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  1. Frankly, you people are fools second guessing Scott Frost. He won a national championship as a player and he was very successful at UCF and everywhere he went as a coach. If he can't win here, then no one can. My previous thread about the fans calling the plays in real time was all a joke, satire and send-up. Hell, I was the third string offensive tackle on the Pender Pendragons. I don't know anything about playing and coaching football and no one here does either!
  2. Tom Shatel in the OWH covers this today. There is no way that Frost cuts AM loose. Dr. Tom stuck by SF and looked what happened. SF remembers that very well. It was his life. Read the quotes in the OWH. Dr. Tom said something to the effect that Frost was 22 and doing the best that he could; his scholarship was then worth $7k per year. The rest is history.
  3. What if I go to the moon? Both are very unlikely.
  4. So, I flip over to CBS and Jim Nantz (Hello friends.) is narrating a special on 150 years of college football and he is discussing Nebraska's back-to-back national championships. Tommie Frazier is talking about his TD run against FL. Dr. Tom said that was his best team in 25 years. Then back to losing to Purdue. Purdue! I'd jump into the Dredge right now if I didn't have tickets to the Badger game. We need the Ritual Exorcism more than ever!
  5. I'm now going to the Wisconsin game. Just tell me where the Ritual Exorcism will take place and I will supervise.
  6. And who is Pauly Shore? A lineman from Falls City?
  7. Inbreeders? You cretin! The people of Pender are the best!
  8. Some of you are not taking this seriously. As it gets worse and worse, I predict that the Ritual Exorcism will happen before the Iowa game.
  9. There are no illegal drugs in Pender! What kind of people do you think live here?
  10. Indiana was bad enough. But Purdue? I can stomach a loss to Iowa or Wisconsin (just barely), but Purdue is unthinkable to me. Still contemplating my leap into the Dredge. Now - more than ever - a Ritual Exorcism of Husker Nation's ghosts is a Categorical Imperative!!
  11. If we continue to lose - and especially if we lose to Indiana this week - you people are all going to be aboard my bus.
  12. Rolldog: Half-shirt jerseys are banned by the NCAA. Who do you think I am? A lawbreaker?
  13. All the more reason to conduct our Ritual Exorcism. We must EXPEL the demons from Big Red Nation and reclaim our rightful place in College Football. If not us, then who? If not now, when? In the deed, the glory.
  14. New part of this Ritual Exorcism. We first throw the three idiot dummies under the bus and then burn them.
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