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  1. Enjoyed reading how these Iowa fans perceive Fidone, verse Iowa at the TE position. https://iowa.forums.rivals.com/threads/rivals-mike-farrell-says-iowa-commit-is-the-next-george-kittle-travis-kelce.303377/
  2. I posted this because it is a recent article ... not to make any recruiting point. Thought the board would enjoy the read from a Hawk perspective.
  3. This is an article from March 23 on Keagan. https://www.hawkeyenation.com/recruiting/iowa-football-well-positioned-for-nebraska-athlete-keagan-johnson
  4. Its fascinating to see @Decked's confidence. I applaud, yet, on Keagan's page he talks to @HANC in the same tone. It's just my observation. You can go read the three page thread to gather your own opinion. Actually, 2-3 others try to convince HANC he is wrong. HANC simply states what his sense from the friends he knows. That was in early March. So, according to Decked we are locked in on both Keagan and Fidone, regardless of any info of CB's that Keagan is going to Iowa. It appears that Decked has the same strong view toward Fidone. I still see Keagan as a solid Iowa lean [even Kansas St. ahead of us?] and Fidone as 50/50 [emotionally I feel he should be or is a Iowa lean]. I do believe they have said they want to play together. If true, then that leans Fidone another few percentage points toward Iowa in my eyes. None of this is how I want it, nor, like HANC am I debating, just being honest with my sense [fully knowing Imy sense could be wrong]. HANC admits at least his view is pessimistic. :-) Finally, I have no issues with anyone on the board nor in these interactions. I am one with all.
  5. I'm pretty sure @HANC is speaking of Keagan Johnson, who is the Iowa lean, as Fidone is a 50/50 lean. The last few posters seem to think Dickerson is who he was talking about. HANC, can you confirm, maybe I'm wrong? I'm with HANC on his opinion, Johnson and Fidone could both be at Iowa [I think Fidone should be more of an Iowa lean than he is].
  6. For me, I'd feel more comfy if Iowa got their TE. Until then ... I'll be nervous.
  7. I just learned you can't post something that is political as your update status. Okay. First I've heard of that ... but I stay out the politics area as much as I can. Thanks @Mavric for letting me know. Always appreciate the work our Mods do. Anyway, Rachel Maddow has been pretty vocal on her views. Is this really "journalism" ... probably at Mizzou it is. https://www.youtube.com/embed/cLJB0VoqVQY?version=3&rel=1&fs=1&autohide=2&showsearch=0&showinfo=1&iv_load_policy=1&wmode=transparent&fbclid=IwAR3IqnhTg8XH0j7uqlbX8Sbsoeq52iqhcrw3IWnBSqZiW_Nlc5ZZDxJ8d0E I found it humorous to see both ships come into port over the past few days ... right on schedule. I'm not gonna spend much time trying to redo the "status update" I did. You can go watch the videos if you like. Now, I'll wait to see this 2-3.5 million lives get snuffed out in America. I'm sure the side that wants that to happen will be gloating in no time. And when it doesn't happen ... I'm not expecting anything. Just like when folks said we were gonna go 10-2 or 9-3 the past few years. Ya, you will go find your rock. It's okay ... the rest of us just wish you could be a part of humanity instead of trying to right in all things.
  8. Ya, I get that. We are in America. In a place like South Africa and very little knowledge ... it creates lots of fears. Here is "Prophet" Simon, a guy I talked to yesterday after he sent me this warning. It is quite a hoot. But to the folks he "ministers" too, it can and does create a lot of fear. WhatsApp Audio 2020-03-25 - Prophet Simon.ogg
  9. Same as any human ... it appears we all have immune systems that can be weak and be infected by the actions of others around them. The world is amazing ... and still not perfect. Most of us [perhaps not you] are selfish and our survival instincts take over and then we consider ourselves as more important than others. It appears that we cause harm, perhaps even without knowing it, by our selfish actions and lack of considering. Death and sickness always comes to the weakest in any culture at any level. That's my two cents ... from a very small brain. I'm like Forrest Gump, "I'm not a smart man ... but I know what love is." :-)
  10. As a general reality, folks I work with overseas , like South Africa, have more of an Old Covenant perspective of their concept of God. My take is the more you perceive God as an Old Covenant God verses the New Covenant God who mediated Jesus' New Covenant ... the more likely the view that these types of sicknesses or diseases are from God ... instead of mans own choices. I'm in probably 5-7 conversations a day right now counseling folks in African countries who believe the world is ending, this plague is God's final warning and get ready for a "rapture". I could provide some samples if you like. It's sad but also humorous.
  11. Grateful for an elderly lady who shared some of her TP with me.  I have four more rolls.  :-)

    1. huKSer


      I'm a guy living by myself.


      I can make a roll of TP last 10 days.

    2. BigRedN


      @huKSer, ya, me as well.  I'm a "one wipe" guy using a few sheets.  It's not that way with my wife.  :-)


  12. In this story, Jesus was showing the Jews His godly anger for turning what was suppose to be the place of worship into a financial center of gain. Jesus would call these kinds of folks "white-washed tombs". If you look at Jesus' ministry, He was trying to help the Jew to understand that it wasn't about the Law, but the deeper desperation and brokenness in the human heart, which was deceitful and wicked. He rebuked those who said they did not violate the Law. The example there is when he spoke to the one who said he hadn't committed adultery. Jesus sharpened the Law and said, "I tell you this, if you look at a woman to lust after her, you have committed adultery." Thus, Jesus' ministry to the Jew was a very good rebuke. It's totally different after Jesus mediates His New Covenant. The Law will always be the ministry of death and condemnation. The ministry of the Spirit and Christ's Life in and through the believer is His way now. Grateful that we all get the freedom to choose of our own free will what we see and believe. For me, life is happening and whether its war, famine or the latest sickness ... it's part of this life ... not the "whip" of an angry God. I'll never believe that man "is a sinner in the hands of an angry God", rather ... because of the cross and resurrection ... God's hands are open and available to all to be "saints in the hands of a loving God." All the best to you ... as you walk through this life.
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