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  1. I’m afraid that ego plays into it. I mean, how could Scotty Frosty be wrong and who are the fans to question him? There lies the issue
  2. This.. the lack of fire and leadership by AM is also completely obvious. Go with who is a leader and tha was not AM.
  3. Yes, mr deer in the headlights ran out of bounds on 2nd down, saving IA a timeout when they had 1 left. Overtime taken away on that very play. A Mart is not a leader, played lost again.
  4. He has not learned to coach in the Power 5, that much is obvious. His play calling is horrid at best.
  5. After Luke led us to a TD, anyone with a brain figures he comes back in a rides the momentum. Nope, Mr. Ego Scotty Frosty, could never be wrong so deer in the headlights Martinez comes back in to again lead us to defeat. The very audible collective groan of the stadium when #2 came back in said it all.
  6. Time, time, time....we are so far past the point of waiting, we just go further into the abyss of mediocrity, right Steve Peterson? If you get sucked too far into the black hole, you may never come out and we are on that brink, IMO.
  7. Completely checked out, Husker Volleyball from here on out. I sold my tix to both IA and WI back in September when the Kool Aid drunk was running wild knowing all well I'd be deer hunting for the WI game and with family for the IA game. Until the hype build up before the spring game.....c ya
  8. Yeah, we do that in 2020, you can sit with me at a game in 2021 (my choice). We can talk about which December bowl game we will play in.
  9. Not blaming Capri at all. She is a standout scholar athlete and I did not intend to make it sound that way.
  10. My reference to Scotty Frosty is a humorous attempt at trying to take a few notches out of his ego, which is larger than life ! I want him to succeed and I want the program to succeed. It would be great, that anytime soon, my now 18 and 14 year old kids have any idea what it is like to go into Memorial Stadium with one of the best teams in the country in the scarlet and cream.
  11. It could have easily been avoided if more information would have been provided to squash the rumor-ville social media. I had heard a completely different story about Capri than the one she put to rest on her Tweet. The 24/7 world we live in is brutal, not surprising stuff like this gets out and gains traction
  12. So a year from now, it will be interesting to hear all the Kool Aid drinkers telling us that Scotty Frosty is still doing a good job and we will be a .500 (or worse) team still ? I'd wager tickets to a game in 2 seasons that we will, at best, be a .500 team. If Scotty checks his ego and puts on the big boy pants and really wants to be a power 5 head coach, he can do it but up to this point, he has shown he is either too inexperienced or too stubborn to make the tough calls.
  13. Be careful in speaking for all of us, as "WE" all were not 100% wanting this or sold on it. Typical response to someone sharing an opinion which is not drunk on Kool Aid. There are a lot of fans/seasons ticket holders/donors saying the same thing as the OP. But, since it does not paint a great picture of Scotty Frosty, all the sudden it is discounted/trashed. I can take the blinders off and see that things are far from right. Seeing how current players families have went off on Twitter during the games, seeing that we have to have group apology sessions, seeing that the performance on the field has went the wrong direction all season (I can go on) says that something is not working and something needs to be changed with the staff, scheme, etc. Scotty Frosty needs an ego check and needs help. This is Power 5 football and he and staff have not adjusted for S##T to it from UCF where you had 1 or 2 Power 5 games a year.
  14. ahhh....remember the days when the schedule didn't matter and we took on everyone, with an edge, and we were the feared team? Yeah, it has been a LONG time ago for that to have taken place. Now, we worry about how hard our schedule could be. The Bob Father has to be rolling over in his grave.
  15. Great environment tonight and the Bob was rocking. 2 great teams in a slobber knocker and the crowd was awesome. Enjoyed this evening to no end and glad we have a true top 10 team and program on campus. These ladies are fun to watch
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