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  1. They could show old Wide World of Sports (ABC anyway), such as Curt Gowdy fishing. I miss those. Or are those on some fishing channel? (since I no longer have cable, I don't get that) There's probably many one or few people sports still going on, those that normally appear on ESPN9000.
  2. The rivalry with Minnesota in all things became apparent when two game players (board games, mostly war games) that came to my house to play were from Wisconsin and hated everything related to Minnesota. One even named his daughter Madison, which was acceptable to the wife (now ex-wife) and she learned later why (the city). They were quite the cheeseheads. They even make pains to protect the BB Wisconsin while playing WW2 games; and of course any other Japanese players will try to sink it first for morale purposes (despite carriers being the prime target most of the time).
  3. (silly idea because I'm up late and can't get to sleep) Let's shorten the season and extend the playoff season (isn't this what hockey did?). 10 game season: play each team in own division twice (6), play one team of each other division (3), play one team in the other conference (1). This determines seeding for the double-elimination every-team-gets-in playoffs. Each team gets two weeks between playoff games for the first few rounds to allow for injury recovery; and that allows more games to be televised nationally. I think I'll turn in now and sleep on it (yeah, right).
  4. That wasn't much different than the things I've read here. Fans are pretty much the same everywhere, except of course, ours are better.
  5. I see that on this board. Always blame the Huskers for their woes, but never attribute some of it to the other team doing well or adjusting (besides coaching adjustments which does get mentioned). Sometimes the other team does actually perform better than ours.
  6. They are. I live in Florida (15 mins from the stadium even), shrimp isn't even close. I'll be working at my game store, most likely playing Dungeons & Dragons (yes, I'm a nerd) in the afternoon and I don't know what game I'll be playing that evening (that group plays something different every other week). Perhaps the game will be on the TV we have hanging on the wall, but probably be silenced until the commercials come on.
  7. That's much better. If you're going to tell a fishing story, you make it a whopper.
  8. You forgot to add: "before NU was great, that kick uplifted the morale of the team and turned it around to win 5 Natties over the next 7 years". (we can dream, right?)
  9. clickbait. seems to be a lot more (like 0 to 100+) with the ownership change and ads
  10. My eye doctor went to Maryland. I think I'll avoid seeing him for awhile.
  11. The 3rd quarter seemed to take a long time.
  12. Pressure from our D, second half? Who is this team?
  13. I wonder how many in a few years will be buying over-sized SUVs and designer clothes and furniture no matter how it was made.
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