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  1. Pretty much my take. I don't think it's very likely for us to land any of the folks I mentioned, but if you're Trev you absolutely need to see if you have a shot at them. If by some miracle you do, Frost needs to go this year. If you don't, I think he gets another year.
  2. If we played like we did against the Gophers then we aren't winning any more this year. Really depends on which team shows up. Purdue demonstrated they aren't a doormat. Wiscy is down but what's Frost's record on the road? tOSU will do what tOSU usually does to us. Iowa will control the time of possession the entire game and win by 3 as they usually do. If we play like we did against Michigan in the 2nd half I like our chances to win out. That's not going to happen, though.
  3. I want Frost to win so badly. Can't make a real judgement call until the end of the season, but history shows us we're very likely not going bowling. Realistically, barring catastrophe, I think he's back next year. My Realistic Take: Fire Verduzco, Held, and Austin. Maybe Lubick as well. Revitalize the offensive side of the ball and make sure Frost isn't calling plays anymore. He clearly needs to focus on all phases of the game. Go out there and get the absolute best offensive assistants money can buy with a huge emphasis on OL. This is basically the Solich treatment. My Less Realistic Take: I don't envy Trev Alberts, but if I am Trev I am only making a decision if I have my homerun hire in the bag. Who would be a homerun hire at this point? Bob Stoops Chris Petersen Urban Myer Those are really the only absolute homeruns I can think of. I don't care for Urban, but you can't discount his success. We can discuss the reality of either of them coming here all we want, but bottom line is you have to at least put out the feelers and see if there's any possible interest and you likely need to do that now. If either of them bite, Frost gets his pink slip and we move on. If neither of your homeruns bite, then Frost gets another year and if he wins we're golden. If he doesn't, you have more financial freedom.
  4. So far the only demonstrable identity a Frost team has demonstrated is playing just below the opponent; regardless of who said opponent is. Top 10 team? Down to the wire. Middling Minnesota team? Doesn't matter - we'll play just below the opponent. I don't envy Trev Alberts right now. With that said, if I'm Trev the only way you move on from Frost is if you have your homerun hire in the bag. Someone like a Bob Stoops. Other than that, give him another year to lessen the buyout and if he really turns things around you're golden. If he doesn't, you have a bit more financial freedom.
  5. I live in Central Texas and there are 3 other Husker families in my neighborhood. We truly have a national fanbase.
  6. We win 1997-0 running only I-formation power run and a little option sprinkled in. Realistically I'm here, though I think we can keep it within 3. A few bounces go our way and we could head into Sunday with a signature win. -Rahmir should start at RB. -I voted Husker ST, though I do believe offense is equally important. -Michigan by 3, though I hope I'm wrong and we make a huge turn this week.
  7. Oh don't get me wrong Iowa has bad corn and terrible drivers. From a football vantage point it's a giant meh from me and not much more.
  8. I really don't understand why all the hate for Iowa all of the sudden. I get their fanbase is annoying and maybe I'm just slightly older than some who harbor that hate, but Iowa really doesn't mean a whole lot to me. If you respect fundamental football, you should have a healthy respect for what Ferentz has been able to do over there. Outside of that, meh.
  9. Bring Solich back and have him execute brunette Herbie in front of 90k at a sold out Memorial Stadium. Immediately after said execution, blonde overalls Herbie makes his glorious return. There, Trev. I just won the natty for you.
  10. I live in central Texas and there are 3 other houses in my neighborhood that have Nebraska flags. They get a big fat Go Big Red! from me every time I see them.
  11. I want Frost to win so badly. Just imagine an alternate universe where our special teams and o-line play are simply 20% better than they are right now. There's a great chance we are 5-0 and in the top 15. This team has so much potential and it is held back 100% by coaching. People can say that the coach doesn't teach a player to throw the QB down after the whistle is blown, or to miff punts, or miff punt returns, or generally sniff glue on the special teams phase of the game. My counter is that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different result. We've been down this road for the last 4 years. These are year 1 and early year 2 mistakes that are STILL happening. Don't give me the COVID excuse. Look at Sam Pittman in Arkansas. Frost has no answers. I have no idea what to expect from Trev, but I certainly don't think it's coddling. While Osborne had a calm, straight-laced demeanor, those boys who played for him were not exactly nice. If the axe needs swinging my guess is he won't have problems doing it. Realistically I do think that Frost gets the Solich treatment. He needs to reboot his offensive staff almost entirely. Everyone on defense should stay and get a raise.
  12. The only possible pathway to a respectable game (note: not a victory; a respectable game) is if OU makes an incredible amount of mistakes. Realistically, we will not be able to establish a rhythm in the run game, will continue to have a special teams unit that is sniffing glue in the corner, and our reasonably decent defense will not hold a candle to OU's elite offense. 52-17 OU.
  13. I'm in my mid 30's and one of my favorite Husker memories is black 41 flash reverse.
  14. Very much agreed - I think the hiring of Mike Riley was more of a symptom of our systemic woes than the cause. What we saw last week has absolutely nothing to do with Riley.
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