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  1. HIHusker

    Huskers Fighting Big Trend

    As much as I hate to admit it you might have a point here. Hard to argue with his numbers. Unreal.
  2. HIHusker

    Do we need top 5 classes to be successful?

    Partially correct and I have posted on this before. I am in agreement that this is a must have in our future to compete for national titles AND league titles. This year Clemson is at #4 nationally in total defense while Bama is #10. I have a feeling Bama loses this one but the Clemson QB while good, is young. (Syracuse game etc..) Also, Nick Saban has yet to win a MNC with a defese ranked higher than #3 in total defense (this year so far Bama is ranked #10 in total d). Here is the list going of teams that won the MNC since 1998 and their final total defense ranking: (stats from ncaa.org) 2017 - Alabama #1 2016 - Clemson #4 2015 - Alabama #3 2014 - Ohio State #19 2013 - Florida State #3 2012 - Alabama #1 2011 - Alabama #1 2010 - Auburn #60 2009 - Alabama #2 2008 - Florida #9 2007 - LSU #3 2006 - Florida #6 2005 - Texas #9 2004 - USC #6 2003 - LSU (#1) / USC (#30) 2002 - Ohio State #23 2001 - Miami #6 2000 - Oklahoma #8 1999 - Florida State #19 1998 - Tennessee #17 6 teams in the last 20 years have won MNC's with a non-top 10 defense. Most of those teams were still in the top 25-30 and had killer offenses (i.e. 14 tOSU, Auburn 2010, and 03 USC). Auburn had Cam N. in 2010 who was a complete freak of nature (think Vince Young^2) and made up for their #60 ranking (although they did hold Oregon to 19 pts in the MNCG). For fun here is NU's total defense for all 5 NC's: 1970 Coundnt find 1971 Couldnt find 1994 #5 1995 #13??? yikes (KSU was #1) 1997 #5 The way I see it is this: with Frost we will always have a dynamic offense that plays up-tempo and can put up 30-40 a game easily; heck we are doing it now with only a year of recruiting. That being said I think we need to at the very least field a top 25 defense to contend for the B1G and MNC. Watching OU play Bama last night it was obvious why Saban has so many MNC's: he knows how to field a solid defense year in and year out (his average total defense ranking when he wins a MNC is ~1.74). I think top 25 total d should be an easy/realizable goal for the coaching staff. There could be unique challenges given that the defense will practice with our offense and could leave them vulnerable to power running teams/pro style offenses. For those hating on Michigan's D in their bowl game I have a suspiscion that Harbaugh is part of the problem; his seat is hot af right now. I know Venables is an OU/KSU guy, and we got Chin..but wouldn't it be nice to poach him from Clemson??? Feel free to discuss.
  3. HIHusker

    *** Official Iowa Game Thread ***

    Ugghh, next year.....let the recruiting threads flow
  4. HIHusker

    *** Official Iowa Game Thread ***

    Defib heading your way
  5. HIHusker

    *** Official Iowa Game Thread ***

    Pass the defbrillator
  6. HIHusker

    *** Official Iowa Game Thread ***

    No INTsnow pleeeeeease
  7. HIHusker

    *** Official Iowa Game Thread ***

    Warner fighting for yac, love it
  8. HIHusker

    *** Official Iowa Game Thread ***

    Agreed, just done with discretion, next year will be a much improved program
  9. HIHusker

    *** Official Iowa Game Thread ***

    Wearing the knee brace indicates some level of injury, its not like we are headed to a bowl game and honestly we “should” be able to score without relying too heavily on AM’s legs, sucks but its where we are at, future looks bright no need to be desperate and risk the kids health
  10. HIHusker

    *** Official Iowa Game Thread ***

    Great series by the D, finally