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  1. We will never know. I was looking at the Nebraska Football records all the way back to the beginning W-L each season and how many years we have been to bowl games. We are in a skid right now. History say's it will not last too long. Coach Frost or with someone else....one fine season we will have every other team in the nation running scared!! Times are tough right now, every coach, fan, and player knows this. No bowl game this year however it's coming!!!
  2. Answers to your replies... Fight harder why? Fight smarter Identity in crisis mode No, I am not a racist I'm African American & Mexican Too many individuals, let's dance on the sidelines. Jump around!, Jump around! Remove area codes Where is area code 0-4-0 Run more full back trap? Who's the big nasty full back? Maybe they should put on corn cobb suit for poor performance wake some players up or ride the pine Tunnel walk, who cares? Play Nebraska Football One QB? Not the answer Frost will turn it all around by start recruiting yesterday
  3. Huskers New Schedule At Omaha Benson Maine Maritime Academy Nebraska State Pennitenary At Wagner Coast Guard
  4. First, Scott Frost certainly has the ability to coach. However he failed at back -wards planning the QB situation. Second, 0-3 is because of players not movtivated enough. Third, It will turn and get better. Fourth, area codes on helmets? Last time I knew that was gang related crap. Fifth, they need something to fight for. Maybe a Corn Cobb around the neck necklace for great performance anything about Nebraska would do. Or better yet something the players agree to. Finally, talking about some players not buying in... seems to me that the team has something bothering them about The Staff...they don't like. Who ever it is your Fired!!!
  5. Dear Scott Frost, I know you were a great player at NU. I know you are a great coach. I am happy you have an undefeated season at UCF. Even though you have an undefeated season, you will not win a national title at UCF. Isn't that the Pinnacle of coaching? Go get what you deserve at Nebraska.
  6. We may lose to Ohio State, Penn State, Iowa, We only lost by 7 to Wisconsin last year hopefully make a good run at all of them, hey 4 more wins we go Bowling.
  7. I won't eat Nachos on game day.. wondering who else has Superstitions on game day
  8. Very well stated, Nebraska Football can and will get back to where it needs to be. The waiting is Hell
  9. Miss Big 12 Riverely Games Ever Notice Lately OU, Ok St, K St, Col. More and more in the mix.... because NEB no longer in the league
  10. Are you Mickey Joseph? Man you were an exciting player
  11. 1 Huskers need Dual Threat QBs Bottom Line 2 Coaching Questionable Since Osborne Retired 3 More Local Recruiting 4 Run Game, Run Game, Run Game 5 Find The Right Coach Yesterday 1990-97 .870 97-07 .717 07-Present .651
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