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  1. You mean a line that is relevant to Husker football as opposed to all those mamby-pamby generic other lines that you can find on many non-humorous Hallmark cards? *snore* Prayer threads don't belong here.
  2. Let's see.. so far against Michigan, Wisconsin has - muffed a punt at 5 yard line but at least defense only let UM get a field goal, porous O-line, one of those stupid offensive 5 yard penalties (delay of game in this case), a semi-high snap where the QB had to to make a little hop, total yards early 2nd quarter: 5 (well, that's worse than NU at least). So I'll use this game as a proxy for NU football for the time being. In this case, I'm rooting for MIchigan anyway.
  3. Maybe,.. just maybe... OUR backup QB will show Heisman promise? Yeah, I know, who am I kidding.
  4. Someone should be doing stadium steps next practice,
  5. Can we give back the interception and redo all this?
  6. woah.. what was that (the TD)? I think my heart beat once. and then... sigh
  7. We have to wait until their kids grow up.
  8. Maybe it's Oklahoma not playing with the intensity they should, expecting an easy win. Riley will make adjustments and get them motivated, they will roll in 2nd half. Unfortunately.
  9. There goes my prediction. But I'm okay with that.
  10. But then Frost will need to find new poker buddies.
  11. Well, it took them 7 minutes. Maybe OK will only score 6 TDs.
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