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  1. My mistake, Clinton wasn't governor, he was the Attorney General. William Jefferson Clinton is an American politician who served as the 42nd president of the United States from 1993 to 2001. He previously served as governor of Arkansas from 1979 to 1981 and again from 1983 to 1992, and as attorney general of Arkansas from 1977 to 1979. Wikipedia
  2. Great post. The right coach can take a losing program, and have a quick turnaround. Head coach of Arkansas Lou Holtz decided to suspend 3 players, (2 starters) before the 1977 Orange Bowl against #2 Oklahoma, players wanted to boycott playing . Gov. Bill Clinton pleaded with Holtz to reconsider. He didn’t. Arkansas won as a large dog. No. Carolina St. in 1971 went 3-8 1972 first year coach Holtz coached them to 8-3-1, took them to and won Peach Bowl vs. West Virginia Arkansas in 1977 went 5-5-1 1978 first year coach Holtz went to 10-1, took them to and won Orange Bowl vs. #2 Oklahoma Minnesota in 1983 went 1-10 1984 first year coach Holtz went 4-7, in second year, 1985, went 7-5 and won Independence Bowl Notre Dame in 1985 went 5-6 1986 first year coach Holtz went 5-6, in second year 1987 went 8-4, going to Cotton Bowl South Carolina in 1998 went 1-10 1999 first year coach Holtz went 0-11, second year 2000, went 8-4 going to Outback Bowl, beating Ohio St.
  3. After 640 pages, fans are still finding new ways for a coaching search.
  4. After 368 pages, the "Soup Nazi " can't take any more.
  5. Sad, I have relatives like that. Those old racist dudes may have to someday watch Sanders coach a team we are playing.
  6. I learned Nebraska can beat the point spread. Record wise they are only one game behind Iowa, Oklahoma, T&M
  7. This master list was found in Trev's lunchbox with a Runza wrapped inside. Feel free to download, and add names or wishes.
  8. Maybe the best metric for the next head coach search would be: "What is his win-loss record against the spread"
  9. Breaking news........Dean Wormer has placed HCSF on double secret probation.
  10. I hear ya. I just turned 75, and feel realistically that I 'll never see a another championship, but now hope for a winning season. Just a winning season is all I ask for, so opposing teams don't pencil in a "W" on their schedule. Gone are the good ol days when Barney Cotton got all excited in the locker room in front of the press, at a 9 win season, and a lot of fans thought "Any monkey could win 9 games".
  11. One of the best non-Nebraska announcers was Frank Broyles back in the day. He would spot penalties before the officials threw the flag. Also he was great at calling out what play was going to be run before in advance.
  12. My name is Bob, and I’m a Kool-Aid drinker. I just joined Kool-Aid Anonymous. It’s a 12 step program, and I want to get my first chip. The 1-800 number is disconnected. I need a sponsor. Teach? Hedley? Guy? anyone?
  13. Jimmy the Greek made the Colts a 17 point favorite over the Jets in Super Bowl III. When the sports press was highly critical over his line after the game, He replied “That was the best line I ever made“ There has been a lot of misinformation about Vegas betting, and maybe most of you already know this, Teachercd gets it, and I don’t want to talk down to anyone so here is a refresher betting 101: VEGAS DOESN’T CARE WHO WINS! They are like a holding company, They take a bet from Al the cab driver in NYC for Nebraska -7 for $110 to win $100. They take a bet from Joe the barber in LA for Illinois +7 for $110 to win $100. Vegas does not care who wins. They will get $10 (vig) and all that does add up. Vegas sets the line to predict who will be putting down cash on equal sides. (It is the public who sifts through data with the offense vs defense matchups, coaching advantage, QB, revenge game, home field, returning starters, injuries, etc. and bets accordingly) You are betting against someone who bet against you, not Vegas. If too much action is on one side, then the line moves. Someone mentioned earlier that they do a scary good job at this. Very true.
  14. Rice 's halftime band is cool.
  15. Just for grins, instead of a committee, why not have Vegas set the line for getting into the final 4? Alabama vs anybody -7 Clemson vs anybody -5 Ohio St vs anybody -3 etc, etc, etc, Then you would have a true baseline where the fans would put their hard earned money on. Nobody complains.
  16. Just for grins, with all things equal, as it stands this year, what would be the record if you plug in Bo as the coach? @ Illinois W Buffalo W @ Oklahoma Blowout Loss @ Michigan St. W Northwestern W Michigan Toss-up @ Minnesota W Purdue W Ohio St. Blowout Loss Southeastern Louisiana W @ Wisconsin Toss-up Iowa W
  17. Dean Wormer has put Nebraska on Double Secret probation
  18. I learned that Nebr. covered the spread. Alabama just lost to Auburn, and now has 2 loses for the year. Sabin is on the hot seat and may be available.
  19. I learned that I need to join KAA. (Kool-Aid Anonymous) It has a 12 step program, and if memory serves me correct, one of the steps has a NEVER EVER pencil in a win preseason in August.
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