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  1. That's much better. If you're going to tell a fishing story, you make it a whopper.
  2. You forgot to add: "before NU was great, that kick uplifted the morale of the team and turned it around to win 5 Natties over the next 7 years". (we can dream, right?)
  3. clickbait. seems to be a lot more (like 0 to 100+) with the ownership change and ads
  4. My eye doctor went to Maryland. I think I'll avoid seeing him for awhile.
  5. Can I have some of what you're drinking?
  6. The 3rd quarter seemed to take a long time.
  7. Pressure from our D, second half? Who is this team?
  8. I wonder how many in a few years will be buying over-sized SUVs and designer clothes and furniture no matter how it was made.
  9. So far Maryland has 0 points. Genius.
  10. Is he the soccer player? Maybe he's scored points in soccer?
  11. Why are people mad when they get Tacos? (the commercial)
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