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  1. Not Matt Dillon? Oh wait, that's the sheriff of Dodge City... and there's an actor by that name, too.
  2. At least we have Creighton to root for. Right? There's no bad blood between UNL and Creighton is there? I know so little about the school except it's in Omaha. Heck, surprised me that a customer to my store down here went there, but I hadn't seen him in years.
  3. Too bad we can't put that running effort onto the field...
  4. Animal House? But then I'm not a fan of that movie, it was okay. (good thing there's no downvotes any more ) I got the 1941 reference.
  5. Ah yes, gassing up (I don't mean eating at Taco Bell) in the winter.. how I don't miss it living in S. Florida for... (add 1, carry the 3).. 36+ years. Gawd.. that long already.
  6. From what I can tell I think there's others on this board that can lend you some.
  7. Making the right decision is not going to be easy. Are there people who can help without bias? Maybe there's a new position in the making on the staff/admin to help student athletes with this, one that looks out for the student more than the school?
  8. Um, somewhere east of Nebraska?
  9. When did we upset OSU? Michigan State upset. Beating UCLA in that "farm" bowl. Maybe those were before 2015? It's all a blur.
  10. I thought we're trying to forget those years. It is becoming easier the older I get.
  11. I always love this little fact when the Four Horsemen are brought up: "During the three-year tenure of the Four Horsemen, Notre Dame lost only two games; one each in 1922 and 1923, both to Nebraska in Lincoln before packed houses." (from Wikipedia)
  12. How about coming down here to sunny WARM weather? Play FIU (winless) or FAU (4-1). Think of it as Orange Bowl lite.
  13. Need a +9000 button. Just kidding, HC Frost!
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