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  1. Bragg is probably the only one that would see significant playing time next year, and even then it would be just bullpen work. This seems pretty calculated by Bolt. He does not want a repeat of 2022.
  2. Insider on another board posted these names as gone. Mason, Feekin, Bradford, Bragg, Banjoff, Palmer, Steihl
  3. First of a tonnnnn. This thread should be busy. Bolt isn't messing around with the roster flip.
  4. Hard for me to point to one reason for 3 different situations. Baseball was disappointing, but Bolt had our best season in 15 years last year - and sometimes baseball is funny like that - Mississippi St won the CWS last year and are sitting at home just like us. Frost thought he was good enough to copy and paste his program building formula at a school nothing like Nebraska, and it wasn't until year 4 that he had a boss tell him he needs some help. Like Frost, Hoiberg tried to use a formula that worked for him, but it appears the college game had caught up to him while he was away for 5+ seasons. To summarize, Bolt the jury is still out, tough season but I won't ignore what happened last year, could just be flukey baseball stuff. Football and Basketball "struggle adjusting" is probably the closest to the truth. Flat out refusing to adjust until they had a decent boss might be even closer to the truth...
  5. Yeah, this one is irrelevant in the grand scheme of things. Maybe send out Christo and let him try and get comfortable against D1 competition. We will need him next year.
  6. Why run a small lab in Idaho, when you can use your medical background to grift? Add Cole to the growing list of opportunistic grifters who want to exploit passionate, uneducated folks that want to be coddled. Guessing Dr. Cole is swimming in money.
  7. Despite being as right wing as a person can get, she's still a RINO - for, you know, having a moral compass.
  8. Biden/Trump part 2 would be depressing as hell. I read an article about Jared Polis positions and how that touch of libertarian could play well in the general election. I doubt that's a route democrats go, but it would be intriguing to see how well a pro weed, pro choice, anti lockdown, pro 2A, pro LGBT (obviously) style would fare in the general.
  9. Then goes on to explain how its pretty much that simple haha.
  10. Why on gods green earth are we seeded worse than Michigan, OSU and Illinois. Send us (as the more deserving team) to mizzou.
  11. Seems like it will just be an extension of Ricketts time as governor. It appears he had the right backing.
  12. Holy s#!t I’m dying….channel 7 showed Herbster’s watch party, lights low like a middle school dance, Backstreet Boys “I want it that way” playing, Herbster hasn’t been seen for 4 hours.
  13. I had some time over lunch, so I whipped out my phone to check and see if the people going against them were establishment republicans or whackos. Both cases the people running against them seemed wayyyyy less crazy...so I voted against the crazies.
  14. First year voting in a republican primary. Also voted Lindstrom. When I was doing my Ballot research it was interesting to see multiple folks running on 2020 election being fraudulent. Jennifer Hicks is running for AG - my research indicates she's bat s#!t crazy, also not an attorney. Robert Borer is running for SOS, he's running on the fact the the incumbent didn't fight election fraud hard enough (in a state Trump won by 20 pts).
  15. I mean there's a 50/50 shot Frost is fired before Dylan graduates HS. He needs to hold a spot at OSU, Nebraska would take his commitment anytime between now and 2029...This was bound to happen.
  16. Also got 8 against Toronto...down to lucky #13.
  17. I got 12 tonight and it was ohhhh so sweet. Josh FREAKING Naylor.
  18. The real loser is gonna be Omaha. Missing out on Nebraska in the field for the last 2/3 times its been at TD/Schwab...pretty sad.
  19. They went from grittiest team in baseball to softer than baby s#!t in record time.
  20. I’m still watching…not sure why, Nebraska and Minnesota have played sloppier than many area HS teams. Not sure we are gonna qualify for the B1G tournament.
  21. Forecast looks iffy for tomorrows game. Surprised they aren't going to try to get 2 in today. We kinda need 3 this weekend.
  22. Seems like both sides have motivation to leak this. D's to create outrage, R's to create focus on the leak, and not the decision. Also gotta love the 'DONT TAKE MA RIGHTS' crowd, out here trying to take away peoples rights. Looks like Alito is coming for gay marriage and what 2 consenting adults do in the bed room, next - but keep preaching about MA RIGHTS.
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