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  1. It would have been nice to have Wisky at home and see if we could win. Actually, we only need 6 games to move on and I thought this was gonna be a loss. If we can beat PSU and win the rest it is quite a story that could be sold. So, we control everything moving forward and this can be a great season of momentum. I'm chosing this view and road. The other one has "butthurt" all over it.
  2. Would we get kicked out of the B1G if we played a Red/White game?
  3. The #1 play was the QB who throws the INT and then makes a beastly tackle resulting in a fumble. Man, we could use some of that with our self-inflicted wounds at that spot. :-)
  4. This game confirmed all the holes, as one would expect it to. Here are a few: CB's can't cover elite WR. Wandale is only WR threat and all one needs to do is blanket him down to shut down the WR's. We cannot not run from the RB position. OL improved but can't generate 4+ yard runs consistently against good DL. QB's still struggle with ball security. How will we beat the beatable teams if we are our worst enemy. The penalty issue continues to baffle me. The bad calls on defense really killed us. Somewhere/somehow refs have to
  5. Understanding Grace - JimBob Once you fully understand the Grace message it is so hard to listen to any other teachings and all you want to do is let people know they don't have to follow the many rules of the religious message or laws of the old testiment. Once we get Grace and have the spirit of Jesus living in us, our heart Will become his own heart and we will see that we will no longer be obligated by the law or the rules of religion! We will see through his eyes and have a heart likes his. We will love his people the way they need to be loved and see what he sees
  6. The New Creation - Mark Grateful that in Jesus' New Covenant, we are literally resting in the only thing that matters ... that being a new creation [Galatians 6:15]. The believer is not focusing on the Law and the religion system that focused on what we do or don't do [the example in that passage is the circumcision required under the Law]. Nope! The believer has placed faith in the gospel [His death, burial and resurrection ... thus, our own death and burial of the spiritually dead relationship to Adam and our new birth to the Life we received by grace IN Christ].
  7. 247 has Breese on a Top 15 Rising Star for this year. RB BREECE HALL, IOWA STATE Breece Hall (Photo: Kim Klement, USA TODAY Sports) Forget Brock Purdy. Iowa State is winning again because of running back Breece Hall. He's second nationally averaging 132.8 rushing yards and already has eight touchdowns on the ground. The running back's improvement from last season is apparent. He's running harder and it shows. The sophomore's average run has jumped from 4.8 yards to 5.7 in 2020.
  8. Being "Filled up to the Fullness of God". That quote/statement from Ephesians 3:19 came to my mind this morning after enjoying a Chinese buffet yesterday for the first time in 6-7 months. When you choose a buffet, we all realize that we have a certain amount of food to partake in and enjoy. If you are like me, I take in my favorite things [usually in the first trip] and purpose to include some necessary things [veggies] in my second trip. I don't do heaping plates but small servings of 4-5 items. It's on my third trip that I revisit my favorite items that I want to m
  9. Dear brother or sister IN Christ, I am your fellow brother in the arena of shame and blame. Yes, we are two fella's in the same ship. That's why we share in a fellowship, a special connection ... a sort of unity in our deadness. What am I saying ... where am I going. Well, we were both born spiritually dead IN Adam. It's that simple! For some of us, this "spiritual deadness" led us to the bottomless pit of darkness and insanity where we were spiritually into selfish states of insanity. Within that spiral, those we loved most, couldn't understand how we
  10. Thanks Coach ... I truly appreciate it ... but I'd appreciate it more if you would get off here and get back to coaching and recruiting. We need you in those trenches ... not here. Thanks.
  11. Ya, we can't keep posting around a Top 20 recruiting class and then lose three 4* recruits each cycle before they even show up. Never saw the stat on that but that had to drop us out of the Top 30 for that class pretty quickly.
  12. Fullyhusked, it would be great if these were "facts". If so, why in #2 do you state, "it seems we have cooled". Can you state the source to this if it is a fact? Why did you state a "fact" as a "feeling" or "appearance". I would have imagined #1 as being true and it would make "common sense" for #3 to have some merit ... so, personally, I think you are stating an opinion that many could make on a forum ... but it is not a "fact". Would this be "bloviating"? :-) I sure hope your opinion or facts are true regardless. Welcome to the board.
  13. FREE BIRD - Katby Rasnake I’m a free bird flying high with Christ, Loving my Lord, living out His life! I’m seated in heaven while this body's on earth, My identity defined by the miraculous new birth. I’m not earth-bound to any thing, For His death on a cross was not in vain! I fly high in the liberty that made me free, And now all I want is for others to see, That Jesus came to earth to set the captives free! Won't you come fly like a free bird with me? KR Luke 4:18-19; John 8:36; 2 Corinthians
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