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  1. BigRedN

    OT Bryce Benhart

    Probably the best rated player we get to finish up this class. At least it's at a great position of need and beats out Wisky.
  2. BigRedN

    *** Official Northwestern Game Thread ***

    Hmmm, guess Frost saw that differently than you. It happened. Bootle's interferences also happened ... or perhaps they didn't. I'm sure Bottle and Davis are coached differently then these choices and positions they put themselves into. This is how players lose games. Coaches are certainly part of the losing as well. :-(
  3. BigRedN

    *** Official Northwestern Game Thread ***

    Davis hitting the QB on the head when you have a 7 point lead a few minutes left in game and have NW trapped on their own one yard line ... for me ... that's as stupid and boneheaded as it comes. It gave them an automatic first down and moved the ball out to about the 16 yard line or something
  4. BigRedN

    *** Official Northwestern Game Thread ***

    Enjoy your volleyball sir. Sorry to see you go.
  5. BigRedN

    RB/WR Wandale Robinson

    Totally relaxed! Just responding to the guy who somehow thinks I'm not behind Frost. I've got plenty of years on this board with stated views. Um, you read a lot into my post. No attitude at all. Could you perhaps have one?
  6. BigRedN

    RB/WR Wandale Robinson

    Yes, unfortunately, most Husker fans wouldn't take the "risk" of Frost three years ago, accepting Riley instead I realize Frost probably would have said "No" then as well. But, I was a fan rooting for him to be our coach. I believed before most ... but I also stopped drinking red kool-aid as have chosen a long term buy on Frost and have no conditions or timelines for him. He loves far more than our fan base and will stick around long term ... something half of our fan base won't do.
  7. BigRedN

    RB/WR Wandale Robinson

    Pipelines are not built in 1-2 years @SECHusker. Frost will fix this. @ScottyIce, you crack me up. Good jab to my fandom. Selah.
  8. BigRedN

    OT Danielson Ike

    Wow, this is a big disappointment.
  9. BigRedN

    RB/WR Wandale Robinson

    Love to have him. Unfortunately, until the OL pipeline is built these skill guys will look average. Still 3-4 years away. If I were him I'd be going to OSU or Kentucky. Hopefully he buys into Frost & Company and feels he can make an impact ... because he will have to do it on his own with our OL.
  10. BigRedN

    RB Breece Hall [Iowa State Commit]

    Love to see the staff open this RB as an option.
  11. BigRedN

    *** Official Wisconsin Game Thread ***

    ^^^ Ya, I understand.
  12. BigRedN

    *** Official Wisconsin Game Thread ***

    Need to start a thread ... Who is the next player to bail on the . :-)
  13. BigRedN

    Big Day For Ozigbo

    Sorry to have to express this ... but Purdue Star power and D versus Michigan is a whole mother level lower. So, I love how hard he ran, enjoy that our OL did well in general ... but I give some of that away to the weakness of Purdue. It's really the same with all these teams scoring lots of points on us. Are they that good or are we just that inept? As stated in general by our coach and this board, we are perhaps the worst in the country at hurting ourselves.
  14. BigRedN

    Will we beat Bethune Cookman?

    I see two chances to win. BC and Illinois. For 20 years this program lost it's way. As stated, it will take time to learn how to be a champion again. This clip from Ses Biscuit is our journey and future.