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  1. JJ, as usual, your a radio type guy [I get it]. There was/is never any problem with anyone adjusting their predictions. That's great. You've probably done it several times. The point that was being made was all the pre-season prediction heads [ya, that's you obviously] who went in the coachspeak and bloviation of Frost, it's just so fascinating how you look down at the folks who have been expression warnings and concerns. Then, you get your rep points for slaming others predictions [ya know, those 4-8 or 5-7 "negative Nancy's" type folks]. And again, now, that same folks have done 1-2 revisions and then if you state that you still think were going to go 5-7, one is looked at like an idiot again ... all the while the folks who were 9-3 or 8-4 types now state we can't win another game. You may be correct. Am I more knowledgeablle ... oh hell no! I've always claimed to be just a fan. You also don't see me posting a lot. I'm sure you have me at a 3/1 ratio. It's a forum full of opinion, ignorance and stupidity. I'll go ahead a take any shame you want to give me for lack of facts, being ignorant and full of stupidity. I'm just humored by the deviation of those who claim others as "negative" who have not only flopped their 9-3 record to 3-9 ... but it's actually even worse. It appears that the folks who are in that camp now think they can actually gaslight the entire board. You often brag about blocking folks who are the real idiots and problem on the board. You know you can do that JJ.
  2. That's hilarious. I don't even think that was an auto-correct. I just pulled a Frosty man.
  3. You probably aren't following my posts then. I stated I would have a base of 5-6 million a year and then make it the rest based on performance based on record. It would have incremental bumps based on getting where we wanted to be in year 1, 2 and 3.
  4. Um, I'm assuming money, opportunity and incentive will spree on anyone's imagination. It has work in capitalism and I think it could work here. Let me ask you, would you pay 12-15 million dollars if we were 10-2, or 11-1 in two years?
  5. Enjoyed your thoughts ... but of course, I'd be willing to stomach Urban. I don't think he would be that bad. Here's what I'd do. I'd see if he would bite on something like what Frost was given. Maybe, just a bit more. Now, before you throw stones ... please, let me finish. From there, I'd make a contract that was filled with incentives. In that would be a bonus for B1G conferene record, a bonus for winning the East side of the conference, a bonus for winning the B1G and on upwards. I'd also put a bonus in there for a timeline on the turn around. In all this, I would make it specific to a period of years being around 3-4. I haven't really seen a contract for a coach that would be really geared more toward a "performance contract". I would set out a course for his record and then as well a few aspects related to character and the state of the program that will be maintained [and bonuses there as well]. Because he has a shorter window ... and a successful track record, this is how I would take on Urban as a coach that I think provides some necessary safe guards. Would/will that happen ... I doubt it! It's at least a view and an idea.
  6. I made this meme today that I think describes my view. :-)
  7. Yes, I get you. Two fellas in the same ship here.
  8. I know you seem to be getting a lot of flack. I would be one believing that Urban would get us farther in the next 2-3 years, and probably bring us into the next crop of up and comers for him then to hand off the program to the best person. We wouldn't be "starting over". I don't think Urban will fumble the ball, nor put us in any scandal. Maybe something small like what Frost did [our little "golden boy" who can'tdo anything wrong"]. Yes, I will pinch my nose for 2-3 years. At this point I would do that because of the state of Knebraska football. We have lost are way and I actually think Urban would want to restore ... and it would most definitely be a good ego boost. I'm reminded of that thought, God opposes the proud but gives grace to the humble. It is my view that is perhaps still not at our bottom and needs to receive more humility. Until then, I'll try to enjoy our self-made soap opera as we drown in our own pettiness and self-centeredness. It's at least a show exposes the pride of Husker Nation. A few will learn from this. I am one.
  9. @Hilltop, for me, Taylor came across as "respectful" toward Frost, despite what he really felt was surprising in regards to Frost. All of that makes perfect sense to me. When Frost was hired, [right, wrong or indifferent] it sorta felt like Scott was set up to be "the Chosen One". I guess its why I've felt personally "betrayed". I know folks laugh at me for that, but of all people I thought wouldn't bloviate, coachspeak or take shortcuts toward "restoring the order", I wouldn't have ever imagined Frost getting anywhere close to that realm. Yet, it sounds like he did. If that is "slander", I guess I'm guilty as well. Here's the clip that this reminds me of ... For me, Scott is Anakin and Steve Taylor is Obyone.
  10. I have a question for you. Do you truly believe this is "slander"? Additionally, since Scott has stated to multiple players that he wasn't being supported by them, do you believe that was also "slander"? Finally, was it the right call by Frost to not show up for that olayer gathering that both TO and Trev appeared at, alo g with many former players?
  11. It makes you wonder if we really could make practices harder than actual games. In my own personal marathon training, that's how I prepared for the last 6.2 miles. I can't tell you how many times I ran 13.1 miles at around a 9:00 pace and followed that up on Saturday with a 14-15 miler running faster and then on Sunday knock out a 15-16 miler at an 8 minute pace. Sounds crazy. Yet, there are so many difficulties in training where I tried to make it tougher. I just don't get it.
  12. We receive this. We need this. Hopefully, we fall into more humbleness and see our errors and change our mind. I hope.
  13. Ya, I get that. It makes sense. As predicted. The same folks who bloviate some amazing outcome are also the first and worst to go to the other direction [and really only a few games into the season this time]. It's obvious that this hits a cord. My guess is that one can look up your prediction both before and now ... and the deviation will be quite great. It all points to your measure of fandom I guess. Why not just stay with your prediction instead of throwing stones. You are correct however, I am a weird. Unfortunately, it's not another weird year. It's just another year of awakening to those who have been asleep.
  14. Um, I was one expressing my own "dislike" and the sh!t [of coachspeak from Frost] and the folks on the "high horse" [several were even Mods] always seem to take the time to sorta put us "negative Nancy's" in our place. It's just humorous that you would accuse a 5-7 of being on his high horse. Prior, I was negative. Now I'm positive. Yet, the only type of person who would state this are the 9-3 person who now states we can't even win a game. It all might be true ... but maybe it might be good for these folks to stop predicting. It doesn't sound like they are very good at it. :-)
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