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  1. For the longest time I thought Larry was from southeast Alabama; not southeast Nebraska. A couple of years ago I tubed down the Calamus out of Burwell and all the kids were talking like Southerners. Very disheartening. We are Northerners. We won the Civil War.
  2. What? Miles beat McDermott? When did that happen? All I remember was a series of defeats. Regardless, Miles is a funny guy. This is a dry run as a color commentator.
  3. The obvious choice is Tim Miles. He's still on the UNL payroll and he's lolling about his house as a couch potato. See, his Twitter profile picture. The thing of it is Miles is very, very funny. Funnier than the late Johnny Carson. His future is not as a basketball coach as evidenced by his failure to ever beat the hated Creighton Bluejays (little brother). I personally will never forgive him for that sin! But he'd be great as college basketball color man. Much better than Dan Dockich. As good as Tim would be on TV, he'll never be as good as Lincoln's own Nick Bahe (s
  4. I bet he is the nephew of Creighton basketball and baseball player Daryl Stovall. Any two sport D1 athlete is special.
  5. No way the fans call that swing pass that resulted in a safety. WE would have run it straight ahead.
  6. Nebraska is NOT in trouble if it will use science and technology and allow the fans to call the plays. The Wisdom of the Crowd. See "THE Solution...." thread.
  7. As you watch the game on Saturday, consider in your mind's eye how the play YOU would have called would have worked out. Then compare that to the play the coaches called and ran. After this Saturday, it will be clear that Thurston's solution is the ONLY solution to making the Huskers great again. I believe in the science of the wisdom of the crowds. One hundred thousand passionate and experienced Husker fans know best.
  8. Apparently I have not made myself clear. Let me try again. What has made Nebraska football great? What will make Nebraska football great again? Us! The fan base. We are the greatest - and most knowledgeable - fans in all of college football. It says so right on Memorial Stadium. It is carved in stone. It has to be true. Are the Ten Commandants true? They are carved in stone. The reading assignment for the class here consists of two books. Fortunately, they were both written by UNL alums. The first book is "The Wisdom of Crowds" by James Surowiecki. Jimmy was a Phi De
  9. Jeremy What are you talking about? I'm trying to help OUR team. Harness the passion of the fan base and use science and technology in order to win and build a new indoor practice facility. What's wrong with that? Is there something in the Cozad water?
  10. New wrinkle. The Athletic Department needs to run this (duh!) and charge for it. What would you pay for the knowledge that your input was directly contributing to Husker wins? I'd pay about $100. I think at least 100,000 fans would pay $100 too. What to do with at least $10m a year gross? According to the OWH, our facilities (especially the Cook Pavilion) are no longer the best. We lag Purdue in the Big Ten. Purdue! Horror of horrors. Uncle Moose was reported to be working on something. I say the $10m goes toward the new indoor
  11. I urge my fellow true blue Husker fans to spread my idea. Tell your friends. Call in to talk shows. I predict that no later than the Iowa game that my idea is adopted by Scott. Scott knows the power of Husker Nation. We are, after all, the Greatest Fans in College Football. Our greatness extends to our collective football knowledge. When you talk this up, be sure to mention the science and technology aspect of this.
  12. We, Husker Nation, should be calling the plays. See my thread captioned, “THE Solution for the Husker Offense.”
  13. It is already clear that we - the experts - are on the right track. Lots of good comments here. Since we are all thinking the same thing, the wisdom of the crowd theory postulates that the best plays will be picked. I believe in science!
  14. Our late Sigma Nu frat brother, H. Cooper Hanson, III, used to give Malcom grief all the time about him being from Bassett and not Malcom.
  15. Not kidding one bit. We embrace technology and use the REAL experts to fix the problem: The Greatest Fans in All of College Football. There is science behind the wisdom of the crowds. What Would Dr. Tom Do?
  16. It is now blindingly obvious that the head coach and his offensive coordinator don’t know how to call plays. Who knows how to do the job better? We do! The fan base! Speaking for myself as a former Pendragon, I clearly know more than Scott Frost. And all you former 8 man and Class C stars do too. We are all experts. My system uses the wisdom of the crowds. See, e.g., Malcom Gladwell (Gladwell, however, is not from Malcom. He’s from Bassett. Attended Holy Cross church.) Each week the fan base votes on the first 20 plays. Then during the games, w
  17. Hope is not a strategy. We need execution. And the buck stops with Frost. The idea of losing to the Gophers again has me despondent.
  18. We need a football team as good as our volleyball team and medical school. Frost needs to get lessons from Cook. Fast!
  19. I’m hearing in Pender that this week Dr. Tom steps into the fray. A full-throated - and public - defense of our favorite son. He calls out the naysayers. Tells the fan base to stay calm. Reminds Corn Nation he was only 9-3 in his second year as HC. With losses to Wisconsin, Missouri (Matt didn’t play) and Oklahoma. Season was an abject failure with the loss to the Sooners. Tom denounces the sad state of affairs left by former coach and AD. Also denounces that AD from North Platte. Compares that guy to OBL.
  20. Scott’s honeymoon is over. The University of Nebraska - Lincoln loses to The Ohio State University by 35. Or more.
  21. South Alabama QB more likely to win the Heisman than Martinez. imagine if Nebraska played Alabama yesterday instead of South Alabama. I’m worried about Northern Illinois and Illinois. Can we schedule Southern Illinois and Indiana State instead? Last minute switch?
  22. It is going to be a long season; especially so if that indicted running back doesn’t play.
  23. Carol Frost is a better tackler and defensive back than that current crew. Their receivers were wide open!
  24. A 4-8 team barely beat a 3-8 team. Who are we kidding here?
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