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  1. I agree. Amidst a year that rankings might be in question ... the eyeball test and the heart go with some nice benchmarks here.
  2. Hey Vince, that's encouraging to hear. I know you have more of the background for this stuff. I had him below those other prospects myself. Definitely not a OL Tackle ... at least for me.
  3. I just don't see anything special or worthy of even a 3* label here. He's got a bigness with little strength. He has slow footwork and stands up before he moves into his block. He doesn't explode into any block on his hudl film. Most everything in his film is him blocking a guy 50 pounds lighter. I can see most DE guys and their quickness skirting this guy in a pass rush. He is a run blocker of because of his size. I don't project him as a starter ever, he's just filling up a roster spot. I'd hate to have this guy on pass protection.
  4. Enjoyed your stat comparison. Thanks for the work. Here's how I was thinking and seeing it ... We averaged just around 200-201 yards per game. Of that, Martinez averaged about 75 YPG and Luke averaged about 52 YPG ... for a total of 127 YPG of the 200-201 yards rushing. I took these stats from here ... http://www.cfbstats.com/2020/team/463/rushing/index.html I think that is far too high of a percentage of the total running yards for that position. Since you used OSU in the example, here are those stats. OSU averaged around 257 yards per game rushing. Of that, Fi
  5. Yes, one would need to compare OSU verses us in rushing and see how many yards come from RB verses QB. My guess is that we have far more production at RB from QB than OSU. Thus, that statistic isn't telling to the full story. We need more yards from the real RB position .... and then more production in the passing game.
  6. ^^ Agreed. I had a phrase I taught my tennis players ... "solid play wins the day". It would just be nice to see this in each game so that one can more discern the growth or potential of each person at a position. It feels weird to be this far into this coaching staff and to still feel "iffy", at least on the offensive side. The OL is feeling like a good direction for sure. "Solid play", for me, means we win 7-8 games and we build off that momentum into a really easy schedule next year were 9 wins is possible. Then, I think we can sell some "Frost Effect" into recruiting.
  7. This was interesting. Enjoyed your read. I'm just the opposite. I watch the whole season. I watch none of the bowls except for the big playoff game bowls. I really refuse to watch the lower tier bowls ... all that is a waste as I see it. I personally wouldn't reward a team nor want any game with less than 8 wins. Comparing my thoughts to basketball .. I'd watch any game in the bracket of 64 teams and find it intriguing [and I'm a football first guy over basketball] ... but when it comes to the NIT, I won't watch any of it but perhaps the championship game ... and even then ... it's a ya
  8. I'm a fan of this kid. I'd say he moves my needle more than Torres. But poor Torres, that kid's film has so many breakdowns on the OL. I like this kids technique and accuracy better. Since we are not in on any real stud, I'd be a fan of getting Torres and this kid. I could see Torres here for a couple of season and then a send off to a lower school for sure. I just don't know if we can really develop at the QB position yet so I can't project in my mind what we would do with any QB. Guess Martinez has baffled or blinded my eyes from seeing what our coaches can do at that position.
  9. For me, I think more folks miss the bigger point, which is losing a guy that was a good player, a "face to the team" sort a guy, who just needed more added around him and better play from various positions. Add Toure to a Wandale plus the other pieces is better than ... "he's really not that good ... he can't get open ... he's better at RB ... we don't need him [but good luck at Kentucky]". Some of those things might have been true ... given the lack at other positions and players ... but you don't ever want to lose one of your best skill players. You keep him and the talent and experience
  10. Well sure ... but the sky isn't falling. We [the board] believe we are on the uptick and getting who we need [that is what I'm being told] to compete for championships. I'm not in agreement with that view ... but various folks shame you for acknowledging the wrongs, errors and shortcomings [as one sees it].
  11. Interesting ... it actually encouraged me. I like to see better teams looking at our guys.
  12. Jason, I loved this. This is the way I feel about "religion". The funny and fascinating part is why folks get all upset about folks talking about the grace and love of God. For me, it's pretty wild to be a Gentile and excluded from the life of God and feel quite unlovely from my own nature ... and then to be rescued by the Divine Love, Life and Liberty of Father, Son and Spirit. Yet, I realize that many have gotten much religion and the view that one must "change" to be loved or forgiven. It was and is actually quite the opposite. So, who knows if you are throwing stones at me or you
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