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  1. Think of the children! (as spoiled and bratty as us fans are)
  2. I love watching the History Guy, and on a recent video he talked about how the Dakotas became two states, "A Tale of Two Dakotas". Then near the end he says the line in the title, all in good fun I'm sure.
  3. It won't matter if you make enough money, or if at least you say you do.
  4. The Corvette thing is about observing among nerds, and being a game store owner I see plenty, that I'm the only one in my area that drives anything sporty. Not that there might be others, and there's other vehicles that rival the price tag, but it's just an observation. Why two? My first Corvette is a '96 Grand Sport (the one in my avatar picture), only 1000 were made which gives it some collectible status, so I ended getting a second one for my daily driver. I'm selling the '96 now so eventually will be down to 1. I should update my avatar picture since I just bought a 2017 Corvette. I
  5. You must have missed the first part that said I went to all the games my freshman year, so I was already a football fan. Not all nerds are anti-sport. I even drive a sports car (Corvette, have 2 of them), and neither are filled with Mountain Dew cans (hate that stuff), pizza boxes, or fast-food burger or taco bags. I could guess you chew tobacky and drink Schlitz beer, with a pick-up bed filled with empties.
  6. I went to every game my freshman year. I went to some games my sophomore year, then discovered D&D (Dungeons and Dragons). The group I played with started play time about 10am Saturdays and went to late night, and on occasion the wee hours of Sunday morning (the sun was about to come up and ate breakfast in the dorm cafeteria). So I didn't attend another game for the next six years I was going to UNL (part time last few years, and I'd rather not talk about that).
  7. Nebraska won the Women's Bowling Championship this year?
  8. We have a Dog and Pony team? Who won the National Championship last year? I can't find any info on that.
  9. Seems to be. I don't know about these days, back in the late 70s/early 80s it was good pizza, especially at the original store in Lincoln. I still preferred Godfather's. Sometime in the 90s I ate at the buffet at a Val's in southwest Omaha (Millard area?) and it wasn't as good as I remembered. I blamed both the different location and the buffet format for lack of quality. Everyone's taste is different. I love Thai food, but Chinese food I could take or leave, yet they're pretty much nearly the same in terms of content. I presume the difference is the spices used.
  10. about Mexican food.. Here in south Florida many Mexican restaurants have closed. Most also are influenced by the Caribbean diet, way too much black beans and stuffing rice into everything. Little town of Atlantic, IA, where I went to high school, has a better Mexican restaurant than what I can find down here. On the drive down to S. Fl. I made a stop in Macon, Mo, and saw a Mexican restaurant across the street. So I went and that was good, too. *sigh* I can't stand black beans. Or mangos. *blech* An observation about Missouri: even the gas station mini-m
  11. Taco Johns. I was just in the region recently and there's three places I try to visit, besides seeing my relatives of course (some say I go to those places before I visit them which is not true... sometimes. ) Goodrich malt (a must) Godfather's Pizza (not as good as it used to be so it's not the priority it used to be, didn't get there this trip) Taco Johns. In Council Bluffs on east Broadway there's a Blimpie/Goodrich shop and half a block south a Taco Johns. On that really hot day mid-June I drove 50+ miles to get a malt, walked to TJ in 100 degree heat (i
  12. Doesn't everything "end up pretty good" with a ton of booze?
  13. You mean I got the job? I was just up that way and at a Runza filled out a questionnaire about being the AD at UN. I thought it was a joke so I *ahem* exaggerated about my qualifications. *waits by the phone for THAT call*
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