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  1. 3 hours ago, Red Five said:

    Ireland's "newspaper of record" goes nuclear on Nebraska and Frost.  The article plays the hits - Maurice Washington, LP, Ron Brown, etc.




    Frost is the character leading the Cornhuskers into Dublin to take on the Northwestern University Wildcats at the Aviva Stadium next week.


    If Aer Lingus and the litany of other corporate sponsors involved in this shindig wanted to give Irish sports fans a taste of the authentic college football experience, in all its exploitative, chew-these-young-men-up-and-spit-most-of-them-out glory, they have chosen wisely.


    With a rabid fanbase, Nebraska is an institution with a proud history of winning (although not lately) and an equally hard-won reputation for often doing the wrong thing when it matters most.


    When the current coach was a redshirt quarterback in 1995 (sitting out the season because he transferred from Stanford), Lawrence Phillips, then Nebraska’s best running back, broke into Frost’s apartment and dragged his own ex-girlfriend, Katie McEwen, down three flights of stairs by the hair before smashing her head into a mailbox.


    Phillips served a six-game suspension but was back on the field for the business end of the campaign to help them win a national championship. Of course.


    The university is currently on probation for violating NCAA rules last year, Frost himself is waiting to serve a five-day ban this season for his part in that debacle, and the newly-arrived offensive co-ordinator, Mark Whipple, was suspended from a previous job for comparing a foul committed against one of his players to “rape”.

    This seemed super unnecessary...

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  2. 12 minutes ago, BigRedBuster said:

    I just can’t imagine how. 

    I was just on LinkedIn, a post from a former FBI agent popped up on my timeline saying "Let's show some support for the FBI and back the agents out there" something along those lines. A majority of the comments were about the FBI being rotten to the core, people belong in prison, it needs to be torn apart and rebuilt....I know, never read the comments. Scary how all it takes is one privileged orange douchebag to point his finger and millions take the bait. 

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  3. 8 minutes ago, BigRedBuster said:



    At this point, Republicans would probably secretly love that.....since Trump is making them look like pathetic cult worshipers.




    Field Reporter = "The FBI today had to raid an ex-president's home because he refused to hand over top secret nuclear documents prior to hiring dozens of temporary foreign workers......Back you in the studio"


    Anchor = "in other news, the President signed a bill today that most Americans are cheering".


    Republicans....."Thank God they aren't talking about Trump anymore".

    The best part is, Trump was the one that broke the story about the FBI searching his home. I'm not sure we know much of anything without Trump shouting about raids, hoaxes, planted evidence. Don't start nothin, won't be nothin. 

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  4. 3 minutes ago, Guy Chamberlin said:


    It was a loaded question but an honest question.


    And you still haven't answered it.


    It was pretty funny how you painted conservatives as the folks who decline to persecute or harass their adversaries. The GOP is loaded with hatchet men.


    I guess all we can do is drift back to 2016 when the same FBI announced an investigation into Hillary Clinton's emails 11 days before the election, effectively handing the Presidency to Donald Trump. Remember how Republicans refused to witch hunt Hillary Clinton, and never even dreamed of chants, t-shirts and bumper stickers to  "lock her up!"


    You also seem to forget that evidence and witnesses against Trump are far from just feckless liberals. It's the President's own appointees, the Republican secretaries of state, the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Trump's former lawyers, his former business associates, the many people he screwed in a 40 year career of well-documented grifting, and Liz Cheny. Their mindset, as you put it, is a refusal to play along with a disturbed and narcissistic child who would throw the entire country under the bus to save his toupee.


    Someday you'll have to admit this. You can remain a conservative, but you'll need to apologize for those last two votes. 

    Don't forget withholding aid from Ukraine until they announced dirt on Biden. 

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  5. 3 hours ago, Enhance said:

    That said, I've never in my life understood people who place so much identity association with their political leanings and ideologies...

    If you mention politics the first time I meet you, you are placed on a list of people I avoid like the f#&%ing plague. 

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  6. 25 minutes ago, BigRedBuster said:

    It's amazing the power Biden has to be able to cause inflation like this all over the world.



    Also commodity prices on the decline. I highly doubt everyone crapping on June inflation numbers will be celebrating Biden when the July numbers come out...

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  7. 2 hours ago, BIG ERN said:

    Found on Rivals from some hater. 


    For those tired of hearing about Nebraska. I’m one of you. There’s not a team, even IU, where id root for Nebraska against that team. Sorry.. 

    One reason we shouldn’t fear Nebraska that’s noted in many previews is that thought that mark whipple, their new OC, really just benefitted from having Kenny Pickett in a very down ACC.

    but the real reason is the huge pickup that is Casey Thompson! I mean come on, he threw for 2000 yards (uh ok) at Texas.  

    much like diving into the 2004 football season at Purdue, let’s look at the passing yards allowed ranking of each of his opponents, then yards and td/int by Thompson in that game.  

    44 Kansas state 17-23 170 yds 1 TD 1 INT 
    Texas won 22-17 

    40 West Virginia 4-14 29 yards 0 TD 1 INT 
    Texas lost 31-23

    81 Kansas 30-43 358 yards 6 TD 1 INT 
    Texas lost 57-56

    11 Iowa state 2-6 2 yards 0 TD 0 INT
    Texas lost 30-7

    65 Baylor 23-38 280 yards 2 TD 1 INT
    Texas lost 31-24

    36 Oklahoma state 15-27 179 yards 1 TD 2 INT
    Texas lost 32-24

    109 Oklahoma 20-34 388 5 TD 0 INT
    Texas lost 55-48

    86 TCU 12-22 142 yards 1 TD 1 INT
    Texas won 32-27

    119 Texas Tech 18-23 303 yards 5 TD 1 INT
    Texas won 70-35

    123 Rice 15-18 164 yards 2 TD 1 INT
    Texas won 58-0

    41 Arkansas 5-8 57 yards 0 TD 0 INT 
    Texas lost 40-21

    14 Louisiana 4-5 41 yards 1 TD 0 INT
    Texas won 38-18

    So he threw for 1049 yards 16 TD 2 INT against three teams rated 81st or below in pass defense, then in his 9 other games 1064 yards with 8 TD and 7 INT. What a pickup lol. I can see what all the hype is about now. By the way everyone outside of Nebraska in the Big Ten West was ranked in the top 46 in pass defense with an average ranking of 29th!! He even had a couple games where he sucked against s#!t pass defenses.  

    I can’t remember a more glaring indicator in all my time following college football that a team was going to perform so differently from expectations. 

    Adrian had 9 TD to 10 INT against bowl teams. Basically every QB outside the elite guys are gonna look OKAY against top defenses. If Casey can torch the bad teams on our schedule, and okay against the good teams, should be enough to win 8 games, assuming the OL (nervous) and Defense are decent.

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  8. 22 minutes ago, knapplc said:

    They've gone full MAGA. 

    Wild to me that the daughter of a Republican VP, who toes the party line better than anyone, voted with Trump more than freaking Mark Meadows - gets blacklisted from the party for saying "Yeah, maybe a President inciting an armed riot at the Capitol is a bad thing". Look at yourselves, you're siding with a selfish, narcissistic, reality star man baby over someone who has carried your parties water since she was in diapers.

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  9. 2 minutes ago, knapplc said:

    So, Orange Man Bad's team knew as of at least 10am that the crowd gathered at Orange Man Bad's request was armed, and they said and did nothing. Didn't alert Capital Police, didn't deploy the Guard, didn't alert WPD. 








    Why would they ruin their own plan?

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  10. 7 minutes ago, BigRedBuster said:

    Threatened by Meadows?  Why?

    Now, threatened by Trump himself or audio of Trump in meetings with people like the Oathkeepers.....would be awesome.

    Just spitballing, Meadows was who she reported to. I guess I am skeptical that it's some big reveal directly involving Trump - but certainly hope we get it. 

  11. 40 minutes ago, Lorewarn said:

    I use it semi-regularly. I'm not really an evangelist for much of anything in the world, but I think for most people who suffer from things like what you're describing it's honestly a life-changing substance. I've felt enough benefits personally and know way too many people who have regained the ability to do x or enjoy y to ignore.

    Exactly what I’ve heard and read. I already ordered some from a reputable company online. I’m in my 30s, too active with my kids to be hobbling around. Hoping for the best! 

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