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  1. I mean, this one seems like a done deal with Oregon but any chance we are able to pull this one out? We been trying to make a move here?
  2. Crab cakes and football! THAT’S WHAT MARYLAND DOES!!!!
  3. I know he’s not from this class but don’t forget about Cam Taylor-Britt...
  4. If we lose him to Minnesota that’s a bad look. I’m alright if he goes to an elite power 5 school but conference rival!? Please no
  5. It reminds me a lot of what I used to do in NCAA football lol I would offer as many kids as possible and see if I gain any interest. If not, oh well, time to move on. In reality I think it's the same way. Frost and co cast that wide net and see who might actually be interested in Nebraska, see who they gain traction with and build relationships from there. Because of the geographical location I would say these offers benefit us more than anything. It's the same thing in sales, the more calls you make the better chance you have to find people interested in what you're selling and then actually
  6. Rumor is this guy touches little boys and like fentanyl.... HARD PASS
  7. Just go to the first page and rate the topic as a one star... Idk if it prevents this dude from creating topics again but damn I hope so... Yup, couldn't agree more. He's a big guy playing B class ball in Nebraska (no offense) and he doesn't even stand out... yeah I'm sure the OP will remind me about the 79 yard punt uphill in snow with 45 mph wind in his face blah blah blah... He's not scholly talent, he might be a hard worker and he clearly chose to go to Wyoming to walk on instead of Nebraska to walk on... OP if you're mad we didn't push harder for Harsh to walk o
  8. You clearly have some personal connection to the kid, the HS or something because you are way too up in arms about this.. You keep bringing up the state title and Harsh carrying the team. That’s great! He’s a big kid that plays tough. With his size he has the ability to use that to his advantage in Nebraska class B which explains the solid running numbers. He is not a QB especially at the college level, I don’t care what his coaches say. He didn’t do anything overly impressive on the defensive side of the ball either. He has fight and size and moderate athleticism. (Just because he had a monst
  9. Held gave him the finger! Haven’t seen his tape but I’ll trust a Held finger
  10. It wouldn't be a bad hire at all for a WR coach. Pro guys love him and work with him in the off-season. He seems to connect well with college/ HS kids too. I wouldn't be shocked to see us promote Held to OC/ RB coach and then hire a WR coach.
  11. Where's that damn eye roll emote when you need it! And even without confirming your sources, that's a safe assumption. That's why there was all this smoke and mirrors with an offensive analyst/ assistant position opening the past week or two so we can talk with Joseph and Helfrich (and others) about coaching at NU.
  12. Gave him the ole Jamoi Hodge treatment
  13. I mean this is obvious.... we wanted to bring on Micky Joseph and/ or Helfrich to be an analyst/ assistant coach. Neither wanted that limited of a role. Walters saw the writing on the wall and decided its best to move on as well. Now we can offer either of the above an OC job with a higher salary. Makes total sense
  14. So what I'm gathering here is we are LSU of 2020 They took the title as the greatest college team all time and we're gonna get it back by going undefeated and beating Ohio St twice! Total side note... https://www.fanduel.com/theduel/posts/heisman-odds-2020-by-player-for-2020-college-football-season-01dyjff5dcam Good ole A-Mart is back in the top 5 of Heisman odds https://www.fanduel.com/theduel/posts/way-too-early-top-25-college-football-rankings-by-odds-to-win-2021-college-football-playoff-01dyjrt9047e #17 for odds of winning it all
  15. Burrow didn't need to confirm s#!t.. OBJ was doing that on TV in front of tons of cameras and reporters. It will be real interesting to see what/ if anything the NCAA does about this. May need to "give the money to charity"
  16. This Miami pipeline could be something special for us. If we can get Terrance Lewis in 2021 and the “best CB in the class of 2022” that would be incredible.
  17. Normally, yes but not when they’re being sued by the family. Allow him to transfer and maybe the case gets dropped vs the university
  18. Any relation to Artie Burns? Artie was a CB for Miami not all that long ago and plays for the Steelers now. Maybe little bro?
  19. He’s a f#&%.. has several tweets about Nebraska and Nebraska football. Probably thinks if he’s nice enough he’ll get a bunch of husker fans to follow him
  20. Found this interesting... All American Bowl predictions for remaining unsigned players... anyone know if this is a scholarship kid? Reis Vernon, P/K, No. 3493 overall, Prediction: Nebraska Nebraska has a lot of things to figure out this offseason, but it sure would be nice if the Cornhuskers could get one reliable kicker in 2020. Six players attempted at least one field goal this season, and it wasn't until late November that the Huskers figured out Matt Waldoch might be their guy. Getting a player like Vernon who can kick or punt—Nebraska's lone 2019 punter, Isaac
  21. Yeah, I’m with you on a different position. He was recruited by ASU and Ohio St as a CB which would probably be a great fit for his length and size. Every time he touched the ball I was excited for the big play but worried he would get crushed and fumble. I wish him the best and really hope he can succeed and stay out of trouble.
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