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  1. I hate every tweet that ends with 'that's the tweet'. It's so overdone and so stupid. That's the post.
  2. He was only given one carry all year and that carry went for -2, in what I assume was garbage time, against Prairie View A&M. I was kind of hoping every back we already have could do better than that.
  3. Opt outs -Lame but using as an excuse for losing a game is more lame What do you guys think of the current big ten divisions, do we need to shake them up again? -I don't think there is as much a disparity as it may seems. East is obviously top heavy but West has the best bowl record of any division in any conference over the past 5 years. Tough, upper mid Range teams are one of the reasons Nebraska has struggled. In the end though, I don't really mind if we shake things up. Should the big ten go to 8 conference games like the SEC? I would love a permanent home and home with Colorado and I'm choosing to believe if we drop to 8 that will happen. So yes. What do you guys think about expanding the playoffs? I think the best benefit is that the best talent wouldn't just go to the same 6 schools and there will be more parody in the sport, but the playoffs themselves would be worse. We already see at least one blowout every year, I'm not going to watch 1 seed Alabama kick the crap out of THE Liberty Flames. Are you excited about not playing us every year? I know I am. You guys are always tougher than your record so its all risk, no reward. Although ill miss welcoming you great people in the Shoe. I'm more excited to play other East teams that we haven't played as much. Somehow we were in the conference for 10 years with Indiana having last played us at home in 1977. Also, we definitely need revenge on those guys. Have a great year everyone (except tonight) You as well!
  4. Is "our lineman can do splits" going to be the "our wide receivers are tall" of 2022
  5. Rising would actually be dead if he came here
  6. There's a ton of talk about what should happen. What do you guys think actually will happen? I don't think anything ends up happening and everyone is back.
  7. Matt Campbell is 0-5 against Iowa. I suspect he would have a similar record against Wisconsin. Unless we recruit at top 15 levels I really don't think that style will work in the Big Ten West.
  8. It's crazy to think that Northwestern very well could be the last win of the Frost Era. That would have been the last thing I thought that day.
  9. It makes zero sense that our colors are scarlet and cream. It's not the sea of scarlet or 'GO BIG SCARLET'. The uniform colors are clearly red. It's the red/white game not the Scarlet/ Cream game. I don't know what we even mean by our colors are scarlet and cream.
  10. The husker track record under Scott Frost after being doubted hard by everyone is to have strong emotional performance. If this were a top 10 team I would say that still wouldn't be enough, but against this team I think we win this one.
  11. I saw someone else post it a while back but I really like Wisconsin's defensive coordinator, Jim Leonhard. -Would really hurt Wisconsin to lose him -Came up with defensive plans to continually beat Iowa over his career -Regularly turned not top 25 classes into top 10 defenses Hire a solid OC and this seems like a great and believable option.
  12. That statement wasn't arguing whether or not he should stay it was saying every interview I've seen from Trev this year makes me think there will be another year regardless of what happens
  13. I haven't seen a Trev appearance that would make me think Frost would get canned this season. We probably have to also miss the bowl season next year in order to move on.
  14. If we're able to beat Purdue then we might finish the season 4-8. The same record as what was inherited four years ago.
  15. lol at the Nebraska wins but Min covers option. We're winning big or losing close.
  16. It also feels like it's windy with 3 feet of snow on the ground every time we play them, so it usually should be a solid strategy.
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