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  1. BigRedN

    Obligatory "Is Iowa a Rival" Thread

    The "curious" is simply by "how much". It's always the humor to me on this board ... kinda like those who had us hanging lots of points on MSU. :-) I'll be hoping that we can play some hard-nosed football with few mistakes ... I'll be happy with the result. It would be nice to see that Iowa, as well, missed their last opportunity to beat us while we were down.
  2. BigRedN

    Obligatory "Is Iowa a Rival" Thread

    I hear so many Huskerboard members over the years say "Iowa Sucks", only to lose again to them. Yesterday Iowa beat Illinois 63-0 ... so, I will be curious how much they say we beat them by at their stadium. I've always disliked Iowa and the whole B1G. The conference though is better now then it was when we were in the Big XII and Big 8.
  3. BigRedN

    S Noa Pola-Gates

    I would think that at least one of those nine crystal balls selections will fall within the first few days if his sister's signing is any draw. Sure would be nice to get more then a sniff.
  4. BigRedN

    Nebraska v Michigan State: 11 am on FOX

    Agreed. So, then in comes down to sound, fundamental football. If we don't have turnovers this game is ours.
  5. BigRedN

    ***Official Illinois Look-A-Like Thread***

    Zac Holman Paul Bettany
  6. BigRedN

    Do We Win Out?

    The proper statement is ... "we could win out". To say, "we should win out" implies so much superiority to this team. There are plenty of issues still left to fix on our own side of the street to say "we should".
  7. BigRedN

    What did we learn: Ohio State

    If I would have given a prediction it would have been 17-63. OSU really surprised me. In their effort. We are trying but still are learning how to get out of our own old mind. No complaints. Renewed ... DAY BY DAY!
  8. BigRedN

    WR Wandale Robinson [Kentucky Commit]

    Don't believe we land Ty either.
  9. BigRedN

    CB Javin Wright [Nebraska Commit]

    Even with all the predictions I wouldn't put hope in this commit until it happened. He's not our best recruit but I'm elated to get him. Just thought UCLA and Kelly were gonna "sniff and steal" one from us with UCLA having us in most recruiting battles. Welcome aboard!
  10. BigRedN

    Ohio State game day weather

    For me, I think the weather is inconsequential compared to us projecting up and them down. Them coming off an embarrassing loss and having two weeks to prepare ... I expect Meyer to have these kids prepared. They will need to reverse the current trend and our boys will be feeling they can hang and won't have the mindset to withstand their talent and determined heart. I think we see some mistakes and "old ways" that leads to a blowout loss of 28 or more. Hate to express that ... but that is more realistic in my mind then the weather issue.
  11. BigRedN

    Keith Williams

    "Posion" is a terrible word to use. Can't even find it in the dictionary. No comprende!! :-)
  12. BigRedN

    JUCO S Markquese Bell

    Why are you bringing Jesus into this and telling him to "let it go"? :-)
  13. BigRedN

    CB Javin Wright [Nebraska Commit]

    I go along with this. Additionally. UCLA always seems to beat us out for key recruits. Having Chip there certainly cements my leaning that he goes to UCLA. It will be a miss with the family connection/Dad being a Husker. Thankfully, we seem to be winning the prediction contest. Hope it pans out. I'll be curious who will be the better college player ... his Dad was a good player in my memory.
  14. BigRedN

    WR Marcus Washington [Texas Commit]

    Well, at least it's Texas getting a St. Louis guy rather than OSU. We never seem to grab any traction in this area.