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  1. What about the Byron Williamson kid from Lincoln. I believe he is verbally committed to Wisconsin.
  2. I really don't think you would want to fire your coach with all the players there in the locker room, on senior day, with every reporter sticking a microphone in the face wanting a quote. Let the seniors have the day and night with their families. There is probably a meeting set up for in the morning with a press conference to be set up late morning or early afternoon.
  3. I really don't think that Keith Williams is a Scott Frost type of Receivers coach. I have watched about 6 of UCF's games this year and their wide receivers really block hard. Noticed more pancakes from them than I saw from our offensive line. Not just making an outrageous statement they really get after it and seemed to take pride in it.
  4. Need a full purge of the program, can't keep any of them. Need a total cultural change and attitude change.
  5. I am glad that Tommy responded. Was he a great passer.... no, but he was a great leader who never gave up. From everything you heard he was a great teammate. Glad he was a Husker. Just like I am glad that kjsr will not be a helicopter parent at Nebraska. To many players have given more than they have been asked to to have some parent of a kid who will never play here critize a four starter at quarterback.
  6. There are so many aspects of Husker football that I took for granted but what I miss most is tough, physical, well coached offensive and defensive lines. That is what I miss most.
  7. I learned that Drew Brown is the best tackler on the team. I learned that our DLine has not been coached to keep the shoulders straight and not get turned, one if not all 3 get turned on each play. One more week......
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