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  1. If we continue to lose - and especially if we lose to Indiana this week - you people are all going to be aboard my bus.
  2. Rolldog: Half-shirt jerseys are banned by the NCAA. Who do you think I am? A lawbreaker?
  3. All the more reason to conduct our Ritual Exorcism. We must EXPEL the demons from Big Red Nation and reclaim our rightful place in College Football. If not us, then who? If not now, when? In the deed, the glory.
  4. New part of this Ritual Exorcism. We first throw the three idiot dummies under the bus and then burn them.
  5. The players will appreciate this event and know that we are truly the Greatest Fans in College Football. Who’s with me?
  6. I can see some of you people are unserious about this categorical imperative. That unserious attitude is how we got to this position! We - as Husker Nation and the Greatest Fans in College Football - need to take the lead and drag this program back to national relevance.
  7. And an exorcism is better than a ritual colonoscopy of Big Red Nation. As discussed in my Dredge Bridge jump topic infra, my idea is to burn three dummies which have the image and likeness of Steve P from NP, Harvey P from York and that former AD from Wisconsin. Then, and only then, will Big Red Nation be free from those Satanic influences. The exorcism must take place next to the Tom Osborne and Brook Berringer statue. I’d prefer this happen before the Iowa game. The good karma will allow us to win the Hy-Vee Trophy. We may not win the Big Ten West this y
  8. Nice roll! http://www.foxsports.com/college-football/video/1627126339640
  9. This is great! I can get drunk in an Irish pub after we lose. To Illinois! Illinois!
  10. I didn’t jump. I now have a Reason to Live. More later.
  11. We need a football team as good our volleyball and basketball teams.
  12. Fire all of them! Bring back Charlie McBride, Frank Solich, Turner Gill and Barry Alvarez.
  13. Colorado, supra, asserts that I am a crazy old man. Yes, I fully admit to being mad. Mad about the Huskers. In the video below, Belinda is Big Red and I'm the boyfriend. And the luckiest guy in the Universe!
  14. Are you people Satisfied? I’ll never be Satisfied until we are great again and win a National Championship.
  15. By all means! Let’s get this thread back on the tracks! We must organize a ritual burning of Steve P from NP, Harvey P from York and that former AD from WI. We must exorcise those daemons from Big Red Nation. You people act like you are Helpless. (See below.) Are we not the Greatest Fans in College Football or not? Whatever happened to: In the Deed, the Glory?
  16. Colorado Judge not, that you be not judged. For with the judgment you pronounce you will be judged, and the measure you give will be the measure you get. *(Matthew 7:1-2) And let it be known, I’m a better singer than Taye Diggs.
  17. 2I can’t believe this! I’m accused of being both a drunk and a troll. How about some love for a fellow Husker? Speaking of love, see the link below about the length of 4 years. It is over 2 million minutes! Aside: I sang the part of Taye Diggs from the video. Gail sang Rosario Dawson’s part. We are the best singers for the Pender Players. Sure do miss the old venue!
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