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  1. Republicans turn back on hard core conservative Cheney, due to Cheney's denouncing of reality star turned politician Donald Trump. ^Would have been weird as f#&% to read 15 years ago. Also, definitely a cult.
  2. I was just on LinkedIn, a post from a former FBI agent popped up on my timeline saying "Let's show some support for the FBI and back the agents out there" something along those lines. A majority of the comments were about the FBI being rotten to the core, people belong in prison, it needs to be torn apart and rebuilt....I know, never read the comments. Scary how all it takes is one privileged orange douchebag to point his finger and millions take the bait.
  3. The Trump defense is getting better by the minute. I guess we're down to 1. It took them 1 whole business day to act on the warrant....and 2. Well, the Cops should have not allowed him to commit a crime in the first place.
  4. Definitely wants his spin and narrative on it, before the general public sees it.
  5. Breitbart has the warrant it appears...but they're not going to publish it. Just telling us how to interpret it. They also doxxed the FBI agents involved (why does the right insistent on putting cops in danger). Pretty obvious Trump gave it to them to provide some cover.
  6. Oh s#!t.....I'd have a team of lawyers ready to bend Fox over.
  7. The best part is, Trump was the one that broke the story about the FBI searching his home. I'm not sure we know much of anything without Trump shouting about raids, hoaxes, planted evidence. Don't start nothin, won't be nothin.
  8. Trump going from wrongfully accused to they planted evidence in RECORD time. My man is sprinting through the process.
  9. Don't forget withholding aid from Ukraine until they announced dirt on Biden.
  10. Maybe republicans should wait too see what was seized before raging about this being a hit job? What if Trump has recordings of himself selling US secrets to a foreign govt? Would we still all be outraged his home was searched?
  11. Banana Republic.....The FBI director was hand selected by Trump. Keep going all in on the dumbest part of the base.
  12. Hawley pumping up the mob with the fist pump, then literally passing his colleagues running away from said mob was pretty incredible. Probably the perfect mascot for the GOP.
  13. How is voting no "wasting" less time, than voting yes? Whata douche.
  14. If you mention politics the first time I meet you, you are placed on a list of people I avoid like the f#&%ing plague.
  15. The guy that got on his knees and literally begged for forgiveness for crossing Speaker Boehner? Yeah that should be the easiest flip in the history of flips.
  16. Also commodity prices on the decline. I highly doubt everyone crapping on June inflation numbers will be celebrating Biden when the July numbers come out...
  17. Adrian had 9 TD to 10 INT against bowl teams. Basically every QB outside the elite guys are gonna look OKAY against top defenses. If Casey can torch the bad teams on our schedule, and okay against the good teams, should be enough to win 8 games, assuming the OL (nervous) and Defense are decent.
  18. Wild to me that the daughter of a Republican VP, who toes the party line better than anyone, voted with Trump more than freaking Mark Meadows - gets blacklisted from the party for saying "Yeah, maybe a President inciting an armed riot at the Capitol is a bad thing". Look at yourselves, you're siding with a selfish, narcissistic, reality star man baby over someone who has carried your parties water since she was in diapers.
  19. Why would they ruin their own plan?
  20. Just spitballing, Meadows was who she reported to. I guess I am skeptical that it's some big reveal directly involving Trump - but certainly hope we get it.
  21. My thought was maybe she was directly threatened by Meadows and has a recording of it.
  22. Exactly what I’ve heard and read. I already ordered some from a reputable company online. I’m in my 30s, too active with my kids to be hobbling around. Hoping for the best!
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