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  1. huh... had to go back a decade to try and find some semblence to support your displeasure in UNL changing a logo... hard strech bro...
  2. I can't help but guess that those on here that are butt hurt because of the change are the same that have been sitting around in basements giggling to themselfs that herbie was sporting the newly adopted "WP" gesture...
  3. The fact that all these changes and hires is the biggest reason.. A guy like whipple is not going to come to a sinking program and not be allowed to make changes..
  4. JMO but I see them running an altered frost offense for the next yr or 2 (hence the need for Thompson) and moving more towards a pass heavy Whipple offense (chubba) after we get our OL straightened out..
  5. So after the survey I got the feeling that the university was fishing for my interest in high end seating and accommodations..
  6. I'd like that QB... @:45 25 yrds down field throwing blocks... LOL
  7. misconstrued..?? He coached him for 2 years if I'm not mistaken..
  8. I highlighted where you said Purdy has a distinct advantage over Logan BECAUSE of the relationship Whipple has with Purdy's family.... seems like that is EXACTLY what you were saying...
  9. Are you suggesting that Whipple wont put the best talent on the field..?? pretty bold statement...
  10. News flash, if purdy comes here he will be the project for what nebraska wants to run. Thompson will be competing with logan to run this offense as it transitions..
  11. I hear Williams is Georgia bound with a big NIL package.
  12. I have to get content from somewhere...
  13. odd... I'm a sub and have locked pricing on all my materials.
  14. A good sub locks job specific material pricing with his venders....
  15. Thompson for 1 yrs seems to be more of a transition QB for this offense then Purdy would be. Do you grab Thompson for the '22 season and Purdy as the long term project competing with Haarberg..??
  16. We have seriously went after portal QBs.. unfortunately we have nothing to offer them at the moment..
  17. Im sorry you didn't realize this was a public forum..
  18. You seem a bit to salty here... I suggest stepping back away from the edge...
  19. I agree but I dont think it will be a non mobile pocket passer like slovis..
  20. We dont have a line to protect a pocket passer like Slovis. This Offense will not be changed over night, we will need a mobile QB to transition... heinrich haarberg has an arm and could be ready under whipple.. JMO.
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