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  1. He still feels to me like the Brendan Radley-Hiles of 2020 ... but because of our need ... glad to see him pursued regardless.
  2. The Title for "frost is in big trouble" should probably be renamed, "April Wine is in big trouble". I have not read this thread, nor will I, but after the big fella's doubled down and gave Scott and extended his contract ... HE IS NOT IN BIG TROUBLE ... it will just lead to further uncertainty by the fan base [the "greatest fans on earth"].
  3. "Half the fan base" ... that's funny. He will probably lose you ... that will be okay.
  4. He's gonna be a kicker. Hey, who knows. :-)
  5. This was suppose to be a "trap" game. :-) Really, did not learn anything. Next week ... will we prove it?
  6. A WIN ... Safe to come back?


    I purposed to stay away from Huskerboard until we won again.  Had a nice 45 day break.  :-)

    1. GSG


      Probably not safe. There's still some real f#&%ing morons around

  7. Frost is my guy. I thought we'd go 7-5 this year. At present, I think Frost is over his head. I'm going to shut up now ... and take time away. Like a caterpillar, I need to go into a cocoon to be a "butterfly" on this board on down the road. Go Big Red!
  8. Pathetic to give up those 11 yards. Sad.
  9. For me, McCaffrey going in for one play is a good example of BAD COACHING on Frost's part. As our coach as for all the coaches, they have to look at the players they are planning on using for four games and truly strategize on how they will use these players [what games, what scenarios and for what purpose] and build a "mini-game plan" on what the purpose and goals are followed up with evaluations for these players. Sure, if you have an emergency like what happened ... it could be different ... but how about really planning that out as well? This is Div I football. To me, it was and still is very baffling. You can't fly by the seat of your pants. I hate to be critical but for me it was just bad coaching [thus I even capitalized it]. Still, in Frost I Trust ... I hope for the best out of him and his mistakes will get corrected, along with better input and impact from his coaches.
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