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  1. Fair enough. I was thinking of the era of 2000 to present with my statement, but you are correct.
  2. You make a valid point, but he was not given the time Pelini was either and definitely brought in way more talent to NU if you are hanging your hat on recruiting rankings.
  3. Some of very best recruiting classes we ever had at NU were from the Callahan era, correct? Did that equate to anything then, no not really, so why will it automatically equate to anything now? Callahan gets a lot of grief, mainly due to his loyalty to Cosgrove, but in all honesty, he was the best coach we have had at NU since Osborne and that includes Scotty Frosty. He recruited like crazy with a staff that knew what they wanted to do, especially on offense. If he had dumped Cosgrove, he could very well still be here as HC. We have an uphill climb with a green staff who are still trying to figure out if they should zig or zag. Ego's aside, the chore is not insurmountable, but we are the little brother of college football not only in our own conference, but in the nation. A good year for NU going forward would be to finish in the top half of the conference. That is not giving up, that is reality.
  4. I'd say he is more than just an "assistant" with the title of "associate head coach" and more than likely "coach in waiting" He is one of the best young coaches in the country. Again, someone has to be first and we have the funds to do it. Why not solidify the program for years to come by not only locking in Hildebrand, but also make it worth the while of other coaches to come and stay. Jaylen is an up and comer too, why would you want to leave NE to be a head coach somewhere else if the $$ and environment is perfect?
  5. As bad as our special teams have been (on bad teams to boot), it would be refreshing to see a dedication to trying to win that phase of the game and if Sean is the guy, I am all for it. Im guessing he and Bill talked football on more than one occasion.....just spit balling that idea.
  6. I understand that and do know what the "going rate" is. Someone has to be "first" or "push the bar" why not here? We are flush with $$$ from the B1G and the sport makes money at UNL. Why not have an arms race for V-ball? I'd think that our fans deserve it and those in the program do too. Everything does not have to be about football. At least V-ball is good
  7. Salaries are still pretty low, IMO. For a revenue producing sport that is one of the top 5 programs in the country, I'd be happy to see salaries doubled for all 3 coaches. Pay them well, keep them here, keep building upward and onward.
  8. Tough to lose Miller. She played in every single set this year and is one heck of a server. I am guessing she wanted to be more a full time player at libero. Against our top competition at the end of the season, she was lacking on the defensive side of the game and seemed to be out of position quite a bit. For either of our liberos, the last 2 at Nebraska were 2 of the best the program has ever had, so they had big shoes to fill. I wish her the best as she was fun to watch.
  9. Our journey at Nebraska is uphill, to be nice. Even as our division rivals lose people to the draft and graduation, we are still trying to figure it out. We can’t even begin to talk about the East as we are an even longer way off from OSU, PSU, and U of Mich. If we really looking at how far people fell.....going from pre-season #24 to final ranking of around #100, I’d argue that NU laid the biggest turd while Tex@ss and Michigan may be unhappy, but are light years ahead of us.
  10. You are killing me Smalls ! Keep up the off-season Kool Aid
  11. So, what you are saying, in at least half (if not more) of our games next year, we will be underdogs going in, playing against a ranked team. Getting to a bowl next year better be the goal as the road is not paved in W's.
  12. Watching the game and thinking who on our roster would even make the 2 deep on either team.
  13. Meyer and Allick are both on the same club team this year and being coached by a member of the Husker staff (Jaylen). That should help both of them get ready for the jump to Nebraska. There are several other D1 players on their roster, so they should be a very good club team this year VCN 18 Elite Roster I have heard that Meyer was late onto the club volleyball scene. That has probably hurt her overall development. Edited to add: The VCN 18 Elite Club V-ball team is ranked #25 in the country right now. They will be fun to watch this year.
  14. I'd have to guess, he would also have a "head coach in waiting" line in his new job description to go along with the new title. Cook looks good, still gets it done, has one of the top 3-4 programs in the country and has a model of how to do it. Terry Pettit brought him over when he was ready to step away and Cook left a very good program to do so. I think the legacy of Cook will be when and how he steps away as no one can argue with what he has done for the sport not only in Nebraska but around the country. The NCAA final four is in Omaha this year and Nebraska has a full squad coming back, it may be the right time to be thinking that way.
  15. I do know a lot goes into how a HS kid gets "rated" going into college......but, there is a big jump still and once you get past the 5 star guys and the top 4 star guys, it is a coin flip IMO. Look at NFL rosters and notice where a lot of these players come from. Many rosters are filled with guys who were not even in power 5 conferences or went to colleges no one ever heard of. Once a player gets here, regardless of the number of stars behind his name, they need to be willing to work and put in what is needed. They need to be developed by coaches and if either part is not 100% up to speed, you become what you see at Nebraska. The number of stars behind our recruits is not going to magically fix anything. As the NFL rosters prove, there are a lot of NFL stars who came from way down the list of the recruiting rankings.
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