did it in what many claim is the strongest power 5 conference, and then capped that undefeated regulars season off with a national championship victory. Clearly looking back that one great season was in no way a validation of his coaching, and he also didn't have a losing season in his first three. Now we're talking about validating coaches who have 2 losing seasons in their first three years and are winless as power 5 coaches? The only thing that is validated at this point is SF has blind support which I hope he can leverage into a major turnaround.