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  1. Brogan: Are you blaming Dr. Tom - the greatest college football coach in modern history - for our current woes?
  2. New idea. We can’t trust the students. We need to do this. How about before the Wisconsin or Iowa game?
  3. The crew from Welsh’s Pizza has texted me. To do this ritual correctly we have to add Harvey P from York and that AD from WI. A total cleansing. Think of it as a colonoscopy of Big Red Nation but you don’t have to drink the prep.
  4. All TRUE fans know who Steve P. He is the root cause of all our problems. Steve is the opposite of Dr. Tom. What Bob, Tom and Frank built, Steve tore down.
  5. Talked to my crew at The Other Side and I’m rethinking my leap. But if we have another game like in 2017 (21-54 L), I’m jumping. I was at that game. It was a total humiliation. But I may have a solution. What’s our record since Steve from NP fired Frank? My sense is that it is less than mediocre. We - as a fan base - must formally exorcise the daemon that Steve from NP is from the body of Big Red. We need a ritual. The students must take the lead. The students build a straw man dummy in the image and likeness of Steve P. The students gather at the Brook Be
  6. I also don't gamble. Losers' money built those casinos. To make things even worse, I'd have to drive to Iowa in order to lose my money. Iowa is a state built on sin and vice. I won't gamble with the Good Life. I may be despondent, but I'm not stupid.
  7. Not a river. Not a creek. Not a stream. It's the Dredge! Don't you people know how to read? To top it off, the United States Supreme Court said I'm now living on the Indian Reservation. Federal law applies. And it is against federal law to jump off of bridges and commit suicide. They FBI will have to investigate this event when they should be investigating Russians. I'm despondent and look at all the grief I'm getting!
  8. The AD just told the OWH that we have to wait four years. Four years! Do you know how long that is? And that's in addition to all the time since Steve from NP wrecked the program. I'm old. Very old.
  9. I'm going to jump off the Hwy 94 bridge into the Dredge! I'm just about feed up with this program. Every since Steve from North Platte uttered those infamous words of "sinking into mediocrity" that's all that has happened to this once proud and great program. And frankly, right now I'd take a mediocre program. We're below mediocre. And we're irrelevant. The Huskers better become great again but I - for one - am getting very impatient. I'm also getting old. Time is mighty precious when there is less of it waste. /s/ Thurston from Pender A very sa
  10. CAN YOU PEOPLE READ!? I’m a UNL grad.
  11. Outcome and score will be about like the last time we played the Gophers in Minnesota. It will be a total beatdown.
  12. We lose by over 50 points; lucky to score 7 against the Badgers.
  13. If the fans were calling the plays - in real time and on Twitter - we’d be undefeated.
  14. The official word from Jim Rose at KFAB is that this will be a 5-7 year process and we should enjoy the ride.
  15. after big loss to Michigan. He came to Rutgers from Ohio State. New head coach is an assistant who used to coach a power house NJ high school team.
  16. The fans never would have called those three interception plays.
  17. I’d say a sign for donations to Omaha Children’s Hospital - like the ISU kid a few weeks back - but Children’s is horribly mismanaged. Pharmacist stole big money. CEO fired/resigned.
  18. It will be Warren Buffett. He loves to be on TV. And he used to own some Cap Cities/ABC stock.
  19. We are the Children of the Corn. Be afraid!
  20. Who is Adam Devine? Should I know who he is? Is he from Homer or something?
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