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  1. Professional lurker here. Please bring back the sock puppet.
  2. I hope he adapts the offense as it's pretty clear that whatever it is he's tried to done previously has not worked. I don't think you can honestly pinpoint one specific issue at the offense. It's a hodgepodge of everything - penalties, bad playcalling, not enough talent at WR, etc. The commonality there is certainly Frost but he doesn't drop passes in the endzone or snap the ball 30 feet away from the QB. Frost is allegedly a brilliant x's and o's kinda guy so I would hope to see a shift next season. Time will tell.
  3. I agree with the other posters that Verduzco should likely be shown the door. QB room has regressed if anything. We're in pretty dire need of better special teams. I am unsure what exactly Lubick does as the OC if Frost is really calling plays. I think I'd rather see Frost go into more of a CEO-type role and let someone else handle playcalling. Defensive coaches should all be safe. Defense has improved consistently.
  4. I think it's worth noting that Sip and McKewon have been asking pretty good questions the last few pressers. I've seen complaints elsewhere that the local media is throwing Frost softballs but I feel like both Sip and McKewon have been pretty spot on with their questions.
  5. This is exactly it. We need to be in contention for every player with potential in a 500 mile radius. Get a few skill positions and some speed if it doesn't exist locally. Development >>> chasing stars. In today's landscape you have to chase stars to compete at the highest level, but man we can't even beat Illinois consistently. We're nowhere near that yet.
  6. Going to be a bloody Black Friday.
  7. This is the kind of crap I thought this staff was going to fix smh.
  8. It is incredibly depressing watch Nebraska have no answer for what Nebraska used to be the master of.
  9. The only way I see Les Miles coming in if Riley is fired tomorrow and he's the interim and only the interim. Agreed on Trev Alberts. Nebraska ties can't be the end all be all when it comes to this. Proven success has to be #1.
  10. Please no Bert. Here would be my short list if I were AD: 1. Chip Kelly (not likely, but I would go for it) 2. Scott Frost 3. Dan Mullen 4. Mike Norvell 5. Les Miles
  11. Greetings! Long time lurker, first time poster. Here's an extreme option. I think a lot of people are armchair athletic directors/university presidents who think their iron fist rule (i.e. Riley is fired after the BYU game) would work are delusional. That being said, I think I have an "extreme" option that would work on paper. So let's play a fun thought exercise and pretend I'm in control of what happens with NU: 1. Fire Eichorst. Hire someone with a winning tradition as an interim. Who would that be? Ideally someone with Nebraska ties. I doubt Osborne would do i
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