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  1. Which Northwestern shows up? Which Nebraska shows up? Fitzgerald has his ups and downs, and given his trend this is an up year for them. So many questions, but this has to be an absolute must-win for Frost and co. I believe Illinois set the tone for last year and we simply couldn't get passed it. We desperately need a W here.
  2. The football version of this (which I looked like almost every Saturday):
  3. Not sure what to expect but I think Joseph and Whipple were slam dunks. Time will tell.
  4. Nice to have a seasoned vet on the staff. Just won the ACC and has lots of P5/NFL experience. Let's go!!!
  5. https://twitter.com/HuskerFBNation/status/1468603793629716485?s=20
  6. The Whipple hire does not signal a return to a Mike Riley style offense. This will very much be Frost's offense with a flair of Whipple.
  7. I'm somewhere in the middle on pro or anti Frost camp, but if he hires Graham Harrell he might as well just resign. I think hiring Kendall Briles given what he was associated with at Baylor is also a travesty. Hell of a play caller, toilet of a human being.
  8. Ah yes! Friday! A mere 5 days away from ESD. I really want to believe that they've done their due diligence in getting these hires right, but the pain of this season is still resonating. How tf have we not locked this in yet??
  9. I'm legitimately concerned about bringing in an air raid guy. That seems like very square peg and round hole to me.
  10. Brian Kelly's fake southern accent is one of the greatest things to come out of the coaching carousel in a long time. I still haven't been able to finish the video as I cringe too hard. It's amazing. With that said, I think Napier is one of the best coaches that have been hired so far in this carousel, and if Florida gives him some space he can have a lot of success. Marcus Freeman is the best fit as it's continuity. Seems like a tried and true players coach. I hate ND, but good for him. I hope Kelly and that fake southern accent flop. I also think he has the highest chance to flop given the severe culture shock he's in for. With that said he's won everywhere he's been.
  11. My biggest fear is that Frost is looking for a splash hire and has struck out so far. Ludwig at Utah and Grimes at Baylor would have been splashes, but my guess is they turned us down. This tweet by Sam McKewon gives me pause: One could read it as him prepping Husker nation for a not-so-splash hire, but I'm curious if he is prepping Husker nation for a splash that does not fit at all (i.e. Graham Harrell).
  12. They would be homerun hires in my book and I just don't think we're competent enough to pull it off. Would love to be wrong.
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