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  1. BRB: That's an interesting phrase: coronavirus truthers. Obviously a reference to the nuts who think that the US did the attacks on 9-11. That's reminiscent of referring to CAGW skeptics as "deniers" after the loons that think the murder of 6m Jews during WW2 was just made up. Use of both phrases are pure libel and the worst sort of rhetoric, but common for you progs. I'm not going to persuade you and RedDenver and I'm not going to waste more time on you. But let's revisit this in 30 days. As a Master of the Universe, I'm confident that I'm right. I usually am.
  2. Red Denver: The United States is NOT Italy but Welsh's bar in Pender has GREAT pizza.
  3. Fear v. data. https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0924857920300972?fbclid=IwAR3wIrzjlQZ3ngKutHYSWPMZT0JAr0buYv0GEpWxz_onN6bNCvFIHc8STxM At the Pender Community Hospital, we are ready to take your cases from Lincoln and Omaha. Plenty of beds. And the hospital is nearly new!
  4. The Pender police and Thurston County sheriff are patrolling the village and I'm trapped in my house! Same deal as in Wuhan! The Wal-Mart in Fremont is getting emptied out. There's no traffic on the highway. No commerce. Have you seen the photos of NYC and LA? Yeah, it's a total panic. The stock market is down 35% in less than a month. Three years of gains evaporated. Yeah, it's a panic. And how did you conclude my posts were political? That's entirely your conclusion. I never once referred to the Democrat party or liberals or the media. Where did you *ever* get the idea that just referring to "the media" is a right-wing talking point? Since I received a superior education at UNL, I can tell you that the media (both sides) are using the "ticking clock" rhetorical device to make this seem way bigger than it is. How many deaths in NE due to the Wuhan virus? How many cases in a state of 1.8m? Hint: not that many. Dude, you are missing the big picture here. And I, as a Master of the Universe, have tried to explain it to you but you refuse to learn. Your fault.
  5. And businesses are being ruined due to extreme measures taken in some states and cities. This thing has been over-hyped. More people die of the regular flu each year.
  6. Read the story and the headline from the LA Times. The Governors of New York and California are making wild predictions of months of doom; millions infected. They are wrong. Terribly wrong.
  7. Stanford prof and Nobel prize winner: We are going to be fine. Is this guy good enough? https://www.latimes.com/science/story/2020-03-22/coronavirus-outbreak-nobel-laureate
  8. Red Denver: Power Line blog is very influential. It is conservative. It does not deny "science" but is skeptical of CAGW. It disagrees with your liberal opinions. Why don't you open up your mind to opposing points of view?
  9. Bergstrom deconstructed. http://www.powerlineblog.com/archives/2020/03/dueling-arguments-about-wuhan-coronavirus-data.php I also note that many of the critics of the Medium post want it censored. Whatever happened to free speech?
  10. Costs vs. benefits. Read and learn. http://www.powerlineblog.com/archives/2020/03/costs-versus-benefits.php
  11. Red Five: I read Carl's tweets. In one of the first ones he frankly admitted he didn't understand the stock market. What?! How can one be an intelligent American adult over the age of 25 and not understand the stock market? A remarkable admission of astounding ignorance. In his Twitter profile he writes that he is a, "he/him." This academic has ZERO credibility with me.
  12. I don’t think the U.S. will experience a mortality rate anywhere near as high as Italy’s, for a number of reasons including our younger population, far fewer smokers, lower population density, a better health care system and early deployment of anti-viral drugs, some of which are likely to prove helpful. But let’s assume the U.S. ultimately sees a mortality rate of 100 per million. That would be 143 times the current U.S. rate, not outside the realm of possibility. Do the math: if we have around 330 million people, and 100 die per million, that equals 33,000, which would be equivalent to the deaths from an average seasonal flu season. Maybe it’s worse than that; maybe by the time it runs its course, the death toll from COVID-19 rises to 200 per million, 286 times the current rate. That would still be less than the death toll from flu in the U.S. just two years ago.
  13. Facts, charts and stats. Don’r panic. http://medium.com/six-four-six-nine/evidence-over-hysteria-covid-19-1b767def5894
  14. BRB: You make my point. Everyone's case is different. That's why it made no sense for the Governor of California to shut down his nation-state. You put words in my mouth. I never said you shouldn't care if you have the virus. Or not care about your parents and co-workers. Do what you want to do. My "wrong" opinions aren't going to change your mind.
  15. What disinformation or misinformation have I written here? My CDC quote above is accurate. I just have a different opinion on how this thing shakes out and how some models have bad assumptions. There is no way that 56% of Californians are going to be infected but the Governor of CA made that prediction last night. I think that opinion is wildly overstated.
  16. BRB: WEB isn't saying it is a hoax. Neither am I. I've stated people have over reacted. Here's some more info. From the CDC. Boomers like me are mostly at risk. Isn't that a good thing? Darwin and all?
  17. And I'll let you in in on a little secret. I was never going to jump into the Dredge. It was all a joke and parody about being panicked about Husker football. I'm one of the calmest guys around. I rarely panic. I'm doing the same thing now. I learned from Uncle Warren.
  18. To my critics: We will see who is right in about 30 days. In the interim, I'm buying BRK.B at about $170 and anything lower; up to $200. You, as an American, can be partners with Warren Buffett.
  19. Big Red Buster: I was quoting a song from Bob Dylan. The phrase means you don't have to be an expert on all the details in order to figure out the general trend of things. knapplc: You may find this hard to believe, but the United States is not Italy.
  20. In the very close quarters of the Diamond Princess (and with lots of older people), 83% didn't get infected. https://www.medrxiv.org/content/10.1101/2020.03.05.20031773v2.full.pdf
  21. All of the above is in your opinion only. Am I not entitled to my opinion? How are my comments causing people to get sick or die? How many Nebraskans have died due to covid19? How many died from the flu in 2018? My point is simple: Some governments have wildly overreacted and are doing more harm than good by totally shutting down the economy. Censorship doesn't work in China. It shouldn't work in America. I believe in Free Speech and the exchange of ideas in the marketplace. What's your position? Red Denver: Red Denver: Nobody is stopping you from spending $175 to buy a share of BRK.B.
  22. Warren Buffett isn't a weatherman, but he knows which way the wind blows. He knows the wind favors America. He buys bargains when the crowd goes mad. Simple.
  23. Warren knows that the assumptions are overstated. This thing is over-hyped. It will blow over. He knows a panic when he sees one. The panic has been whipped up for many reasons. Qui bono? "The crowd is a many-headed monster; many eyes for malice, many tongues for slander."
  24. Warren is not an infectious disease expert. That's what I wrote. Both Buffett and Hinderaker know that this Wuhan virus thing is going to end soon. Hinderaker's point is that with local governments' shutting down the economy, they are doing more harm than good. It is an unnecessary panic. And when there is panic, Warren buys. He's smart. Are you?
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