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  1. Agree. Rattler has a very very high ceiling, and those 15 wins means he has experience getting actual wins, something we could really use.
  2. Minnesota is surprisingly undefeated. Not a tough schedule so far for them, but they did win at Pitt and at Miss St. I wouldn't count on the gophers as a win.
  3. Hey guys, well now that the conference championship games are over hopefully we can get new of the new OC. It would be funny if Brian Ferentz were the hire - and you know how a key player such as a QB may transfer over with the coach - in Iowas case that key weapon to transfer over ends up being a punter. The debate has been run-first or pass-first, but we are going for punt-first!
  4. It's interesting that rumors to that effect came out just a few days after Riley abandoned OU, but then I saw nothing new about it for a while, so I figured it was just click-bait. Looks possibly legit now. I am surprised, since I started to think that Stoops would end up back as full time HC.
  5. 5 start recruit Quinn Ewers, OSU quarterback (who as the top QB prospect and overall prospect), is now in the portal. https://sports.yahoo.com/sources-ohio-state-qb-quinn-ewers-to-enter-transfer-portal-235429798.html
  6. lol what exactly is a "certified rumor" anyway?
  7. Haha that is a very good one. Kelly did lose an ACC title game last year. We will see how many SEC title games he ends up playing in.
  8. Seems very possible. If he doesn't win at least some SEC titles and Natty's he we be gone. So if he basically duplicates his ND accomplishments he will be gone, and IMO even that will be tough in his new environment.
  9. Wow the timing on that one seems sudden. I wonder if something else is going on behind the scenes.
  10. 4 days ago he said he was having the most fun he ever has and isnt going to retire. Ah OK very interesting, I apologize if I was passing along outdated info.
  11. Well the Utah Coach, Kyle Whittingham, is about to retire so I would imagine the staff there will dissolve.
  12. I just read that the last time tOSU lost to Michigan in football (which was 2011) they also beat Duke in basketball just after, and then ended up final 4 that year. Further, OSU basketball now has the lead for most victories over the AP #1 ranked team at 8, Maryland is 2nd at 7.
  13. Unless - and time will tell - the OC has already been picked but can't be announced yet (perhaps due to his team being active) and the OC has vetted the choices for other coaches.
  14. Yea lol. Imagine paying that much for Brian Kelly. And the last big deal was to Ed Ogeron. Double oof. The LSU admin is totally stinking it up is my take.
  15. Another thing that I don't like about QB-heavy rushing offense is that your QB he will get hit a lot. In a physical league that is a recipe to get that QB hurt. Now some element of QB run in the offensive scheme can be a good thing, but it should be a limited number of carries IMO.
  16. I saw in one story (sorry I don't have a link at the moment) that said Riley was not a fan of the move the SEC and that was a contributor to him leaving OK.
  17. yea hasn't that line been getting 1st year quarterback Justin Fields obliterated?
  18. Bob Stoops will be the interim coach at OU. https://www.cbssports.com/college-football/news/lincoln-riley-to-usc-oklahoma-taps-bob-stoops-to-serve-as-interim-coach-for-bowl-game-per-reports/
  19. Interesting indeed. 2 minute offense has also been horrid, I don't have stats on me though.
  20. OSU backup QB Jack Miller has entered the transfer portal. He was a Four star recruit and the 13th rated pro style quarterback and enrolled at OSU in 2020. https://247sports.com/Article/Ohio-State-quarterback-Jack-Miller-enters-NCAA-transfer-portal-176606605/
  21. Iowa currently a 10.5 underdog to Michigan in the conference championship game.
  22. I saw an unverified rumor he would be interim HC. Again, unverified.
  23. Probably not in play as much anymore with the multiple conference 'alliance' recently announced, but USC to the B1G is still possible in the future. I definitely give it under 50-50 odds but the Riley coaching move may end up affecting us directly in the future.
  24. Well Riley did firmly deny that he was taking the LSU job.
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