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  1. “Will There Be a 2020 Football Season?" Consider... “Chinese virologist who fled to the US after claiming Beijing covered up Covid-19 vows to publish evidence PROVING the virus is manmade - and claims even non-scientists will be able to verify the data.” https://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-8722519/Virologist-claims-publish-evidence-PROVING-coronavirus-manmade.html My Comment: This is not the only such report on the web. Other reports over the weeks indicate that The Virus was man made. So... if it was man made, how doe
  2. Thanks to THE Big Ten for showing us what Covid-19 is all about. The Definitions: “Social Distancing” - a condition where Big Ten Conference Football fans try to put as much physical distance as possible between them and Conference decision makers who make rash and ill-informed judgments resulting in the delay or loss of the Fall 2020 Big Ten season. “Wear a Mask” - when Big Ten fans cover their facial area (particularly the nasal region) to protect themselves from the really bad smells coming out of Big Ten Conference headquarters and the stench of harming players, fan
  3. Sure, Husker Nation is disappointed to say the least with THE Big Ten cancelling Fall football and doing so in such a clumsy and elitist manner. But... they say there’s always a bright side to everything. Time for the Bright Side. The entire Husker Family has reasons to thank the Large Fourteen for banishing Fall football in 2020. Among the reasons are... 1. There will be NO game-action injuries sustained by any of the Husker players. Not one single player or coach or assistant will be hurt this way for the first time ever. 2. For the first time since 1997,
  4. “The Big Ten Reportedly Thought The ACC And SEC Would Cancel Football Once It Did But Notre Dame Screwed Everything Up” “...the Big Ten was banking on the ACC canceling and the Big 12 canceling because of the ACC and finally the SEC would cancel because they’d be all alone. The article suggests it was Notre Dame which threw a wrench in the plan and got the ACC to play alongside the SEC which gave the Big 12 confidence to make sure the season happened... Notre Dame really wanted to play and was willing to enter into an agreement that could lead to something down the road...”
  5. “Reports Linking 30-35% Of Big-Ten Athletes With COVID To Myocarditis Were Inaccurate... the Big 10 conference has already announced that it would be postponing fall sports as a result of the coronavirus. A conference spokesperson said: ‘As time progressed and after hours of discussion with our Big Ten Task Force for Emerging Infectious Diseases and the Big Ten Sports Medicine Committee, it became abundantly clear that there was too much uncertainty regarding potential medical risks to allow our student-athletes to compete this fall.’” https://www.zerohedge.com/medical/reports-link
  6. What do those who lead THE Big Ten say now to Husker fans who now have to watch the SEC steal the Nation's football heart? Everyone knows where the problems for this fiasco of a non-football season come from, and they’re not coming from Lincoln. Everyone knows the Huskers have led the push-back against the Big Fourteen’s decision to cancel fall football and Husker faithful have made their displeasure fairly clear. Everyone knows why the Huskers got hooked up with this Conference Of Confusion that will never be as much fun or as much home as the Old Big Eight was. Who th
  7. “Michigan reverses course, moves high school football from spring back to the fall” “High school football is back this fall in Michigan. In response to an executive order from Gov. Gretchen Whitmer, the Michigan High School Athletic Association voted Thursday to reinstate all sports according to the Detroit Free Press.” https://www.maxpreps.com/news/vRVuwkHf9kiX23o8SlJ0uQ/michigan-reverses-course,-moves-high-school-football-from-spring-back-to-the-fall.htm My Comment: Option #3 is looking better and better.
  8. Available options: Option #1. “We were wrong. Dead Wrong. We relied on the wrong information. We took the easy way out. We should have played this fall. We look pretty foolish right now. We’re sorry for ruining all our lives...” Option #2: “We were right. We ARE right. We rely on good information. We made a tough decision in a tense environment. We should not play this fall. Everyone will see that we were right and everybody else was wrong. Our brilliant decision has saved many lives...” Option #3: “We really don’t know what we’re doing. We don’t have a clue
  9. Omaha fan: “It matters what all those very talented players in the southeast think along with their parents and coaches who influence where those kids go to school. The big 10 is going to be continually blasted nationally when these 100s of college football games are being played.” Talented players in the Southeast will just go on doing what they always do: Consider the Big Ten and others... and then go join up with a Southeastern powerhouse like they wanted to anyway. Most players and fans in the South don’t think The Ten or anybody else is the equal of Southeast footb
  10. “Texas Athletics announces department budget cuts, layoffs amid pandemic. Thirty-five staff members were laid off and nearly 300 took salary reductions in the wake of sports cancellations.” https://www.dallasnews.com/sports/texas-longhorns/2020/09/01/texas-athletics-announces-budget-cuts-layoffs-amid-pandemic/ “Michigan's athletic department eliminates 21 positions in cost-cutting measure” https://www.freep.com/story/sports/college/university-michigan/wolverines/2020/09/01/michigan-wolverines-layoffs/5682537002/ “FSU athletics department lays off
  11. Cy the Cyclone said, “Here's the Rules.” He didn’t name them all. There will also be other new rules in effect for game play as well... All linemen must be six feet apart while set on the line of scrimmage. The game ball will be sanitized after every play with lots of gooey cleaning solution. The quarterback must not yell out signals as this might spread something nasty from his mouth. He must WHISPER the signals with restraint while being muffled and oxygen-deprived behind a thick face mask. In a two-back set, they must be HOW many f
  12. “The Big Ten's credibility is being torn apart from the inside out, and it only has itself to blame” “...it shows a continued lack of unity within the Big Ten. Despite that overwhelming presidential vote not to play, it is known that Iowa, Nebraska and Ohio State either supported a fall season or preferred to wait a bit longer to make a decision. In some form, coaches and officials at those three schools are not willing to let this go. They see recruits -- and by extension, future NFL Draft picks -- looking elsewhere because the spring football decision. ... As frivolous as a l
  13. Cy the Cyclone: “Went to a high school football game last night... Nobody died!!!” In the Year 2060 - Future conversation from a Grandpa to his Grandson: “You know, believe it or not, when I was in high school we didn’t have to wear masks! And we didn’t have to sit six feet apart from each other.. in a classroom! Together! And we could all eat in this thing called a Cafeteria where we could gather at big tables. The food was crummy but at least it was better than sitting in Study Hall. And on Friday nights, we played football! Against other schools! And they brought lot
  14. Husker fans and fans of other Big 10 universities have been pondering every reason under the Sun to figure out why The Ten threw in the towel on the Fall season and did so quickly. They said they were going to have a Fall season. Suddenly, they weren’t. They put the carrot out on a stick for fans and said they would plan for a Spring season... maybe. Those critical of The Ten have called their decision wrong, stupid, ill-advised, not transparent enough, and other not-so-complimentary descriptions. Of course, a minority have voiced support for what they decided as being prudent
  15. Three counts against the Big Ten: First count: “Wrongful interference with business expectations.” Conference can argue that athletes are students first and they are providing the access to education that students were promised. The Conference does not guarantee employment or opportunities after college to other areas of study so why should they be held responsible to treat this one group differently. Second count: “Breach of contract. The league... has established it exists in part to benefit its student-athletes. It potentially violated that contract by no
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