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  1. Big Ten title is now a lock; provided, however, we do our Ritual Exorcism before the season starts. Spring game?
  2. Iowa - 27 Nebraska - 24 I begged you people to conduct the ritual before the Iowa game. But noooo. And looked what happened! I rest my case.
  3. Completely agree. Free Speech and Deep Thought are pointless. Big questions for me: What kind of defense do we run in the Red Zone against OSU and who will be our third string right OT next season. Important stuff.
  4. You need not have studied Joseph Campbell to understand the vital importance of ritual and myth in society. All you need to have done is see a Star Wars movie. Larry Kasdan wrote the first Star Wars movie. He's a Michigan man and he took the course multiple times. Luke Skywalker is the good character. Darth Vader is the evil character. Spoiler alert: Darth is Luke's father! And on and on. Kasdan tapped into many ancient myths and themes in Star Wars. Here in Nebraska we have our Tunnel Walk. First the music. Perfect modern martial music. The armored warriors leave their cave of safety and march onto the field of battle while their Husker Nation wildly cheers them. Admit it. Just reading those words gets you fired up. The Nebraska Tunnel Walk is one of the many rituals that makes college football so great. Other rituals and mythologic characters. Herbie Husker. Little Red. (For the kids) The school song. Release of the balloons. The fair virgin cheerleaders Celebrating before and after the game with other tribe members around campfires and now called tailgating. The above points out how important ritual is to success of Big Red. It is also why it is a categorical imperative that there be a ritual cleansing of Husker Nation's soul. We must forever rid Husker Nation of the bad memory of failed coaches and AD's of the past starting with Steve P. from NP. Sean E. from Wisconsin would be the last one disposed of in our ritual. Frank Solich, of course, would be spared. He's firing started the downward spiral where we have now hit bottom. Mark my words, until this ritual is completed we will continue to suffer.
  5. I have it on good authority (the mods here) that there is absolutely no "banging" going on at UNL as I was penalized for suggesting that there was. There certainly was no banging going on when I was there. And there was absolutely no banging when Willa Cather graduated in 1894. Willa, Louise Pound, Roscoe Pound and I used to play tennis and I always had my doubts about Willa. And what's up with the lawyers here? Defining "relevant" and other word games. Ha! The Ritual Exorcism is the Categorical Imperative to restore Nebraska's relevance.
  6. I thought the girls at UNL were the squarest and the fairest. When did this activity start happening? This "banging."
  7. 1. The speed lives down South. It is cold in Nebraska. Lots of players make their decision based on that. 2. Evaluation of recruits is an inexact science. How many top recruits have bombed out in college? 3. Chemistry between the coach and the player is very subjective. 4. Nebraska has never been relevant on the national stage in the lifetime of the recruits. It's like going to Gopher stadium and seeing all the national titles for Minnesota and the first thought is, "Minnesota was a football champion?" 5. To have a championship football team, you need at least one excellent player and about 5 really good ones. No weak sisters. And must have good special teams with a consistent kicker. 6. Lack of a diverse female student body to date. 7. Lincoln is, face it, boring. The only thing to do is drink and not supposed to do that until 21. Weak music scene. 8. The competition is much stiffer than back in Dr. Tom's day. Now it is Bama, Sooners, LSU, Clemson, Ohio State, Oregon, Notre Dame and others trying to get back like us: Texas, Michigan, FL, FSU, Miami and others. 9. State has only 1.8m people. Not a lot of job prospects here after graduation. 10. Program has been cursed since Steve P. and the fans refuse to perform the Ritual Exorcism to cleanse Husker Nation and rid it of the demons of the failed coaches of the past.
  8. Blitz: Can you read? The former staff was so, so bad that they couldn’t recognize the obvious talent of a future Heisman winner. And he was Mr. Ohio Football to boot. Wild mismanagement and pure stupidity under the former regime. Nebraska has a long, long way to go. At least 10 years. Now do you get it? Or, in your opinion, am I trolling you?
  9. Blitz: The failure to recruit a future Heisman winner - whose Dad played for Nebraska - just highlights how low Nebraska has sunk and how far it has to go. UNL would lose by 60 points to LSU. And there’s nothing more intellectually cowardly than to call for censorship on this board.
  10. Burrow won the Heisman. He’s really good!
  11. TV guy said he wanted to play at Nebraska!
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