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  1. Articles from the OWH don't count. If you can't read an article that it carry's no weight on here. :-) Both the OWH and the one from Lincoln drive me nuts with the "pay to read" thing.
  2. Ya, obviously. It was a link that Google put up first in a search on my phone. :-)
  3. That would make sense ... and make this guy a bit more clueless in his article. More being revealed for sure.
  4. https://huskercorner.com/2020/01/22/nebraska-football-good-position/amp/#referrer=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.google.com&amp_tf=From %1%24s I know nothing about this guy. I just don't understand how being ranked 41st at OL and the 19# ranked in Michigan means this guy somehow shows we are recruiting so well at the position. In my mind, I'm picturing a Fantasy Football draft and 40 OL go off the board and then we select this guy. Nothing computes to me. Obviously, the rankings must be off. Additionally, I don't know if I really want a "blank canvas" or want to look at that as a positive. I'd rather have another Corcoran. :-) More to be revealerd I'm sure.
  5. Wisky already has two 4* OL for 2021 in Top 150.  Solid.

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    2. Toe


      Iowa is at #9, we're sitting at #14, and Minnesota is right behind us at #15. Interestingly, Michigan is at #22 and Penn State is #27. It's like those two have switched places with the top four West division teams. Ohio State is still #1, though.



    3. swmohusker


      This early team rankings dont really mean much. Iowa has 6 commits (.88)and Wisconsin has 8 .(88).  Michigan has 2 with an average of (.97) Penn State has  3 (.87) but they with a star average similar to Iowa and Wiscy.  

    4. BIG ERN

      BIG ERN

      It helps when you always get good in state OL...last two years 3/4 are 4*. Kids are massive and all from WI


      6-8 / 320
      6-7 / 273

      6-7 / 260

      6-6 / 270
  6. Dang, what a great lookin' prospect. My guess is he is Top 3-5 at the TE spot. Man amidst the boys for sure.
  7. This was a bit more of what I was thinking ... it makes more sense ... at least this early on. Personally, I don't think the Huskers are in any position to just "pass so quickly" and be that judgmental. I'm sure the coaches have a better grasp than anyone here.
  8. @Ziebol ... amidst your view and statement ... just curious how quickly and easily you have dismissed a player that the staff obviously offerred? I'm not criticizing you ... I just don't understand how you have such detailed insight into the offer that would merit the "pass" so quickly? Any more insight for us? As always ... I'm just a fan. I start to garner a viewpoint on various players at times after I follow them a while ... but this guy? ... I have no clue at this point. Maybe they may be looking at him for another position as well. Who knows? Pass
  9. I'll be curious how things will pan out as it relates to if Illinois has a good season, along with ND ... and we hit the 6-6 mark. I also don't see an Ohio State offer here, which really surprises me.
  10. What's going on for him to miss Junior Day? Anyone?
  11. Agreed and good thoughts ... still, it's all about the OL and DL. This is where the rebuild and "restore the order" returns the to the helmet. Pieces are coming in that area but 3-4 years before any type of "pipeline" opportunity occurs.
  12. My guess is he catches on at Oregon State. :-)
  13. Since my view is that at best we are 7-5 or 6-6 and perhaps 5-7 or 4-8, I'll be very curious how we get him. It just seems that Wisky will have it's usual season ... as will we ... and so back to the curiousness of what he sees or how he buys in to us and our opportunity. As I state that ... it just seems that the fan base is ready to dump Frost after this next tough season. The administration is ALL :bigredn: on Frost ... but the fan base things we should be 10-2 each of the last two seasons. Some said we would have a Natty by now. Absolutely crazy perceptions, even on this board. Most ... and I do mean MOST ... have expected 50% more and even a quicker timeline. Most have had a different perception on the OL and DL. I'm glad to have EZ back ... may his view and comments lead to a better grasp of where we are really at. Sure would like to land him as well as that TE. Pass
  14. You make it sound so EZ! I like it.
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